Xah Talk Show topics brain

Possible topics. Type any of the following in comment in real time and i'll talk about that.

  1. goto any
  2. Xah Code Sitemap
  3. Xah Emacs Sitemap
  4. http://xahmusic.org/
  5. past a link in chat, we talk about that!
  1. Sleep, Dream, Inception
  2. Netiquette Anthropology: Tales of Tech Geekers
  3. Lambda Logo Tour
  4. The Unix Pestilence
  5. Computer Languages
  6. show npm upgrade node stuff. show the /user/local/bin, the obsolete unix dir structure. same with man page. in shell, goto those /usr/local/bin, show link.
  1. show big corner key idea How to Avoid Emacs Pinky
  1. modify golang find.go to do mulptiple strings.
  2. xahlee second life hamster ball
  3. King's Assembly Mouse Keyboard
  4. Indentless Code Formatting Style
  5. yarnjs syntax coloring problem
  6. yarn, react, webpack, all have great docs.
  7. d3js, parceljs, had very bad docs.
  8. https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=102513.0

programing topics

  1. how compiler works
  2. model OOP as functional programing
  3. golang, basic tutorial. find a programing problem and i'll try to code it.
  4. lang design. formal languages. complexities of grammar. syntax algebra. why haskell syntax sucks.
  5. constructed human languages, programing languages, and regularity of syntax.
  1. tutorial going over all JavaScript warts
  2. tutorial on JavaScript ES2015 features
  3. JS: Array.prototype.flat
  4. js interface, iterator, iterable, generator, generator function, whole as a lecture

emacs and elisp topics:

  1. elisp live coding + tutorial. convert html YouTube tag group to just a proper YouTube link
  2. emacs. demo. xah-delete-current-file
  3. emacs. demo. create a new unicode page.
  4. emacs lisp. demo, extend xah-copy-html-by-link
  5. emacs. do a presentation of xah html mode. cover basic features.

programing not-tech topics:

  1. The Day Steve Jobs Died, Apple, Google Website Screenshots
  2. Death of Steve Jobs vs Dennis Ritchie, John McCarthy
  3. Richard Stallman on Steve Jobs's Death

math topics

  1. math algorithmic art. explain what's not math art, and what is. (image search web to show what's not examples) Then, explain algorithmic that codify the subject.
  2. math explain mandlebrot set. a great wonder of math
  3. math/comp. show game of life. determism and predictability. show the recursion. new kinda science.

keyboard topics

  1. key switch mechanisms.
  2. best key switch vs best physicaly layout. both critical.
  3. best mouse. why flywheel is a must. linux no accelerated scroll. video show spin. Show my video too. Show actual scroll with it with screen.
  4. demo 10 button mouse, browser back/prev, prev/next tab, close tab, copy, cut, paste. Show screen and mouse at the same time. explain programer's idiocy with not using mouse. And, why you need 10 buttons. Not switching hands from to keyboard mouse constantly. Show a browser copy paste example, hand on mouse only. explain any action involving selecting menu, or aiming mouse pointer, is bad. show 3d modeling page, autocad
  5. 10 buttons is good. discuss how those 20 buttons mmo mouse button press isn't best, due to those buttons hard to press.
  6. pen drawing tablet. discovered how great pen computing is. show in gimp. maybe show surface book. show scribbling chinese. draw sine wave.

  1. 3d graphics tech Graphics Programing Pains
  1. goto webdev blog, show the random gradient app.
  1. random chat, over my blogs on keyboard, programing, emacs, math, unicode, etc.
  2. other. paste a url from any of my site or my tweet etc in live chat box.

  1. 1 emacs tips. go read reddit emacs. or select radom page on ergoemacs.org
  2. 2 emacs lisp
  3. 3 math. geogebra, geometer's sketchpad and new version.
  4. 4 golang. finish script that validate matching brackets «»「」【】《》 etc.
  5. 5 JavaScript. write a english to braille/rune/ converter.
  6. 6 explain JavaScript warts
  7. 7 JavaScript. practical coding with object and js OOP
  8. 8 JavaScript live coding. create a keyboard heatmap
  9. 9 JavaScript/TypeScript/SVG. live coding. work on plotting curve app.
  10. 10 intro to how compiler works
  11. 11 programing style, idioms.
  12. 12 random, over my blogs on keyboard, programing, emacs, math, unicode, etc.
  13. 13 other. type in live chat box. goto to http://xahlee.info/talk_show/xah_talk_show_index.html for topics or post any url of any my website.

fn key. dead horse squatting in front yard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vQ56wu30Lg&lc=z23wgr0jyraew3w5q04t1aokgk22vmus54gkfogbfsepbk0h00410

create a dedicated page about fn key. Keyboard Menu/App Key

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