TV Has Arrived on The Web

By Xah Lee. Date:

it is disgusting.

y'know how these days there's lots of web2.0 show on YouTube? like, they talk about latest gadgets, latest web stuff such as Google Plus, and Apple stuff, and the like.

i watched a couple this week, from links in Google Plus circles. These shows, are becoming disgusting. At first, about 5 years back, it started with so-called podcast, then videocast but they so-call it webcast (these web fashion idiots with their jargons). So, back then, it was relatively new. They are done by creative people. Though i haven't used them much, but from a couple i've listened to or watched, they are pretty interesting, precisely because they are from non-commercial, creative individuals, whose says are usually interesting.

But today, when you watch these on youtube, they are just like from TV. With, intro commercials, sparkling 3D logo flying about, 10 secs of spiffy roll telling you who “brought them by”. Attractive chicks as hosts. Scripted text from the lips of these attractive chicks. Spontaneous music with drumbeats.

Faak. FAAK it

i stopped watching TV since 2000. It looks like, TV has arrived on YouTube.