Windows Marketing Popup

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Microsoft Windows constantly have marketing popup. Very annoying.

Microsoft Windows 10 Photos App Popup

Microsoft Windows 10 photos 2021-11-11
Microsoft Windows 10 photos app 2021-11-11
bing search marketing popup 2021-12-07
Microsoft bing marketing popup 2021-12-07

Logitech Optional Driver Popup

2021-12-02. This faak just popped up again. The pain of windows. Now, how do i disable it? How, am gonna have to dive and dig, which fuck that came from

logitech options software popup 2021-12-02
logitech options software popup 2021-12-02

searching the web, says disable the startup. but it's already disabled!

logitech download assistant 2021-12-02
logitech download assistant 2021-12-02

the web also says remove this registry. Start PowerShell as admin, and run this:

rp HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\ -name "Logitech Download Assistant"

web also says remove this: C:\Windows\system32\LogiLDA.dll , but i'll leave it be.

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