Xah Code Sitemap

last updated 2018-04-20

  1. Introduction to Symmetry
  2. Product of Rotations
  3. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  4. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  5. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  6. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  7. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  8. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  9. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  10. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  11. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  12. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  13. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  14. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  15. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  16. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  17. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  18. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  19. Starry Wallpaper Gallery
  20. Wallpaper groups: Addendum
  21. Wallpaper groups: References and Related Web Sites
  22. Wallpaper groups: Wallpaper Gallery
  23. Wallpaper groups: The 17 Wallpaper Groups
  24. Wallpaper groups: Derivation and Classification of Groups
  25. Wallpaper groups: The Discontinuous Groups
  26. Some Theorems on Rotation and Translation
  27. Wallpaper groups: Introduction
  28. Discontinuous Groups of Rotation and Translation in the Plane
  29. Women in Tech: Today's G+ Recommendation? You Decide.
  30. On Wikipedia's Misinformation
  31. Wikipedia Morons
  32. Where Do Spammers Came From?
  33. WHATWG vs W3C Split
  34. What Your Google Plus Strategy Should Be?
  35. What Character Encoding Do Chinese Sites Use?
  36. Web Hosting Compared: 2006-01
  37. Twitter Spamfarm
  38. Human Operated Twitter Spam: Beg a Question to Confuse Spam Detectors
  39. Twitter Spam Farm Army Parallel Spam
  40. Industrial Tech: Twilio, SendGrid, Google Cloud Messaging, Apple Push Notification Service
  41. TV Has Arrived on The Web
  42. Modern Tablet Computer Features
  43. JavaScript DOM SVG font-size sucks
  44. SOPA: Stop or Start Online Piracy Act?
  45. Steve Yegge's Google Platforms Rant
  46. My Personal Photos of Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011)
  47. Last Public Video of Steve Jobs: Jobs Presenting the Apple Circle Building
  48. Web Spam, Scam, Blackhat SEO Collection
  49. Spam Text Collection: Unicode-Obfuscated Spam, 2012
  50. Social Network Post Scoring Systems and Their Consequences
  51. Urban Legend Debunker Site Snopes Runs Spam Services to Spread Urban Legends?
  52. Why I'm Removing Tech Blogger Celebrities and Googler on G+
  53. How Much Can You Make by Blogging? Google AdSense?
  54. Software Piracy, Open Source, Free Software, Copyright
  55. The Demise of orkut.com
  56. Opera Browser Can't Load Twitter CSS: OCSP Error
  57. Monolithic Web Pages
  58. MegaUpload Crime Boss
  59. Machine Generated Spam
  60. Linkedin Spam Filter Collateral Damage
  61. Web Advertisement in 2011: JavaScript Popups
  62. Phone and Tablet Screen Density Comparison
  63. Global Internet Usage Hour Pattern
  64. Internet Explorer Anime Girl
  65. Web Tech Gossip
  66. Hacker News Traffic Effect
  67. Grayhat SEO Use Translation as a Method to Generate Inbound Links
  68. Are Googlers the Minions of Google Marketing?
  69. SEO: Underscore vs Hyphen: How Google Webmaster Advices Hurt Quality Writers 📺
  70. Google's sitemap.org Got Hacked?
  71. Google Now Requires JavaScript AND Cookies?
  72. Google Search Dropped Traffic To XahLee.org
  73. Google Reader RIPS
  74. Google Pushes Invalid HTML to the World
  75. Google Plus Favicon Change 2013-03-15
  76. Google's PageSpeed Insights Fails Its Own Site
  77. All About Google
  78. Google Gmail Blocks Mozilla Thunderbird
  79. Google: “Don't Be Evil” vs “Don't Do Evil”
  80. How to Start Google Chrome in a New Instance?
  81. Google AdSense Ban on Ancient Asian Goddess Sculpture Page
  82. Google's Deceptive Ad: Google Puts Ad in Email Under Promotion Tab
  83. Gmail State-Sponsored Attack Warning
  84. Pretty Girl Spam
  85. New Trend: favspam on Twitter
  86. Facebook Fraud
  87. Think Twice Before You Donate to Wikipedia
  88. Daily Mail Stealing Images
  89. Humor: CSS Experimental Pain, Window Blind
  90. China ISP Ad Injection
  91. Spamlicious: Buy Twitter, Facebook Followers, and YouTube Views
  92. What's the Difference Between Google's “following” a Blog vs Subscribe?
  93. Tech Humor: Apache vs Node.js vs NGINX 📺
  94. Amazon Closes CA Affiliate Program
  95. Seo Hack on Alexa
  96. Adjust Your Google Ad Preferences, or Opt Out
  97. Richard Stallman's Abuse of the Word “Freedom”
  98. Python Surpassed Perl In Popularity
  99. Programer Celebrities; Styles and Tack
  100. Mathematica 7 Released
  101. comp.lang.lisp is 95% Spam
  102. “Free” Software Morality, Richard Stallman, Paperwork Bureaucracy
  103. Death of Newsgroups
  104. Why Learn Lisp When There Are Perl and Python
  105. Windows Vista VirtualStore Problem
  106. Why Software Suck
  107. From Why Not Ruby to FCK Python, Hello Ruby
  108. Erik Naggum and Why There Isn't a Ocean of “Lisp Jobs”
  109. Why do I Rant In comp.lang.lisp?
  110. Which Lisp Should You Learn?
  111. What is Scientific
  112. What and Why of Math
  113. Web Keywords and Taxonomy
  114. On the Survival Strategies of Larry Wall vs Richard Stallman
  115. The Nature of the Unix Philosophy
  116. Rob Pike on the Origin of Dot File Names
  117. What's the Max Number of Directories a Directory Can Have?
  118. Unix And Literary Correlation
  119. On Unix Filename Characters Problem
  120. Idiocy Of Unix Copy Command
  121. Unix, RFC, Line Truncation
  122. A Troll's Confections
  123. On Ignoring Trolls
  124. A Troll's Anthology
  125. The Unix Pestilence: Theory vs Practice, II
  126. Perl: Theory vs Practice
  127. The Elements Of Style: UNIX As Literature
  128. What Do Tech Geeking Morons Want?
  129. Spy vs Spy: Tech Geekers vs Spammers
  130. What is a Tech Geeker?
  131. Why You Should Avoid the Jargon Tail Recursion
  132. Programing: Tab vs Space in Source Code
  133. 3D Graphics Formats and Social Causes in Computer Languages
  134. Programing: Scheme and Failure
  135. Unixers, RFC, and Perl
  136. Responsible Software License and Free Software Foundation
  137. Responsible Software Licensing
  138. Regex Limits, or, Should You Read Mastering Regular Expressions?
  139. Why Qi Lisp Fails and Clojure Succeeds
  140. Python, Lambda, Guido: is Language Design Just Solving Puzzles?
  141. Complexity of Software Engineering; Emacs, Unicode, Unison
  142. Lisp Macros and Practical Common Lisp
  143. Unixer Plain-Text Email Fetish
  144. Philosophies of Netiquette
  145. Perl's raison d'être
  146. Laziness, Perl, and Larry Wall
  147. Old School Netiquette
  148. Intro to Mathematica Pattern Matching for Lisp Programers
  149. Concepts and Confusions of Prefix, Infix, Postfix and Lisp Notations
  150. Proliferation of Computing Languages
  151. Netscape Crap
  152. The Importance of Terminology's Quality In Computer Languages
  153. Why is Namespace So Difficult?
  154. The Unix Pestilence: MySQL
  155. Why Must Software be Rewritten for Multi-Core Processors?
  156. Microsoft Hatred and God
  157. The Microsoft Hatred FAQ
  158. On Microsoft Hatred
  159. What is Monopoly? Apple or Google or Microsoft?
  160. the Measure of a Language
  161. Unix and the mbox Email Format
  162. Math Jargons Explained
  163. Mathematica: Optimizing A Raytrace Code: Jon Harrop vs Xah Lee
  164. Vector Normalize Function in Mathematica, APL, Haskell, Ruby, Python, Perl, Lisp, JavaScript, Java, …
  165. A Letter to Marshall Brain
  166. Is Mac OS X Unix?
  167. Mac OS X Changes To Unix
  168. Mac OS X SSH Session Disconnection
  169. Unicode: Carbon Emacs 22 vs Emacs 23
  170. Online Posting Accountability
  171. Lisp Needs a Logo
  172. Avoiding Variables in Functional Programing
  173. Fundamental Problems of Lisp — Prelude
  174. Programing Language: A Ruby Illustration of Lisp Problems
  175. Fundamental Problems of Lisp
  176. Programing Language: Why Lisp Do Not Have a Generic Copy-List Function
  177. Programing Language: The Glory of Lisp's cons
  178. Programing: Lisp: I Can Not Find a Word Better than “car”
  179. Programing: Will Lisp Ever be Popular?
  180. Linus Flames Lisp
  181. Larry Wall and Cults
  182. What Languages to Hate
  183. Jargons, and What Determines a Computer Language's Popularity?
  184. Language, Purity, Cult, and Deception
  185. Killfile Considered Harmful
  186. Jargons of Software Industry
  187. The Condition of Industrial Programers: Learn LISP in 10 Days
  188. IT Industry Predicament
  189. Are You Intelligent Enough to Understand HTML5?
  190. Hardware Modeled (Von Neumann) Computer Languages and Functional-Level Languages
  191. File Aliases Considered a Plague
  192. Programing: the Harm of Hard-wrapping Lines
  193. Do Graphical User Interface Make People Dumb?
  194. Why Open Source Documentation is of Low Quality
  195. Google Blogger Account Pain
  196. Unix, Security, and FTP
  197. English Lawers (or, how to master writing)
  198. A Exhibition of Tech Geekers Incompetence: Emacs whitespace-mode
  199. Emacs Switching to Guile Scheme Lisp?
  200. Emacs Keybinding Rant, and a Glimpse of Xah Lee's Life 2010
  201. A Emacs Frustration (Blogger package)
  202. Notes on Database Joins
  203. Distributed Revision Control Systems, Haskell Darcs, and Math Sacrilege
  204. What's Currying in Computer Science?
  205. Criticism versus Constructive Criticism
  206. Communism, American, and Open Source
  207. Programing: comp.lang.lisp Fight on the Meaning of Closure
  208. What's Closure in Programing Languages?
  209. camelCase and Source Code Formatting in Emacs Lisp
  210. Microsoft XP Bug Report Panels
  211. Mozilla Quality Feedback Agent Screenshots
  212. The Bug-Reporting Attitude
  213. Hack of Bitmask as Boolean Parameters
  214. Is Programing Art or Science
  215. On Appreciation
  216. Erik Naggum, Analogy vs Analysis, and lisp-1 lisp-2 Meaning-Space
  217. Aloofness vs Approachable
  218. Why Change When It Ain't Broken
  219. Unix History 2000, Software
  220. Unix Pestilence: Quotations
  221. Unix Humor: the Origin of BSD Daemon Beastie
  222. How to Use Unison for Syncing Files (Unison tutorial)
  223. Unix Humor: Beastie Banging Tux
  224. svn Tutorial
  225. CPU Speed Benchmark: BogusMips in Perl
  226. The Unix Pestilence: Shells
  227. SGI Logo Visual Illusion
  228. rsync Windows to unix File Permissions
  229. Python Snake Becometh Dragon in China 蛇变龙!
  230. Something about Unicode
  231. Perl Books Survey 2002
  232. Voodoo of Software Engineering
  233. Apache Rewrites History: Why is it Named “Apache”?
  234. Programing: GNU Make (gmake) Tutorial
  235. Mac OS X “.dmg” File and Command Line Tutorial
  236. Mac OS X Misc Command Line Tips
  237. Mac OS X Resource Fork and Command Line Tips
  238. Purpose of Logo and Principle of Logo Design
  239. A Lambda Logo Tour (and why LISP languages using λ as logo should not be looked upon kindly)
  240. Free Software, Communism, Ideologies, Policies
