Women in Tech: Today's G+ Recommendation? You Decide.

By Xah Lee. Date:

due to g+, recently i got acquainted with a couple of online video shows. One of them is TWiT. (it has nothing to do with Twitter, btw. It stood for This Week in Tech, started by Leo Laporte (g+) (i just looked up Leo's profile. O yeah, i remember him, a jolly comedian-like fellow, because recently i've watched one of his show, also featuring Gina Trapani (g+) , who is a coder among startup things, and she espouses Java! (that's a LOL)))

This TWiT show, was what prompted me to write about how TV Has Arrived on The Web (which, the host dully spend some 30 secs to recite a passage about the greatness of NetFlix in lively personalized detail. Catherine Fitzpatrick (g+) , the communism expert, reminded me that the proper word for it is Infomercial.)

anyhow, probably for many of you guys, that what first prompted you to watch the show is a twain Sarah Lane (g+) and Amber Mac (g+). Both got few million followers.

Sarah is this attractive animated chick. Amber is just one angelic face, attractive notwithstanding.

it is these qualities, that attracted me to the show in the first place. So far i've watched 2 episodes of their shows. Having watched them on video, i now know better who the heck are these popular women i'm following on g+. (in their last show, they talked about a new service of having online friends (aka strangers) to give you wake-up calls. Sarah and Amber, try me! I pack a dollop in the word creep.)

now you pretty females got all the breaks. You all net activists and feminists and transexual advocates and nym-cryers out there. Shouldn't society be, like, more fair, so that the public should pay more attention to a old ugly and poor and underpowered man like me?

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