Python Sucks, Function vs Method

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Hodgepodge of Inconsistency of Functions vs Methods

python builtin functions 2019-03-18 vyj67
python builtin functions 2019-03-18

here's another python lang problem. It got this list of builtin functions. A hodgepodge of inconsistency with its object model. Note that lots langs have such problems, but Guido and gang, has an attitude problem. They tend to expressly insist it's all right.

Asinine Python Range and Doc

python range doc 2019-03-18 wpqm4
python range doc 2019-03-18

i was looking why python range(1,10,0.5) no work. Note the wording in the doc began with “Rather than being a function”. That's typical of Guido's writing. passive-aggressive. Always trying to color it, and with holy jargons. And note it shows 3 links. Which to click 1st?

Python Sucks and Guido Square

god, truly despise python. every time i work with python, lots of pain. Guido is such square that he always tried to be formal but result is very lousy.

and python doc is truly the worst. unreadable, unsearchable, it tries to be formal, but is pure shit.

TypeError: unsupported format string passed to list.__format__ fuck python

this is ok in python 2

print("{:s}".format([7, 8]))

but in python 3 it's error. you need:

print("{:}".format([7, 8]))

i'll have to do xah talk show on python and guido. Guido the character i can diss for 1 hour. He's a square, but not too bright. He like formality (eg PEP), but always come up with semi crass. He thinks his lang is easy, but compare to others it's complex, rigid, and inflexible.

the python 2 to 3 incompatible switch also reflects his personality. He thinks he's god of elegance and want to pursue perfection, that's why. and he's got this passive-aggressive personality. Polite, but between the lines in his writings, reeks haughtiness.

TypeError: unsupported format string passed to list.__format__ to understand the error, u have to know object method and its relation to function. Entire Python lang n doc is like this opaque. cuz the guy thinks he's building a tower. To him, it's clear, not anyone else.

The change actually happened with python 3.x This works in python 3.2.3 print("{:s}".format([7, 8])) but not in 3.7 Fuck python

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