  241. The Unix Pestilence
  242. Computer Languages
  243. UNIX Philosophy: Fast Food the UNIX way
  244. The X-Windows Disaster
  245. Why LD_LIBRARY_PATH is bad
  246. On Unix File System's Case Sensitivity
  247. “Buffer Overflow” Security Problems
  248. TypeScript Misc Notes
  249. TypeScript Tutorial
  250. Tree Functions in Perl, Python, Java
  251. Tree Functions: Table, Scheme
  252. Tree Functions: Table, notes
  253. Tree Functions: Table
  254. Tree Functions: Range
  255. Trees and Indexes
  256. TreeGenerator
  257. MinimumTreeGenerator
  258. MinimumIndexSet
  259. LispForm
  260. Sorting Tree Indexes
  261. FullArrayIndexSet
  262. Reading Notes on Tilings and Patterns
  263. Whitney Umbrella
  264. Wavy Enneper Surface
  265. Unduloid
  266. Twisted Scherk
  267. Torus
  268. Symmetric 4-noid
  269. Steiner Surface
  270. Spherical Helicoid
  271. Sphere
  272. Skew 4-noid
  273. Sievert-Enneper Surface
  274. Schwarz PD Family Surfaces
  275. Schwarz H Family Surfaces
  276. Schoen No-Go Theorem
  277. Scherk with Handle
  278. Scherk Surface
  279. Saddle Tower
  280. Right Conoid
  281. Riemann's Surface
  282. Pseudosphere
  283. Planar Enneper
  284. Paraboloid
  285. Orthocircles
  286. Monkey Saddle
  287. Moebius Strip
  288. Lopez-Ros No-Go Theorem
  289. Lidinoid
  290. Kusner (Dihedral Symmetric)
  291. Kummer Quartic
  292. Kuen Surface
  293. Klein Bottle
  294. Kink Surface
  295. Karcher JE Saddle Tower
  296. Karcher JD Saddle tower
  297. K=1 Surface of Revolution
  298. Inverted Boys Surface
  299. Hyperboloid of Two Sheet
  300. Hyperboloid of One Sheet
  301. Hyperbolic K=-1 Surface of Revolution
  302. Hyperbolic Paraboloid
  303. Henneberg Surface
  304. Helicoid-Catenoid
  305. Gyroid
  306. Geometry: Gallery of Minimal Surfaces (H=0)
  307. Geometry: Gallery of Surfaces
  308. Enneper Surface
  309. Ellipsoid
  310. Double Enneper
  311. Dini Surface
  312. Deco-Cube Implicit Surface
  313. Cyclide
  314. Cross-Cap Surface
  315. Costa-Hoffman-Meeks Surface
  316. Costa Surface
  317. Conic K=-1 Surface of Revolution
  318. Clebsch Cubic
  319. Chen Gackstatter
  320. Cayley Cubic
  321. Catenoid Fence
  322. Catenoid-Enneper
  323. Catenoid
  324. Catalan Surface
  325. Breather Surface
  326. Breather Surface
  327. Boy's Surface (Bryant-Kusner)
  328. Boy's Surface (Apery)
  329. Barth Sextic
  330. Surface Gallery
  331. References on Mathematical Surface
  332. Witch of Agnesi
  333. Trochoid
  334. Trisectrix
  335. Trisectrix of Maclaurin
  336. Tractrix
  337. Spiric Section
  338. Spirals in Nature
  339. Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves
  340. Sine Curve
  341. Hyperbolic Trig Functions
  342. Semicubic Parabola
  343. Math Parametric Equation for Seashell
  344. Seashell Icons
  345. Mathematics of Seashell Shapes
  346. Roulette
  347. Rose Curve
  348. Right Strophoid
  349. Radial Curve
  350. Quadratrix Of Hippias
  351. Polynomial
  352. Piriform
  353. Pedal Curve
  354. Parallel Curve
  355. Parabola
  356. Orthoptic
  357. Nephroid
  358. Mathematica Packages for Plane Curves
  359. Lituus
  360. Lissajous
  361. Line
  362. Limacon Of Pascal
  363. Limacon Graphics Gallery
  364. Lemniscate of Gerono
  365. Lemniscate of Bernoulli
  366. Involute
  367. Circle Inversion Gallery
  368. Geometric Inversion
  369. Special Plane Curves: What's New 1996 – 2007
  370. Special Plane Curves: What's New
  371. Websites on Plane Curves
  372. Plane Curves Books
  373. Special Plane Curves: Mailing List
  374. Plane Geometry Software
  375. Naming and Classification of Curves
  376. Special Plane Curves: CD-ROM
  377. Plane Curve Bibliography
  378. Buy A Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves
  379. Special Plane Curves: Introduction
  380. Hypotrochoid
  381. Hyperbola
  382. Vector Dot Product
  383. Vector Addition
  384. Tractrix Tracing
  385. Inversion of Sine Curve
  386. Sine Curve
  387. Real Rose Curve
  388. Quadratrix Of Hippias
  389. Piriform
  390. Peaucellier Linkage on a line
  391. Tracing a Parabola
  392. Parabola Point Tangent Construction
  393. Parabola Caustics
  394. Nephroid
  395. line parametric
  396. Inversion of A Line
  397. Inversion of A Circle
  398. Inversion Angle Invariance
  399. inversion
  400. Plane Curves: GeoGebra Files Index
  401. Hyperboda Point-wise Construction
  402. Figure 8 Curve Const
  403. Figure 8 Curve
  404. Equiangular Spiral Evolute
  405. Equiangular Spiral Caustic
  406. Equiangular Spiral
  407. ellispe as Trammel
  408. Ellipse as a Hypotrochoid
  409. Ellipse Tangent Construction
  410. Ellipse's Property of inscribed and circumscribed circles and center
  411. Ellipse Polar Point-Wise Construction
  412. Ellipse as Circle's Negative Pedal
  413. Ellipse Inversion
  414. Ellipse Family
  415. Ellipse's Caustic
  416. Deltoid as Rolling Circle
  417. Deltoid Construction, with Osculating Circle
  418. Deltoid Construction
  419. Deltoid's Caustics
  420. Cross Curve
  421. Cornu Spirals
  422. Conic Section and Dandelin Sphere
  423. Two Ripples Traces Conics
  424. Pascal's Theorem
  425. Conics Family of Curves
  426. Brianchon's Theorem
  427. 5 Points Conics Tangent Construction
  428. Conchoid of Nicomedes
  429. Thales's Theorem
  430. Converse of Thales's Theorem
  431. Cardioid Tracing
  432. Cardioid As Circle's Caustics
  433. Bezier Curve
  434. Astroid Trammel
  435. Astroid Roll
  436. Astroid's Pedal Curve
  437. Astroid Construction, Complex
  438. Astroid Construction
  439. Inversion of Archimedes's spiral
  440. Archimedes Circle
  441. Archimedean spiral
  442. 5-Point Conics
  443. Folium of Descartes
  444. Exponential Curve
  445. Evolute
  446. Equiangular Spiral
  447. Epitrochoid
  448. Epitrochoid and Hypotrochoid Animation Gallery
  449. Epicycloid and Hypocycloid
  450. Envelope
  451. Ellipse
  452. Deltoid
  453. Cycloid
  454. Cusp
  455. Curvature
  456. Curlicues
  457. Cross Curve
  458. Vectors
  459. Coordinate Transformation
  460. Geometry: Coordinate Systems for Plane Curves
  461. Websites on Conic Sections
  462. Conic Sections
  463. Conchoid of Nicomedes
  464. Conchoid
  465. Cornu Spiral
  466. Cissoid of Diocles
  467. Cissoid
  468. Circle
  469. Caustics
  470. Catenary
  471. Cassinian Oval
  472. Cardioid Graphics Gallery
  473. Cardioid
  474. Bezier Curve
  475. Astroid
  476. Archimedean Spiral
  477. Curves and Their Properties by Robert Yates
  478. Curves and Their Properties: Preface, pp13
  479. Curves and Their Properties: Preface, pp12
  480. Curves and Their Properties: Contents, pp11
  481. Curves and Their Properties: Contents, pp10
  482. Curves and Their Properties: Notation, pp09
  483. Curves and Their Properties: Author, pp08
  484. Curves and Their Properties: Author, pp07
  485. Curves and Their Properties: Author, pp05
  486. Curves and Their Properties: Forward, pp04
  487. Curves and Their Properties: Copyright, pp03
  488. Curves and Their Properties: Cover2, pp02
  489. Curves and Their Properties: Cover1, pp01
  490. Curves and Their Properties: Index, p245
  491. Curves and Their Properties: Index, p244
  492. Curves and Their Properties: Index, p243
  493. Curves and Their Properties: Index, p242
  494. Curves and Their Properties: Index, p241
  495. Curves and Their Properties: Index, p240
  496. Curves and Their Properties: Index, p239
  497. Curves and Their Properties: Witch, p238
  498. Curves and Their Properties: Witch, p237
  499. Curves and Their Properties: Trochoid, p236
  500. Curves and Their Properties: Trochoid, p235
  501. Curves and Their Properties: Trochoid, p234
  502. Curves and Their Properties: Trochoid, p233
  503. Curves and Their Properties: Trig, p232
  504. Curves and Their Properties: Trig, p231
  505. Curves and Their Properties: Trig, p230
  506. Curves and Their Properties: Trig, p229
  507. Curves and Their Properties: Trig, p228
  508. Curves and Their Properties: Trig, p227
  509. Curves and Their Properties: Trig, p226
  510. Curves and Their Properties: Trig, p225
  511. Curves and Their Properties: Tractrix, p224
  512. Curves and Their Properties: Tractrix, p223
  513. Curves and Their Properties: Tractrix, p222
  514. Curves and Their Properties: Tractrix, p221
  515. Curves and Their Properties: Strophoid, p220
  516. Curves and Their Properties: Strophoid, p219
  517. Curves and Their Properties: Strophoid, p218
  518. Curves and Their Properties: Strophoid, p217
  519. Curves and Their Properties: Spiral, p216
  520. Curves and Their Properties: Spiral, p215
  521. Curves and Their Properties: Spiral, p214
  522. Curves and Their Properties: Spiral, p213
  523. Curves and Their Properties: Spiral, p212
  524. Curves and Their Properties: Spiral, p211
  525. Curves and Their Properties: Spiral, p210
  526. Curves and Their Properties: Spiral, p209
  527. Curves and Their Properties: Spiral, p208
  528. Curves and Their Properties: Spiral, p207
  529. Curves and Their Properties: Spiral, p206
  530. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p205
  531. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p204
  532. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p203
  533. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p202
  534. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p201
  535. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p200
  536. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p199
  537. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p198
  538. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p197
  539. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p196
  540. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p195
  541. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p194
  542. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p193
  543. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p192
  544. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p191
  545. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p190
  546. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p189
  547. Curves and Their Properties: Sketching, p188
  548. Curves and Their Properties: Semicubic, p187
  549. Curves and Their Properties: Semicubic, p186
  550. Curves and Their Properties: Roulette, p185
  551. Curves and Their Properties: Roulette, p184
  552. Curves and Their Properties: Roulette, p183
  553. Curves and Their Properties: Roulette, p182
  554. Curves and Their Properties: Roulette, p181
  555. Curves and Their Properties: Roulette, p180
  556. Curves and Their Properties: Roulette, p179
  557. Curves and Their Properties: Roulette, p178
  558. Curves and Their Properties: Roulette, p177
  559. Curves and Their Properties: Roulette, p176
  560. Curves and Their Properties: Roulette, p175
  561. Curves and Their Properties: Radial, p174
  562. Curves and Their Properties: Radial, p173
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  564. Curves and Their Properties: Pursuit, p171
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  566. Curves and Their Properties: Pedal, p169
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  573. Curves and Their Properties: Pedal, p162
