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emacs lisp , write a command to increase font


  1. write a JavaScript function randomNestedArray(maxDepth,maxLength). compare it with arrFlat vs JS: Array.prototype.flat
  2. JavaScript. write a english to braille/rune/ converter.
  3. 6 explain JavaScript warts
  4. 7 JavaScript. practical coding with object and js OOP
  5. 8 JavaScript live coding. create a keyboard heatmap
  6. 9 JavaScript/TypeScript/SVG. live coding. work on plotting curve app.
  7. rewrite in JavaScript Internet Speed Growth Rate
  8. tutorial going over all JavaScript warts
  9. tutorial on JavaScript ES2015 features
  10. JS: Array.prototype.flat
  11. js interface, iterator, iterable, generator, generator function, whole as a lecture


  1. golang fix print lines /Users/xah/git/xah_find_replace/replace.go
  2. Golang: Find String (grep)
  3. golang slice join
  4. golang. finish script that validate matching brackets «»「」【】《》 etc.
  5. Golang: Find Replace Script
  6. golang, basic tutorial. find a small programing problem and i'll code it live.

emacs, elisp



fn key. dead horse squatting in front yard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vQ56wu30Lg&lc=z23wgr0jyraew3w5q04t1aokgk22vmus54gkfogbfsepbk0h00410

create a dedicated page about fn key. Keyboard Menu/App Key


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Aug 17, 2019
by Jerry Kowal 我是郭杰瑞

language barrier may be the greatest thing. all english speaking countries are futtered by sj. but not china japan russia arabic countries. it's like a ethnic virus but others are immune. we no unstand!

Aug 29, 2019
by Jerry Kowal 我是郭杰瑞

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