SOPA: Stop or Start Online Piracy Act?

By Xah Lee. Date:

as most of your know, there's a law coming to US, called SOPA: Stop Online Piracy Act.

you probably heard it online a million times. And i bet you probably read a million words from tech geekers all opposing it. The bottom line sentiment for online crowd like us is this: if SOPA passed, we will no longer get free movies and software from pirate sites, therefore we must stop it.

if you are not a idiot, and is actually concerned about the welfare of human animals other than yourself, then perhaps you should take some time to read facts about what it really is. You may start at Wikipedia: SOPA .

agaist sopa or soap

what's my opinion? I think i'm rather against it. Because, in short:

So there, that's my take.

ok, i haven't really researched on the #SOPA issue, except i've seen a thousand anti-sopa posted by tech geekers (the community i'm in). And, i don't need to read exactly what they say, i KNOW by heart, every word they say, without reading it.

i myself is a bit anti SOPA, but meanwhile i hate the tech geeking scumbags. (i.e. you open source FSF fanatics faaks)

by happenstance, via the big dissenter [Catherine Fitzpatrick] (like myself), comes these 2 pieces:

i think they are worth reading. Though, on the whole, i think i'm still anti SOPA. Because, i like to see foreign nations rob USA of USA copyrighted materials, for justice, among other reasons.

Google and Wikipedia SOPA Blackout = Lip Service!

So, today both Wikipedia and Google blackedout.

Wikipedia's sopa blackout is only JavaScript based. Turn off JavaScript, and it function normally. Not sure what to say. I feel like being cheated.

Google's blackout is also lame.

Here's Xah View.

Putting a link isn't putting money where your mouth is. Putting a link is lip service. If google actually blacked out, like, shut down their entire sites and services including Google Plus for a day (not counting any services that possibly could harm safety of earth) (i.e. no revenue for a day), then, that'd REALLY gain awe from me.