  574. Curves and Their Properties: Pedal, p161
  575. Curves and Their Properties: Pedal, p160
  576. Curves and Their Properties: Parallel, p159
  577. Curves and Their Properties: Parallel, p158
  578. Curves and Their Properties: Parallel, p157
  579. Curves and Their Properties: Parallel, p156
  580. Curves and Their Properties: Parallel, p155
  581. Curves and Their Properties: Nephroid, p154
  582. Curves and Their Properties: Nephroid, p153
  583. Curves and Their Properties: Nephroid, p152
  584. Curves and Their Properties: Limacon, p151
  585. Curves and Their Properties: Limacon, p150
  586. Curves and Their Properties: Limacon, p149
  587. Curves and Their Properties: Limacon, p148
  588. Curves and Their Properties: Lemniscate, p147
  589. Curves and Their Properties: Lemniscate, p146
  590. Curves and Their Properties: Lemniscate, p145
  591. Curves and Their Properties: Lemniscate, p144
  592. Curves and Their Properties: Lemniscate, p143
  593. Curves and Their Properties: Kieroid, p142
  594. Curves and Their Properties: Kieroid, p141
  595. Curves and Their Properties: Isoptic, p140
  596. Curves and Their Properties: Isoptic, p139
  597. Curves and Their Properties: Isoptic, p138
  598. Curves and Their Properties: Involute, p137
  599. Curves and Their Properties: Involute, p136
  600. Curves and Their Properties: Involute, p135
  601. Curves and Their Properties: Inversion, p134
  602. Curves and Their Properties: Inversion, p133
  603. Curves and Their Properties: Inversion, p132
  604. Curves and Their Properties: Inversion, p131
  605. Curves and Their Properties: Inversion, p130
  606. Curves and Their Properties: Inversion, p129
  607. Curves and Their Properties: Inversion, p128
  608. Curves and Their Properties: Inversion, p127
  609. Curves and Their Properties: Intrinsic, p126
  610. Curves and Their Properties: Intrinsic, p125
  611. Curves and Their Properties: Intrinsic, p124
  612. Curves and Their Properties: Intrinsic, p123
  613. Curves and Their Properties: Icr, p122
  614. Curves and Their Properties: Icr, p121
  615. Curves and Their Properties: Icr, p120
  616. Curves and Their Properties: Icr, p119
  617. Curves and Their Properties: Hyperbolic, p118
  618. Curves and Their Properties: Hyperbolic, p117
  619. Curves and Their Properties: Hyperbolic, p116
  620. Curves and Their Properties: Hyperbolic, p115
  621. Curves and Their Properties: Hyperbolic, p114
  622. Curves and Their Properties: Hyperbolic, p113
  623. Curves and Their Properties: Glissette, p112
  624. Curves and Their Properties: Glissette, p111
  625. Curves and Their Properties: Glissette, p110
  626. Curves and Their Properties: Glissette, p109
  627. Curves and Their Properties: Glissette, p108
  628. Curves and Their Properties: Discont, p107
  629. Curves and Their Properties: Discont, p106
  630. Curves and Their Properties: Discont, p105
  631. Curves and Their Properties: Discont, p104
  632. Curves and Their Properties: Discont, p103
  633. Curves and Their Properties: Discont, p102
  634. Curves and Their Properties: Discont, p101
  635. Curves and Their Properties: Discont, p100
  636. Curves and Their Properties: Folium, p099
  637. Curves and Their Properties: Folium, p098
  638. Curves and Their Properties: Exp, p097
  639. Curves and Their Properties: Exp, p096
  640. Curves and Their Properties: Exp, p095
  641. Curves and Their Properties: Exp, p094
  642. Curves and Their Properties: Exp, p093
  643. Curves and Their Properties: Evolutes, p092
  644. Curves and Their Properties: Evolutes, p091
  645. Curves and Their Properties: Evolutes, p090
  646. Curves and Their Properties: Evolutes, p089
  647. Curves and Their Properties: Evolutes, p088
  648. Curves and Their Properties: Evolutes, p087
  649. Curves and Their Properties: Evolutes, p086
  650. Curves and Their Properties: Epihypocycloids, p085
  651. Curves and Their Properties: Epihypocycloids, p084
  652. Curves and Their Properties: Epihypocycloids, p083
  653. Curves and Their Properties: Epihypocycloids, p082
  654. Curves and Their Properties: Epihypocycloids, p081
  655. Curves and Their Properties: Envelope, p080
  656. Curves and Their Properties: Envelope, p079
  657. Curves and Their Properties: Envelope, p078
  658. Curves and Their Properties: Envelope, p077
  659. Curves and Their Properties: Envelope, p076
  660. Curves and Their Properties: Envelope, p075
  661. Curves and Their Properties: Deltoid, p074
  662. Curves and Their Properties: Deltoid, p073
  663. Curves and Their Properties: Deltoid, p072
  664. Curves and Their Properties: Deltoid, p071
  665. Curves and Their Properties: Cycloid, p070
  666. Curves and Their Properties: Cycloid, p069
  667. Curves and Their Properties: Cycloid, p068
  668. Curves and Their Properties: Cycloid, p067
  669. Curves and Their Properties: Cycloid, p066
  670. Curves and Their Properties: Cycloid, p065
  671. Curves and Their Properties: Curvature, p064
  672. Curves and Their Properties: Curvature, p063
  673. Curves and Their Properties: Curvature, p062
  674. Curves and Their Properties: Curvature, p061
  675. Curves and Their Properties: Curvature, p060
  676. Curves and Their Properties: Cubic, p059
  677. Curves and Their Properties: Cubic, p058
  678. Curves and Their Properties: Cubic, p057
  679. Curves and Their Properties: Cubic, p056
  680. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p055
  681. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p054
  682. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p053
  683. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p052
  684. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p051
  685. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p050
  686. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p049
  687. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p048
  688. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p047
  689. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p046
  690. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p045
  691. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p044
  692. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p043
  693. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p042
  694. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p041
  695. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p040
  696. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p039
  697. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p038
  698. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p037
  699. Curves and Their Properties: Conics, p036
  700. Curves and Their Properties: Cones, p035
  701. Curves and Their Properties: Cones, p034
  702. Curves and Their Properties: Conchoid, p033
  703. Curves and Their Properties: Conchoid, p032
  704. Curves and Their Properties: Conchoid, p031
  705. Curves and Their Properties: Cissoid, p030
  706. Curves and Their Properties: Cissoid, p029
  707. Curves and Their Properties: Cissoid, p028
  708. Curves and Their Properties: Cissoid, p027
  709. Curves and Their Properties: Cissoid, p026
  710. Curves and Their Properties: Circle, p025
  711. Curves and Their Properties: Circle, p024
  712. Curves and Their Properties: Circle, p023
  713. Curves and Their Properties: Circle, p022
  714. Curves and Their Properties: Circle, p021
  715. Curves and Their Properties: Caustics, p020
  716. Curves and Their Properties: Caustics, p019
  717. Curves and Their Properties: Caustics, p018
  718. Curves and Their Properties: Caustics, p017
  719. Curves and Their Properties: Caustics, p016
  720. Curves and Their Properties: Caustics, p015
  721. Curves and Their Properties: Catenary, p014
  722. Curves and Their Properties: Catenary, p013
  723. Curves and Their Properties: Catenary, p012
  724. Curves and Their Properties: Cassi, p011
  725. Curves and Their Properties: Cassi, p010
  726. Curves and Their Properties: Cassi, p009
  727. Curves and Their Properties: Cassi, p008
  728. Curves and Their Properties: Cardioid, p007
  729. Curves and Their Properties: Cardioid, p006
  730. Curves and Their Properties: Cardioid, p005
  731. Curves and Their Properties: Cardioid, p004
  732. Curves and Their Properties: Astroid, p003
  733. Curves and Their Properties: Astroid, p002
  734. Curves and Their Properties: Astroid, p001
  735. Comp Lang Perving Panel Index
  736. Ruby Version Release Dates
  737. Ruby: Unicode Tutorial 💎
  738. Ruby: True, False
  739. Ruby: String Operations
  740. Ruby: Formatting String
  741. Ruby: RVM Directory Structure
  742. Ruby References
  743. Ruby: Quoting Strings
  744. Ruby: Quote Long String, Heredoc
  745. Ruby: Print Version String from Script
  746. Ruby: List of Predefined Global Variables
  747. Ruby on Rails Install and Intro
  748. Ruby on Rails Basic Tutorial
  749. Ruby: Random Misc Learning Notes
  750. Ruby: Map Function to List
  751. Ruby: for, while, Loop Examples
  752. Ruby: Loop Thru List
  753. Ruby: List Basics
  754. Ruby: Hash Table
  755. How to Install Ruby RVM
  756. Ruby: What's RVM, Gem, Rake, Bundler, RDoc, ri, irb?
  757. Ruby: Problem Installing mysql2 rmagick?
  758. Ruby by Example
  759. Ruby: “if then else” Example
  760. Ruby: Function Optional Parameter
  761. Intro to Reading Ruby Doc: What's M, C, ::, # ?
  762. Ruby: Documentation Lookup, Using Builtin Help System
  763. Ruby: Complex Numbers
  764. Ruby: Learn Ruby in 1 Hour
  765. Racket Start (Install, Setup)
  766. Racket Pattern Matching
  767. Racket Module Stuff
  768. Xah Racket Tutorial
  769. Racket: Using Emacs racket-mode
  770. Python Documentation Problems
  771. Python: How to Write a Module
  772. Why Python's Lambda is Broken and Can't be Fixed
  773. What is Expressiveness in a Computer Language
  774. Python: Process Unicode, unicodedata Module
  775. Python: Unicode Tutorial 🐍
  776. Python: True, False
  777. Python: Traverse Directory
  778. Python, Perl: Website Thumbnail Generation
  779. Python: Make System Call
  780. Python: String Operations
  781. Python: Format String
  782. Python: Closure in Python 2
  783. Python: List Modules, Search Path, Loaded Modules
  784. Python, Perl: Split File Path into Parts
  785. Python, Perl: Sort Matrix, Object, Math of Sorting
  786. Sending Email with Perl and Python
  787. Python: Split Line by Regex
  788. Python: Regex Basics
  789. Perl and Python References
  790. How to Improve Python Doc; Notes on Rewriting Python Regex Doc
  791. Python: Quote String
  792. Examples of Quality Documentation in Computing Industry
  793. Python: What's PyPi, pip, easy_install, setuptools?
  794. Python: virtualenv Tutorial
  795. Python: Difference Between Tuple and List
  796. Python: Timing Functions with timeit
  797. Python: String Methods
  798. Python: SQL Alchemy
  799. Python: Web Crawler
  800. Python: Sets, Union, Intersection
  801. Python Regex Syntax
  802. Python Regex Object and Methods
  803. Python Regex Match Object
  804. Python Regex Reference
  805. Python Regex Functions
  806. Python Regex Flags
  807. Python: pip Tutorial
  808. Python: How to Find Python Interpreter Path, Script Path, from Running Script
  809. Python: File Path Manipulation
  810. Python: List Methods
  811. Python: Keyword Argument Default Value Unstable
  812. Python: Read/Write to JSON
  813. Python: HTTP POST Using Library “requests”
  814. Python: Get Number of Arguments of Function
  815. Python: Get Environment Variable
  816. Python Documentation Author Masturbation
  817. Python Doc Links Dead
  818. Python Doc Problem Example: sort()
  819. Python Doc Problem Example: os.path.split()
  820. Python Doc Problem Example: os.system
  821. Python Doc Idiocies
  822. Python Doc Problem Example: gzip
  823. Python Poetry: the __main__ Stanza
  824. Why Python's Documentation Sucks
  825. Python: Dictionary Methods
  826. Python: Decorator Tutorial
  827. Programing Problem: Construct a Tree Given Its Edges
  828. Python Bitwise Invert Oddity
  829. Python: Learn Python in 1 Hour
  830. Python: Append String in Loop
  831. Lambda in Python 3000
  832. Python 3: Traverse Directory
  833. Python: Basic String Operations
  834. Python 3: Formatting String
  835. Python 3: Sort List, Matrix, Object
  836. Python 3: Quoting String
  837. Python 3: Print Version String from Script
  838. Python 3: Operators
  839. Python 3: Object, ID, Type
  840. Python 3: Map with Side Effect Doesn't Work If Result is Not Used
  841. Python 3 Tutorial
  842. Python 3: Docstring Style
  843. Python 3: Closure
  844. Learn Python 3 in 1 Hour
  845. Python 2 and Python 3 Difference
  846. Ubuntu 12.04 bug: 「pydoc modules」 Core Dump
  847. Programing Exercise: Test Your Programing Language Proficiency
  848. Python: Print Version String from Script
  849. perldoc Coming of Age, What Python Can Learn From?
