Supplemental Software Used On This Site

3dxm icon The data for almost all surfaces on this site came from the Richard Palais's 3D-XplorMath software. Its home page is at

Mathematica icon Mathematica icon Mathematica is a technical computing system. Mathematica files has the suffix “.nb”. To find out more about Mathematica, see:

JavaView logo

This site uses JavaView for the dynamic viewing of surfaces.

For example, go to this page: _jv_moebius_strip.html to see if it is working. The applet is 730k and may take like 30 seconds to download when used for the first time.

Once you see the surface, you can use the mouse to rotate the curve. To scale the surface, right click on the image and select “scale”.

JavaView is written by Konrad Polthier et al. Its homepage is at:

k3dsurf logo

K3DSurf is a top quality software for plotting surfaces.

gcx gcf icon Graphing Calculator is a great program for plotting curves and surfaces. This site sometimes provides files for Graphing Calculator. (so you don't have to type the formula again.) Its file has the suffix “.gcf”. Graphing Calculator's home page is at

For more information about curves and surfaces visualizations software, see: Great Math Software for Curves and Surfaces.

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