UI Design, Which is Better? One Single Way to Reach a Command or Multiple Ways?

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UI Design, Which is Better? One Single Way to Reach a Command or Multiple Ways?

I think there's a tension in design, on one end is rely on basic functionality and not duplicate things, this side am on. On the other extreme, is to have as much functionality widget on the page or thing itself without any assumption. I think things are following the latter trend in past 20 years. Mac tends to be follow no-duplicate philosophy. Windows follow no-assumption philosophy. That's why the Win10 System Settings has one hundred spider web ways to get to the same panel. And , this no assumption way, apparently creates more massive users. Cuz most users dunno and no want to learn. This applies to programers too, for example, on programing languages or habits, or in areas programers not familiar with such as math or law. You start to prefer things or pages sans any assumption that you knew the basics.

Should site have link open in new window, or let user decide?

[on whether site should open link in new window, and nerd opinion being no, let user decide.]

That's what typical nerd thinks, but i think does not fit reality at all. First of all, opening new window has many fitting use. For example, help/explain on links in a form, or show bigger image/photo, or go to external site (e.g. Done by facebook and twitter or youtube), which is appropriate because user often do want remain on the site, or for example on my site, link to amazon. (some of these are today done by in-page popup using js, such as view bigger photo.).

But i began to think in past year, that possibly ALL links should open new window, except if it's a single page app. Because this is in fact i think more than 50% of clicks nerds do. It is also easier to manage. Because browsing history has tons of problems, well known and widely talked about.

I did a survey here, most nerds control click to open new window often. Also, interesting to note, in china, almost all sites, defaults to opening new links in new window, even links to the site itself.

Also, as far as the notion let the user control, it falls flat on its face. Vast majority users (99%), do not even know what is a keyboard shortcut, or what is a software, or what is a browser. This is why, things migrated from personal computer to the phone, and also, we see vast UI that duplicate basic browser function such as going to top of page (can be done by just pressing Home key). This is not caused by phone btw, it was so 15 years ago. And we see tons of UI widgets that duplicate basic browser function, even in NERD sites created by NERDS.

Frenzie: you mean like font size?.

XahLee: yes exactly. that too.

UI design duplicate 2021-02-13
UI design duplicate 2021-02-13