  850. Python, Perl: Partition a List by Equivalence
  851. Python, Perl: Comparison Pairings Reduce
  852. Python, Perl: One-Liner Loop Functional Style
  853. Python: Map Function to List
  854. Perl Scripts For Removing Mac Resource Fork, “.DS_Store”, “Thumbs.db”…
  855. Python: Loop Thru List
  856. Python: Loop Thru Dictionary
  857. Python: List Comprehension
  858. Python: List Basics
  859. Python: Dictionary
  860. Perl Documentation: the Key to Perl
  861. Python by Example
  862. Python: “if then else” Example
  863. Python: Compress/Decompress Gzip Files
  864. Python: GET Webpage Content
  865. Python, Perl: Generate All Possible Pairings
  866. Python, Perl: Partition by Equivalence
  867. Python: Function Optional Parameter
  868. Python: for, while, Loops
  869. Python: Find/Replace by Regex
  870. Python: Find/Replace Mulitple Pairs of Strings
  871. Python: Find Replace Strings in Unicode Files
  872. Python: Find/Replace Multi-line Strings in a Dir
  873. Python: Find/Replace Strings on Multiple Files
  874. Python, Perl: Find/Replace Strings in a File
  875. Python: Read/Write to File
  876. Python: Builtin Help
  877. Delete Duplicate Image Files
  878. Python: Copy Nested List, Shallow/Deep Copy
  879. Python: Complex Numbers
  880. Python, Perl: Combinatorics Function Example
  881. Python: Class and Object
  882. Python, Perl: Script to Check HTML File Size
  883. Python: Convert File Encoding for All Files in a Dir
  884. Python: Convert File Encoding
  885. Python, Perl: About the Author
  886. Xah Prolog Learning Notes
  887. Projective Geometry: Perspective Triangles
  888. Projective Geometry: Harmonic Points Construction
  889. Projective Geometry: Harmonic Points
  890. Projective Geometry: Desargues's Theorem
  891. Projective Geometry: Definition of Quadrilateral
  892. Projective Geometry: Quadrangle Construction
  893. Projective Geometry: Quadrangle 2.4a
  894. Sylvester-Gallai Theorem
  895. Quadrangle and Quadrilateral
  896. Intro to Real Projective Plane
  897. Harmonic Conjugacy
  898. Desargues's Two Triangle Theorem
  899. HP-28S Advanced Scientific Calculator
  900. Pretty Math
  901. Creating PowerShell Scripts
  902. PowerShell Builtin Help
  903. PowerShell vs Bash
  904. PowerShell: Piping Output and Input
  905. PowerShell: Install, Print Version
  906. PowerShell Basics
  907. ./powershell/i/powershell_on_linux_2017-05-09.html
  908. Using PowerShell to Manage Environment Variables
  909. PowerShell as cmd.exe or Bash
  910. PowerShell Predefined Variables
  911. PowerShell: List Alias, Find Alias
  912. PHP: “while” and “for” loops
  913. PHP: Basic String Operations
  914. PHP: Send Mail with Attachment
  915. PHP: Send HTML Mail
  916. PHP: String Syntax, Heredoc
  917. PHP Version History
  918. PHP: Object Oriented Programing Tutorial
  919. PHP Install
  920. PHP in 1 Hour
  921. PHP: Writing a Package
  922. PHP: MySQL Database Query Example
  923. PHP: Looping Thru Array
  924. PHP: Array Basics
  925. PHP: Hash Table Tutorial
  926. PHP Basics
  927. PHP: “if” statement
  928. PHP: Defining A Function
  929. Perl Module: Tree::Matica (Mathematica Tree Functions in Perl)
  930. Perl Module Tree::Matica Documentation
  931. Perl: How to Write a Module
  932. Perl: List Available Modules, List Module Search Paths
  933. Perl: Unicode Tutorial 🐪
  934. Perl: True, False
  935. Perl: Traverse Directory
  936. Perl: System Call
  937. Perl: String Operations
  938. Perl: Formatting String
  939. Perl: Sort Unstable
  940. Perl: Sort Matrix
  941. Perl: Sort List, Matrix, Object
  942. Perl: Split Line by Regex
  943. Perl: Regex Tutorial
  944. Perl: Quoting Strings
  945. Perl: Print Version String from Script
  946. Perl: Map Function to List
  947. Perl: for, while, Loop
  948. Perl: Loop Thru List
  949. Perl: List Comprehension
  950. Perl: List/Array Tutorial
  951. Perl: Hash Table
  952. Perl by Example
  953. Perl: if then else
  954. Perl: Compress/Decompress gzip Files
  955. Perl: GET Web Page Content
  956. Perl: Get Environment Variable
  957. Perl: Function Optional Parameter
  958. Perl: Find Replace String Pairs in Directory
  959. Perl: Read/Write to File
  960. Perl: Documentation Lookup, Using Builtin Help System
  961. Perl: Convert File Encoding
  962. Perl: Complex Numbers
  963. Learn Perl in 1 Hour
  964. parser notes
  965. Parsing Techniques, Dick Grune, Table of Contents
  966. Parser Notes
  967. Parser
  968. lex/flex Tutorial
  969. Formal Grammar
  970. Formal Language, Grammar, Parser
  971. Dragon Book Table of Contents
  972. How Compiler Works
  973. What's the Difference Between BNF, EBNF, ABNF?
  974. Ambiguous Grammar
  975. Types in Ocaml
  976. Pattern Matching in Ocaml
  977. OCaml Tutorial: Record Type
  978. OCaml Tutorial: List, Array, Tuple
  979. OCaml Tutorial by Example
  980. OCaml Tutorial
  981. OCaml Tutorial: Function
  982. Why Can't You Be Normal?
  983. What's Philosophy and Paul Graham
  984. Computing Culture: What's Hacker?
  985. Netiquette Anthropology: Tales of Tech Geekers
  986. Wilt Thou Gallantly Tilt at Windmills?
  987. Second Life, Tech Geekers, And Escapism
  988. rule of conduct of a 4chan philosopher
  989. Persona Non Grata in the Hacker Community
  990. Ignorance And Intolerance In Online Computing Communities
  991. How Shall I Respond?
  992. Hackers and the Foobar Phrase
  993. Hacker News, Xahlee.org, and What is Politics?
  994. ESR wrote: How not to engage me!
  995. (Knowledge + Love) / Disrespectfulness
  996. Death of a Troll — My Memory of Erik Naggum (1965 – 2009)
  997. Cross-posting and Language Factions
  998. What I've Learned by Conversational Styled Posts
  999. Ban Xah Lee
  1000. Usenet Troll Song
  1001. The Newsgroup Troll Song
  1002. Troll Definition from Jargon File
  1003. To Catch a Troll…
  1004. Once upon a troll…
  1005. The One True History of Meow
  1006. How to Make YouTube Play a Video Repeatedly
  1007. Windows Sys Admin App Command Line Names
  1008. Windows Start Menu, Desktop, Quick Launch, File Locations
  1009. Great Software for Microsoft Windows
  1010. How to Use Windows Search; Stop Indexing USB Drives; Rebuilding Index
  1011. Intro to Scripting Tech on Windows (Compared to Unix)
  1012. Windows: is Your USB Drive Fast Enough for ReadyBoost?
  1013. Windows: What's Prefetcher, SuperFetch, ReadyBoost?
  1014. Windows: Networking Commands
  1015. Windows: Disable Caps Lock, Disable Windows Key, Key to Launch App …
  1016. Microsoft Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
  1017. Microsoft Windows Keyboard Software Guide
  1018. Windows Logo Key Keyboard Shortcuts
  1019. Windows: How to Find My IP Address, MAC Address?
  1020. Windows Font and Unicode
  1021. Windows Flip 3D, Instant Viewer, Productivity Tips
  1022. Windows Console Key Shortcuts
  1023. What's Windows CLSID? Second Life UUID?
  1024. Windows: Best Anti-virus Software
  1025. Windows: Single-click Open File
  1026. Windows: How to Remove “Win 7 Antivirus 2012”
  1027. Turning off Windows7 Auto Snap Feature (Aero Snap)
  1028. Unicode Support in File Names: Windows, Mac, Emacs, Unison, Rsync, USB, Zip
  1029. Why I'm Switching from Mac to Windows
  1030. Windows: How to swap Mouse Buttons: Right-Click, Middle-Click
  1031. Remove Windows Media Player Context Menu
  1032. Xah's PC Shopping List
  1033. A Tale of PC Problems; Strange Microphone Noise
  1034. Computer: ASUS Graphics Card and Motherboard
  1035. Web Browser Tab Management: One Hundred Tabs Open in Browser?
  1036. Windows Notes and Todo
  1037. This Poor Sob Got a New Monitor
  1038. Motherboard Specification: MSI MS-7548 (Aspen)
  1039. Microsoft Windows Registry Tutorial
  1040. Windows Firewall Error code 0x80070424; How to Fix
  1041. Microsoft Windows Update Fail KB2691905
  1042. How to Setup a Network Between Mac and Windows
  1043. Mac and Windows File Conversion
  1044. Installing Cygwin Tutorial
  1045. Xah Microsoft Windows Tips
  1046. Removing Junk PC AdWare, TrialWare, BloatWare from HP/Compaq
  1047. Google Earth Mouse Navigation and Keys
  1048. Firefox: How to Disable Auto-Hide Forward Button
  1049. Firefox: Set Backspace Key to Go Back To Previous Page
  1050. Firefox: Set Mouse Wheel Scroll Speed
