Windows PowerShell References

By Xah Lee. Date:

This page is a annotated list of references for Windows PowerShell.

Official Documentation

〈Windows PowerShell Owner's Manual〉 Source A very basic intro. Written in a chatty style. Mostly a description of what it is, how to use the basic features. Pretty much a basic tour and description. Not technical, and not a resource for programer who wants to know PowerShell as a language.

〈Windows PowerShell Graphical Help File〉 Source This is the same as the built-in “help” system, but in a format of Microsoft Window's help file (“.chm”). This is the most useful reference.

MSDN Windows PowerShellSource A in-depth documentation for developers.


〈Windows PowerShell Cookbook〉 (2007) by Lee Holmes. A 500+ pages book focusing on how to do tasks; a receipe styled book. The quality of this book is excellent. amazon

〈Windows PowerShell in Action〉 (2007) by Bruce Payette amazon (I haven't read this one.)

Quick Reference

〈Windows PowerShell Quick Reference〉 Source A 2-pages introduction on most common commands and syntaxes. As of , this work's quality is like a draft version. There are some typos and even incomplete sentences.

〈DZone Refcardz: Windows PowerShell〉 by Bruce Payette Source A 9-pages summary on commands and syntaxes; A cheatsheet. As of , this work's quality is like a draft version. There are quite a few typos, including whole table's column being apparently a copy of previous table's column.