  1051. How to Add/Change Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts
  1052. How to Secure Delete Files, Shred Files, Wipe Drive
  1053. Windows Environment Variables Tutorial
  1054. Converting Email Formats
  1055. Emacs AutoHotkey Mode
  1056. How to Download All Your Emails in Gmail?
  1057. How to Disable Windows Startup Apps
  1058. Disable Ctrl+Alt+S Shortcut for HP Support Information, PC Doctor
  1059. How to Delete Flash Cookies
  1060. Cygwin Path and Windows Path Conversion
  1061. How to Clear or Set Proxy in Firefox, Internet Explorer
  1062. Restore Last Session in IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera
  1063. How to Disable JavaScript, Flash, Java in Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
  1064. Windows Blue Screen of Death — a Account of My PC's Memory Failure
  1065. BFG NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT Spec
  1066. AutoHotkey: Script to Toggle Maximize Window
  1067. Microsoft Windows: Swap Caps Lock, Alt, Control Keys
  1068. AutoHotkey Syntax Problems
  1069. AutoHotkey Path Problem
  1070. AutoHotkey Key Syntax
  1071. Useful AutoHotkey Scripts
  1072. AutoHotkey Tutorial
  1073. Windows: How to Remove “Antivirus Action” Malware
  1074. What Characters Are Not Allowed in File Names?
  1075. Geometry: Transformation of the Plane
  1076. Geometry: Transformation of the Plane II
  1077. Geometric Tilings and Patterns Image Gallery
  1078. Tilings and Patterns
  1079. Spheres and Cubes Study
  1080. Stereographic Projection
  1081. Stereographic Projection
  1082. Stereographic Projection
  1083. Stereographic Projection
  1084. Stereographic Projection
  1085. Stereographic Projection
  1086. Geometry: Plane Tiling Mathematica Package
  1087. Math Graphics Gallery
  1088. Math: Density Plots of Trig Expressions
  1089. Number Of Ways To Loop n Points
  1090. Graphing Software for Microsoft Windows
  1091. Great software for Tilings, Patterns, Symmetry
  1092. Great Math Software on Puzzles
  1093. Great Math Software: Polyhedrons and Polytopes
  1094. Great Software for Plane Geometry
  1095. Great Misc Math Software
  1096. Great Math Software
  1097. Old Math Software
  1098. Great Math Software for Curves and Surfaces
  1099. Magic Polyhedrons
  1100. Great Software For 2D Visualization of Geometry
  1101. Great Software For 3D Visualization Of Geometry
  1102. Math Software for Programers
  1103. Great Math Board Game Software
  1104. Great Fractal Software
  1105. Great Software for Dynamical Systems
  1106. Great Software for Cellular Automata
  1107. Xah Math Notes
  1108. Math and Geometry Books
  1109. Why Are Textbook So Expensive?
  1110. What is Riemann Surface? Understanding the Concept Without Math
  1111. What is Quadratic Form in Math?
  1112. Voting Systems: Why Winner Isn't Liked by Majority
  1113. Visual Illusions 📺
  1114. Understanding Complex Numbers
  1115. Math Typesetting, Mathematica, MathML
  1116. Twin Prime Conjecture Breakthru: Yitang Zhang
  1117. Celtic Knots, Truchet tiles, Combinatorial Patterns
  1118. Math: TRON Light Cycle Optimal Strategy
  1119. Topology Notes
  1120. Intro to Topology by Renzo
  1121. Intro to Point-Set Topology by Allen Hatcher
  1122. Topology from the Differential Point of View, 1965, John W Milnor
  1123. Xah's Top 10 Math Wonders
  1124. Top Ten Math Books for Math Haters
  1125. Tilings and Patterns Book
  1126. Theory Of Equations
  1127. The Logical Levels of Interpretation
  1128. The Beauty of Roots
  1129. Teacup Recursion
  1130. geometry: symmetry of symmetry, problem within problem
  1131. Learning Notes Of Symmetric Space and Differential Geometry Topics
  1132. Stereographic Projection 3D-Printed Physical Model
  1133. Space-Filling Curve
  1134. Geometry: Ellipses, Linkages, and Solids of Constant Width
  1135. Math Politics: Simon Plouffe and nth Digit Formula of π
  1136. The Significance of Complex Numbers: Frobenius Theorem
  1137. Reading Notes on “The Shape of Space”
  1138. Schmidt Arrangement, Algebra Integer, Gaussian Integer, Eisenstein Integer, Modular Group
  1139. Russell Towle Died (1949 to 2008)
  1140. Robby Villegas Died (1968 to 2010)
  1141. Extending the Euclidean Plane: Riemann Sphere and Real Projective Plane
  1142. Conway's Game of Life Recursively Defined
  1143. Real Analysis by Jiri Lebl 2016
  1144. Random Notes on Randomness
  1145. Random Math Notes: Friedrich Hirzebruch, Theorema Egregium, …
  1146. 1+2+3+4+… = -1/12, Ramanujan's Sum 📺
  1147. Projective Illusion
  1148. Introduction to Probability, by Charles M Grinstead, J Laurie Snell Shoup
  1149. Principia Mathematica
  1150. Valentine's Day Gift for a Platonic Relationship: Regular Polyhedrons Chocolates
  1151. Plants vs Zombie; Thoughts on Strategy and Game Formulation
  1152. Paper Folding Basics: Canoe, Sail Boat, Topedo Boat
  1153. Geometry: How to Order the Edges of a Cube?
  1154. Truncated Octahedrons, Rhombic Triacontahedron, Dodecahedron in Real Life
  1155. Elementary Number Theory by W Edwin Clark
  1156. A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra, by Victor Shoup
  1157. Reading Notes on Nicolas Bourbaki
  1158. Nested Circles Inversion
  1159. the Nature of Linear Transformation
  1160. the Nature of Associative Property of Algebra
  1161. On the Nomenclature of Eigenvector and the Igon Value Problem
  1162. How Mathematica does Unicode?
  1163. Math Tiling Automata Morph
  1164. Modeling Math Problem Into a Question in Formal Language: Conway's 2-Angle Problem
  1165. Math Prizes and Nobel Ignobility
  1166. Mathematical Logic, by Stephen G Simpson
  1167. Mathematical Logic, Learning Notes
  1168. Knitting, Chinese Knots, Braid Theory
  1169. Xah Math
  1170. Top 7 Arcade Video Games of the 1980s
  1171. Maze and Math in Video Games
  1172. Math Formula For Beauty
  1173. Free Math Textbooks
  1174. Math Art of Hop David
  1175. Math Animations
  1176. Martin Gardner (1914 to 2010) Remembrance
  1177. Mathematician Marijke Van Gans Died (1955 to 2009)
  1178. Art: M C Escher “Stars” Chameleon Polyhedron 📺
  1179. Art of M C Escher
  1180. Logical Operators, Truth Table, Unicode
  1181. Math Writing Style: Use of the Term “Linear Operator” vs “Linear Function”
  1182. Linear Algebra Notes
  1183. Linear Algebra, by Jim Hefferon
  1184. Linear Algebra, by David Cherney, Tom Denton, Rohit Thomas, Andrew Waldron
  1185. Ladybug Video Game, Optimal Strategy
  1186. Klein Bottle Checker Board Paradox
  1187. Review of Khan Academy by Xah Lee
  1188. Journey Through Genius by William Dunham
  1189. John Baez on Octonion 📺
  1190. Stanford University Computer Science Courses — Review
  1191. Introduction to Proof Theory, 1998, by Samuel R Buss
  1192. Math: ID System, Number Base vs Number of Digits
  1193. What's a Year? Why Not Just 100 Days?
  1194. Groups: A Path to Geometry
  1195. Group Theory Notes
  1196. Grigori Perelman: Will You Decline 1 Million to Make a Statement? 📺
  1197. Math: Counting Intersections in Honeycomb
  1198. Google AI AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol
  1199. AlphaGo vs Ke Jie
  1200. Go Board Game on Hexagonal and Triangular Grids
  1201. Euler Angles Can Cause Gimbal Lock, But Not Quaternions
  1202. Curves and Surfaces by Chuu-Lian Terng
  1203. Geometric Dissection, Mechanical Iris, Expandable Table Furniture 📺
  1204. Geometer's Sketchpad Closed Shop?
  1205. Why Are Scores in Video Games Mega Huge?
  1206. Functional Geometry, 2013, Sussman, Wisdom, Farr
  1207. What's Function, What's Operator?
  1208. Math Art: Fractal Clockwork
  1209. Foundation of Math, by Stephen G Simpson
  1210. Math: Fibonaci Sequence Video Fallacy 📺
  1211. Math Mysticism: is Hurricane Shape a Fibonaci Spiral?
  1212. What's the Nature of Eigenvector?
  1213. Would You Missout a Lot in Math If You Don't Know Physics?
  1214. 9 Tools to Display Math on Web
  1215. Lecture Note on Curves and Surfaces, 2005, Chuu-Lian Terng
  1216. Lecture Note on Curves and Surfaces, 2003, Chuu-Lian Terng
  1217. A Modern Course on Curves and Surfaces, 2003, by Richard S Palais
  1218. What's Difference Set of a Group
  1219. Differential Geometry notes
  1220. Geometric Pattern on Sphere and Torus
  1221. Dead Reckoning in a Non-Orientable 3D Space
  1222. Complex Function Graph Viewer
  1223. Complex Analysis Notes
  1224. Combinatorics, Algorithm, and Humanity
  1225. Category Theory Notes
  1226. Free Calculus Textbooks
  1227. Calculus Volume 1. OpenStax project
  1228. Calculus, by Jim Fowler, Bart Snapp
  1229. APEX Calculus by Gregory Hartman et al
  1230. Best Scientific Calculators
  1231. Xah Math Blog Archive 2016-01
  1232. Xah Math Blog Archive 2015-01
  1233. Xah Math Blog Archive 2014-01
  1234. Xah Math Blog Archive 2013-01
  1235. Xah Math Blog Archive 2012-05
  1236. Xah Math Blog Archive 2011-01
  1237. Xah Math Blog Archive 2010-01
  1238. Xah Math Blog
  1239. Bird Flight V Formation as Geometry Problem of Max Visual Contact
  1240. Bejeweled Blitz Strategy as Math
  1241. A Fantastic Auto-stereogram
  1242. Analysis on Manifolds, 1991, by J R Munkres
  1243. Analysis Notes
  1244. Algorithmic Mathematical Art
  1245. ALGEBRAIC CURVES, An Introduction to Algebraic Geometry, 2008, William Fulton
  1246. Math, Algebra: on the Phraseology of X Over K, and What's Group Theory?
  1247. Alexander Grothendieck = Obi-Wan
  1248. Abuse of Math Notation
  1249. Algebra Notes
  1250. John Walker, Macromedia Flash, Fischer Random Chess
  1251. Mathematical Simulation Ideas
  1252. Mac Tips
  1253. Wolfram Language, Mathematica
  1254. Logo Design in Software Industry
  1255. F Sharp's New Logo = Bad Ass
  1256. Linux: xmonad Keybinding
  1257. Xah's Linux Setup
  1258. Why Tiling Window Manager Sucks (xmonad, ratpoison, dwm, …)
  1259. Linux: Download Website by Command: wget, curl, HEAD, GET
  1260. VirtualBox: Extend Linux Disk Space
  1261. Unix/Linux Shell Shebang: Who Gets to Use the First Char?
  1262. Linux: BASH Shell Misc Tips
  1263. Ubuntu 16.04 Install Google Chrome or Third Party .deb File
  1264. Linux: tmux Tutorial
  1265. TCP/IP Tutorial for Beginner
  1266. How to Diagnose Computer Networking Problems
  1267. Linux: Bash Color Prompt
  1268. Retro-Put Backup Directories to git as Historical Commits
  1269. How to Install Linux on VirtualBox
  1270. nginx Tutorial
  1271. Linux: MySQL Basics
  1272. Linux: Mouse Hover to Auto-Raise Window
  1273. Linux: MongoDB Basics
  1274. Linux: xvkbd tutorial
  1275. Linux: xterm Font Size, Copy Paste
  1276. Linux: xmodmap Tutorial
  1277. Linux: xkb Tutorial
  1278. Linux: Xfce Keyboard Shortcuts
  1279. Linux: Xfce Good Themes
  1280. Linux: xbindkeys Tutorial
  1281. Linux: X11 Mouse Button Numbering
  1282. Linux: Anti-Virus Software
  1283. Linux: How to use Virtual Console
  1284. Linux: View Directory as Tree
  1285. Linux: Users and Groups
  1286. How to Check If Linux Machine Supports USB 3.0?
  1287. Linux: How to Upgrade Xfce
  1288. Linux Desktop Comparisons (X11, CDE, KDE, Gnome, Unity, Xfce, …)
  1289. Linux: What's Zeitgeist, How to Uninstall It
  1290. Ubuntu Linux Install Error: “'grub-install /dev/sdb' failed”
  1291. Linux: Move File to Trash by Command
  1292. Linux: Terminal Control Sequence Keys
  1293. Linux: Sync X11 Primary Selection and Clipboard
  1294. Linux: How to Switch to Dvorak Keyboard Layout
  1295. Linux: How to Swap Mouse Buttons
  1296. Linux: Swap Control Alt Keys, xmodmap
  1297. Linux: Swap CapsLock Escape Keys
  1298. Linux: X11 Keyboard Key Names
  1299. Linux: Find Keyboard Key Scancode
  1300. Linux: Setup Shift Lock Key
  1301. Linux: Text Processing: grep, cat, awk, uniq
  1302. Linux: Traverse Directory: find, xargs
  1303. Linux: Set System Keyboard Layout
  1304. Linux: How to Set Mouse Speed
  1305. Linux: Set Key Repeat Rate
  1306. Linux: Set F2 F3 F4 to Cut Copy Paste
  1307. Linux: Set Default App
  1308. Linux: Ruby Rails sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev libssl-dev Install Error
  1309. Linux: Sync Across Machines, rsync
  1310. Linux: How to Restart X11
  1311. Linux: Reset Terminal, Clear Screen History
  1312. Linux Idiocies Collection
  1313. Linux: PulseAudio Control Panel Command Line
  1314. Linux: List Processes: ps
  1315. Linux Problem: wmctrl, Documentation
  1316. Linux: Annoying Postfix Install Popup
  1317. Linux Pain: Google Chrome Korean Font Scrunched Up
  1318. Linux: How to Install/Remove Packages
  1319. random Linux notes 2012-04-11
  1320. random Linux notes 2012-04-28
  1321. random Linux notes 2012-04-18
  1322. Linux: Networking Commands
  1323. Google Says: Put Your Password Plainly in a File: Linux .netrc
  1324. Linux: What's Netfilter, iptables, Their Differences?
  1325. Linux: Music Players
  1326. Linux: Set Trackball/Mouse Do Scroll
  1327. Linux: Set Mouse Single-Click to Open File
  1328. Linux: Mouse Hover-Click
  1329. Linux: Monitor Processes, “htop”
  1330. Linux: Monitor Processes by “top”
  1331. Linux: is Manpage Getting Obsolete by 「--help」?
  1332. Linux: man page: text output, reading non-compressed man page, reading unformatted man page
  1333. Linux: LXDE Keyboard Shortcuts
  1334. Linux: LXDE Set Key Repeat Rate
  1335. Linux: LXDE/Openbox, Change Keyboard Shortcuts
  1336. Linux: Show Opened Files, lsof
  1337. Linux: Record a Terminal Session, Logging Shell Output
  1338. Linux: Keyboard Software Guide
  1339. Linux Keybinding Tutorial
  1340. Linux Kernel Map
  1341. Linux: Job Control
  1342. Linux: Firewall, iptables Tutorial
  1343. Linux: How to Get Wireless to Work
  1344. Linux: How to Switch to LXDE, Xfce
  1345. Linux: How to Install Font, List Fonts
  1346. Linux: Get System Info
  1347. Linux Misc Tutorials
  1348. Practical Linux Tutorial
  1349. Linux: Image Viewers
  1350. Linux: Compression How-to: tar gzip bzip2 xz 7zip rar zip
  1351. Linux: Shell Commands for GUI Apps
  1352. Linux: Setup Accelerated Scroll and AutoScroll
  1353. Linux: Show Free Memory
  1354. Standard Fonts on Linuxes
  1355. Firefox: Set Mouse Autoscroll, Linux
  1356. How Find Xfce Version?
  1357. Linux: File Permission System
  1358. Linux: feh Image Viewer Keyboard Shortcuts
  1359. Linux Idiocy: Eject USB Drive Warning
  1360. Linux: Show Directory Size: du
  1361. Linux Command to Download YouTube Video
  1362. Linux: Make Scrollbar Always Visible
  1363. Linux: Disable Number Lock Key
  1364. Linux: LXDE/OpenBox, Disable Mouse Scroll Wheel Hide Window
  1365. Linux: Disable Ubuntu Crash Report
  1366. Linux: How to Set Different Layouts for 2 Keyboards
  1367. Linux: Compare Files or Directory: diff
  1368. Is Linux Desktop Ready for Mom and Pop?
  1369. Linux: Desktop GUI/Icon Locations
  1370. Linux: Ctrl+s Freeze vim
  1371. Linux: Convert File Encoding with iconv
  1372. Linux: Basic Shell Commands
  1373. Linux: GUI Apps Command Names
  1374. Linux: Sort Lines
  1375. Linux: Change Volume by Command
  1376. Linux: Command to Shutdown / Restart / Sleep
  1377. Linux: Update Software by Command Line
  1378. How to Calibrate Your Monitor's Color
  1379. Linux: Chinese Input Setup
  1380. Linux: Make CapsLock Do Home Key
  1381. Linux: Fix Audio Problem, PulseAudio
  1382. Linux: Add Keyboard Shortcut to Switch App
  1383. Xah's Job Interview Questions for Young Linux Sys Admins
  1384. Is Linux Usable?
  1385. Understanding Public-Key Cryptography for Beginner
  1386. HTTP Protocol Tutorial
  1387. How to Stop Xfce from Loading Last Session
  1388. GPG Tutorial
  1389. Git: Save Working Tree in a Temp Storage: git stash
  1390. Git: Revert Change
  1391. Git: Push to Server
  1392. Git: git pull (Get Update)
  1393. Git: Install on {Linux, Mac, Windows}
  1394. Practical git in 1 Hour
  1395. Git Ignore File
  1396. Git: Setting Up Git on GitHub
  1397. Git: Using git on Google Code
  1398. Git: Setting up git on GitCafe
  1399. Git: Setting Up git on bitbucket
  1400. Git: View History/Log
  1401. Git: What's HEAD
  1402. git Frequently Asked Questions
  1403. Git: Diff Between {Working Dir, Staged Area, Last Commit}
  1404. Git: Commit Files
  1405. Git Branching
  1406. Git Basics
  1407. Difference Between .bashrc, .profile, .bash_profile, …?
  1408. Convert Your code.google.com Project from svn to git
  1409. Computer Network Tutorial
  1410. Linux: Bash Prompt Setup
  1411. Linux: Bash Keys, Terminal Keys, Man Page Keys
  1412. Linux: Bash Manual in Chapters, Using Emacs for Info
  1413. Apache HTTP Server Tutorial
  1414. Testing Server Performance Using Apache Benchmark Tool
  1415. Computer Language Websites Popularity
  1416. Computer Language Popularity Trend
  1417. Keyboard Evolution: Zoom Button, Dedicated Keys
  1418. Zalman Turtle Mouse
  1419. X-Bows Keyboard Unboxing
  1420. X-Bows Keyboard Review
  1421. Xah Keyboards 2017-09
  1422. Wooden Keyboard
  1423. Wireless Mouse/Keyboard Security
  1424. Why You Need 9 Buttons Mouse?
  1425. Why Swap Mouse Middle-Click and Right-Click?
  1426. Keyboard Menu/App Key
  1427. How to Choose a Gaming Mouse?
  1428. WEY Multifunctional Keyboard MK06
  1429. Water Resistant Mechanical Keyboard
  1430. DEC VT100 Terminal
  1431. Vortex 75% Keyboard
  1432. Design of vim Mode Activation Key
  1433. Arrow Keys Efficiency: vim HJKL vs IJKL
  1434. vi, Emacs, Keybinding Design
  1435. Versakey Keyboard
  1436. VE.A keyboard
  1437. Valve Steam Trackball Controller
  1438. μTRON Keyboard
  1439. UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse
  1440. Univac F-1355-00 Keyboard
  1441. Typing Tutorial, Speed Test, Typing Games
  1442. Typing Habits, Repetitive Strain Injury ⌨
  1443. Typing of the Dead
  1444. Typewriter Spacebar History
  1445. TypeMatrix Keyboard Review
  1446. Truly Ergonomic Numeric Keypad
  1447. Xah's Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Layouts
  1448. Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Photo Gallery
  1449. Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Review
  1450. Japan TRON keyboard
  1451. Trackballs with Scroll Wheel
  1452. Trackball vs Mouse, and How to Choose a Trackball
  1453. Trackballs That Can Spin
  1454. Trackball Sizes Comparison
  1455. Trackball Roller Plus
  1456. Marble Madness, Arcade Trackball
  1457. Logitech Trackman Marble Review
  1458. Trackball Reviews
  1459. Trackball Image Index
  1460. Trackball History
  1461. Trackball History Image Index
  1462. Trackball Controller Xbox 360
  1463. Trackball Controller
  1464. Trackball Ball Sizes and Replacement
  1465. Best Trackballs 2018
  1466. Touch-Typing, a Relic of Keyboard Design?
  1467. Tiny Space Bar on Japanese Keyboards
  1468. Thermaltake Level 10m Mouse
  1469. Tangent Ripple Grading Panel
  1470. Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse
  1471. Sweet Dreams Keyboard
  1472. Sun Microsystems Type 6 Keyboard
  1473. Japan Sukerutoron ST-2000 TRON Keyboard
  1474. Stingray Trackball
  1475. Stenotype Machine
  1476. SteelSeries Sensei Gaming Mouse
  1477. Valve Steam Controller
  1478. 2-Piece Split Keyboards
  1479. SpaceOrb 360
  1480. SpaceNavigator 3d Mouse
  1481. Should You Type Space After Comma?
  1482. Symbolics Space-Cadet Keyboard
  1483. Sony Home Computer HB-101
  1484. Sonder Keyboard
  1485. Steam Punk Keyboard
  1486. Smith Premier Typewriter
  1487. Smith-Corona Ultrasonic I Plus Typewriter
  1488. Slimblade vs L-Trac Trackball
  1489. Sinclair ZX81 Keyboard
  1490. Signum keyboard
  1491. 319-Keys Keyboard: Shortcut-S, Photoshop Keyboard
  1492. San Francisco Bay Area Keyboard Meetup 2017-11 Impressions
  1493. How to Set Key to Switch to Browser
  1494. Semicolon vs Apostrophe Frequency in Computer Languages
  1495. Scythe Ergo Diver Keyboard
  1496. Sanwa Wireless Trackball MA-WTB43BK
  1497. Sanwa Trackball MA-TB39
  1498. Sanwa Trackball MA-TB38BK
  1499. Russian Keyboard Layout and Programing
  1500. Russian Keyboard Layout
  1501. Royal Bar-Lock Typewriter
  1502. ROCCAT Tyon Mouse
  1503. ROCCAT NYTH Mouse
  1504. ROCCAT Kone Mouse
  1505. Rheinmetall Portable Ergonomic Typewriter
  1506. REvolve Controller
  1507. Keybinding Design, Fast-Repeat Commands
  1508. Redragon Perdition Mouse 红龙 灭世 鼠标
  1509. Razer Tartarus Gaming Keypad
  1510. Razer Ouroboros Wireless Gaming Mouse
  1511. Razer Orbweaver Keypad
  1512. Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad
  1513. MMO Mouses
  1514. Razer Naga Epic Rechargable Wireless Mouse
  1515. Razer BlackWidow Keyboard
  1516. qwpr Keyboard Layout
  1517. QWERKYWRITER Keyboard
  1518. Qtronix/iOne Trackball
  1519. Efficient Keyboard Layout for Portuguese: pt-Nativo
  1520. Promethium51 Keyboard
  1521. Bad Keyboard Advice from Programers
  1522. Programable Keypads
  1523. Programable Keyboards with Onboard Memory
  1524. POS Keyboards Image Index
  1525. Point of Sale KSI Keyboard
  1526. Plum Keyboard
  1527. Planck Keyboard
  1528. Picasa and Picasa Picture Viewer Keyboard Shortcut Keys
  1529. Using Piano to Type Text
  1530. Keyboard Hardware Dvorak vs Software Dvorak
  1531. Perixx PERIMICE Trackball
  1532. Pen Tablet
  1533. PC Reveal keyboard
  1534. Keyboard Modifier Keys, Short Survey
  1535. Own the Couch Keyboard
  1536. Mac: How to Switch to Dvorak Keyboard Layout
  1537. Mac: Swap Control, Caps Lock, Option, Command Keys
  1538. Mac Keyboard Viewer and Unicode
  1539. Mac OS X: Keybinding DefaultKeyBinding.dict Problems
  1540. Mac OS X Keybinding Key Syntax
  1541. Mac OS X Keybinding Action Code
  1542. Mac: How to Change Keybinding
  1543. Test Your Mousing Efficiency!
  1544. Orthodox Keyboard
  1545. On An Island with Just One Mouse
  1546. Obsolete Trackballs, Misc
  1547. Obsolete Mouses
  1548. Obsolete Keypads
  1549. Obsolete Keyboards
  1550. Obsolete Keyboards Image Index
  1551. Nyquist Keyboard
  1552. Novation LaunchPad
  1553. Northgate Omnikey Evolution Ergonomic Keyboard
  1554. NeXT Keyboard
  1555. Nakabayashi Digio Trackball
  1556. Myth of QWERTY vs Dvorak Layout
  1557. Microsoft Visual Studio Function Key Shortcuts
  1558. Microsoft Touch Mouse
  1559. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 Review
  1560. Microsoft Wireless Natural Multimedia keyboard Review
  1561. Fix Defective Keys in Comfort Curve Keyboard
  1562. Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 Review
  1563. Microsoft IntelliType Registry
  1564. Microsoft IntelliType Macros
  1565. Microsoft IntelliType Hacks
  1566. Microsoft IntelliType Common Questions
  1567. Microsoft IntelliType commands.xml File
  1568. Microsoft IntelliType Review
  1569. Microsoft Keyboard: How to Disable the F Lock Key
  1570. Microsoft SideWinder Mouse Review
  1571. Logitech Mouse with Spin Wheel
  1572. Mouse Weight Comparison
  1573. Mouse vs Keyboard: Is Mouse Bad for Programer?
  1574. Mouse Wheel: Smooth Scroll vs Notched Scroll
  1575. Mouse Size Comparisons
  1576. What's Mouse Polling Rate
  1577. What's the Difference Between Optical Mouse and Laser Mouse?
  1578. Mouse Reviews
  1579. Computer Mouse Image Index
  1580. What's Mouse DPI? Does DPI Matter in Gaming?
  1581. Mouse with 2 Scroll Wheels and Thumb Wheel
  1582. What's the Most Efficient Keyboard Layout?
  1583. Short Survey of Keyboard Shortcut Notations
  1584. Mistel Barocco Split Keyboard
  1585. Misc Trackballs
  1586. KeySweeper, Sniff Passwords from Wireless Keyboard
  1587. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard
  1588. Microsoft TrackBall Optical
  1589. Microsoft Trackball Explorer
  1590. Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard
  1591. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse 6000
  1592. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review
  1593. Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard
  1594. Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard
  1595. Microsoft Natural Keyboard
  1596. Microsoft Keyboards
  1597. Microsoft IntelliMouse TrackBall
  1598. Microsoft Classic Intellimouse 2017
  1599. Michela Chorded Keyboard
  1600. Mechanical Keyboard Noise Comparison
  1601. Optimus Popularis Keyboard
  1602. Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard
  1603. Design of Math Symbols Input System
  1604. Marquardt Mini-Ergo keyboard
  1605. MantisTek Keyboard Privacy Breach
  1606. Maltron vs Dvorak keyboard Layout
  1607. Maltron Keyboard Gallery
  1608. Maltron Keyboard Review
  1609. Magicforce Keyboard Retro Keycap
  1610. Mad Catz RAT 5 Gaming Mouse
  1611. Mac: Hover to Switch Window
  1612. Mac: Keyboard/Automation Tools
  1613. Mac Keyboard Shortcuts
  1614. LZ Ergo Keyboard
  1615. SmartYao Keyboard
  1616. Logitech Wave Keyboard
  1617. Logitech Trackman Wheel
  1618. Logitech TrackMan Vista Trackball
  1619. Logitech Trackman Stationary Mouse
  1620. Logitech Trackman Portable Mouse Trackball
  1621. Logitech Trackman Marble Wheel Optical Trackball
  1622. Logitech TrackMan Marble FX Trackball
  1623. Logitech Trackman 1989 Trackball
  1624. Logitech MX Master Mouse
  1625. Logitech MX Ergo Trackball
  1626. Logitech Most Important Products
  1627. Logitech G710+ Keyboard
  1628. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball
  1629. Logitech Keyboards
  1630. Logitech G700s Mouse Review
  1631. Logitech Gaming Mouses Review
  1632. Logitech G9X Gaming Mouse (Discontinued)
  1633. Logitech G910 Orion Keyboard
  1634. Logitech G903 Mouse
  1635. Logitech G900 Mouse
  1636. Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum Keyboard
  1637. Logitech G703 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  1638. Logitech G610 Orion Brown Keyboard
  1639. Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  1640. Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse Review
  1641. Logitech G502 Proteus Mouse
  1642. Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse (Discontinued)
  1643. Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum Keyboard
  1644. Logitech G300s Gaming Mouse
  1645. Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard
  1646. Logitech G13 Gaming Keypad Review
  1647. Logitech DiNova Edge Keyboard
  1648. Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman trackball
  1649. lofree dot keyboard
  1650. List of Keylogging Software
  1651. Lisp Machine Keyboards
  1652. Linux vs Mac vs Windows, Which is Best for Keybinding?
  1653. Linux: Swap Control Alt Keys
  1654. ROCCAT Gaming Mouse with Linux Support
  1655. Levetron Mech Gaming Keyboard
  1656. Leopold FC980C Keyboard
  1657. Leopold FC660C keyboard
  1658. Left Handed Mouse
  1659. Latest Thinking on Computer-Related Pain by David M Rempel
  1660. Mouse for Large Hands
  1661. Evolution of Laptop Keyboards, No More Page Up/Down Keys!
  1662. Laptop, How to Change the Function Keys as F1 to F12?
  1663. L-Trac Trackball
  1664. Kinesis Advantage vs Truly Ergonomic Keyboard
  1665. Kinesis Keyboard Key Remap/Macro/Layout How-To
  1666. Kinesis Gaming Keyboard, Freestyle Edge
  1667. Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard
  1668. Kinesis Freestyle 2 Keyboard
  1669. Kinesis Savant Elite2 Foot Pedal
  1670. Microsoft Kinect Device
  1671. Game Controller, Input Devices
  1672. List of Keyboards with Topre Switch
  1673. List of Keyboards with Mechanical Switch
  1674. Ergonomic Keyboards Size Comparison
  1675. The Idiocy of Hacker Keyboards
  1676. Apple Keyboards ⌨
  1677. Computer Keyboards Gallery
  1678. Keyboardio Model 1 Gallery
  1679. Keyboard.io Model 1 Prototypes
  1680. Xah Keyboard Guide
  1681. Keyboard with Trackball
  1682. Keyboard with Numeric Keypad Sawed Off
  1683. Alt Graph Key, Compose Key, Dead Key
  1684. Keyboards with Volume Wheel
  1685. Keyboard Typing Habits, How People Actually Type?
  1686. Keyboard Tenting Cart
  1687. USB Keyboard Scancode Reference, Physical Key Layouts
  1688. Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms
  1689. Keyboard Spinner
  1690. Keyboard Shortcut vs Launch Buttons
  1691. Keyboard Shortcuts Conflict in Web Browsers and Mac, Windows
  1692. Mechanical Keyboard Reviews ⌨
  1693. Why Undo Cut Shortcut Keys Are Bad?
  1694. Print Screen, SysRq, ScrLk, Pause, Break Keys
  1695. Computer Keyboard Design Flaws
  1696. Keyboard Planet 6
  1697. Keyboard Page Key
  1698. Optical Key Switch Keyboard
  1699. Keyboard Master: One Thousand Function Keys
  1700. How to Program Number Keypad as Function Keys
  1701. Best Numeric Keypads
  1702. Keyboard Notation Design Issues
  1703. Keyboards Without Numeric Keypad, Under $30
  1704. Keyboards without Numeric Keypad
  1705. What's NKRO, N-key Rollover?
  1706. Keyboard Monster
  1707. Keyboard Curiosities Image Index
  1708. Microsoft Sidewinder Gaming Keyboards
  1709. Matias Mini Tactile Pro Keyboard
  1710. Idiocy of Keyboard Layouts: QWERTZ, AZERTY
  1711. Keyboard Layout Design ⌨
  1712. Keyboard Layout, Is Inverted Number Row Better?
  1713. Keyboard Layouts Image Index
  1714. Keyboard Latency
  1715. Kinesis and ErgoDox Optimal Thumb Cluster Layouts
  1716. Kinesis Keyboard Unboxing Gallery
  1717. Kinesis Keyboard Gallery
  1718. Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard Review
  1719. Keyboard Keycaps: ABS, PBT
  1720. Where to Buy Keycaps
  1721. Keyboard Key Label Tech
  1722. IBM Selectric and Keycaps
  1723. Artistic Keycap Gallery 2
  1724. Artistic Keycap Gallery
  1725. Keyboard Shortcut and Layout Tutorial
  1726. Backspace Key: Key Label's Influence on Key Purpose
  1727. Mechanical Keyboard: Kailh Switch
  1728. Keyboard Joysticks
  1729. Keyboard Image Index
  1730. Unicomp Keyboard
  1731. How to Switch to Dvorak Keyboard Layout
  1732. Keyboard History ⌨
  1733. History of Emacs and vi Keys
  1734. Emacs + Keyboard Geeking, the Nth Episode 2012-03
  1735. Why Function Keys F1 F2 Are Useful
  1736. Is Keyboard Tenting Important?
  1737. Keyboard Firmware
  1738. Ergonomic Keyboard Image Index
  1739. Ergonomic Keyboard History Image Index
  1740. Keyboard Enter/Return Key Symbol
  1741. Mechanical Keyboard and Repetitive Strain Injury
  1742. Dvorak Keyboard Layout
  1743. DIY Keyboard Image Index
  1744. Design of Computer Keyboards ⌨
  1745. Control Key and Capslock Key Positions in Old Keyboards
  1746. Xah Keyboard Blog 2018-02
  1747. Xah Keyboard Blog 2018-01
  1748. Xah Keyboard Blog 2017-12
  1749. Xah Keyboard Blog 2017-11
  1750. Xah Keyboard Blog 2017-10
  1751. Xah Keyboard Blog 2017-09
  1752. Xah Keyboard Blog 2017-08
  1753. Xah Keyboard Blog 2017-07
  1754. Xah Keyboard Blog 2017-06
  1755. Xah Keyboard Blog 2017-05
  1756. Xah Keyboard Blog 2017-04
  1757. Xah Keyboard Blog 2017-03
  1758. Xah Keyboard Blog 2017-01
  1759. Xah Keyboard Blog 2016-12
  1760. Xah Keyboard Blog 2016-11
  1761. Xah Keyboard Blog 2016-10
  1762. Xah Keyboard Blog 2016-09
  1763. Xah Keyboard Blog 2016-08
  1764. Xah Keyboard Blog 2016-07
  1765. Xah Keyboard Blog 2016-06
  1766. Xah Keyboard Blog 2016-05
  1767. Xah Keyboard Blog 2016-04
  1768. Xah keyboard Blog
  1769. Using a Second Keyboard as Programable Keypad
  1770. Keyboard Articles Index
  1771. Keyboardio Review
  1772. Keybinding Design ⌨
  1773. Keyball Controller
  1774. Key Label Evolution Atari
  1775. On the Terminology of Key Chord vs Key Combo
  1776. Kensington TurboRing Trackball
  1777. Kensington TurboBall Trackball
  1778. Kensington Slimblade Trackball Mouse Bluetooth
  1779. Slimblade Trackball
  1780. Kensington Expert Mouse Pink Edition
  1781. Kensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring
  1782. Kensington Orbit Wireless Trackball
  1783. Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse
  1784. Kensington Expert Mouse
  1785. KBC Poker 3 Keyboard
  1786. Japanese Hiragana Frequency Table
  1787. What's Jog-Wheel? What's Shuttle-Wheel?
  1788. CODE Keyboard
  1789. Japan Thumb-Shift Keyboard
  1790. Japan Remington No 9 Typewriter
  1791. NEC 日本電気 M-Type keyboard
  1792. Japanese Keyboard Layouts
  1793. Japanese Keyboard Layouts
  1794. ITAC Mouse-Trak Trackball
  1795. Iris Keyboard
  1796. Input Devices: Mouse, Jog Wheel, Touchpad, Pen Tablet, Trackball, Joystick
  1797. Input Device Image Index
  1798. iGUGU Controller with Trackball
  1799. The Idiocy of Happy Hacking Keyboard
  1800. IBM Options Model M15 Ergonomic Keyboard
  1801. IBM Model M keyboard
  1802. IBM 5251 Keyboard
  1803. International Keyboard Layouts
  1804. Humble Hacker Keyboard
  1805. How to Touch-Type
  1806. How Mouse Works
  1807. How Many Keystrokes Programers Type a Day?
  1808. How Many Keyboard Shortcuts Are There
  1809. Keyboard Home/End Keys Arrangement
  1810. Helix Keyboard
  1811. Heavy Metal Apple Keyboards
  1812. HAVIT Keyboard
  1813. Havit RGB Mouse
  1814. List of Hardware Dvorak Layout Keyboards
  1815. Hammond Typewriter
  1816. XMIT Hall Effect Switch Keyboard
  1817. G.Skill RIPJAWS Keyboard
  1818. Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard
  1819. German Keyboard Layout
  1820. Genovation Programable Keypad
  1821. Logitech Gaming Keyboards
  1822. Gamepads for PC
  1823. GameBall, Gaming Trackball
  1824. Function Key vs Key Chord, Which is Healthier, Which is Faster?
  1825. Fun Keyboards
  1826. Frogpad Keyboard
  1827. French Letter Frequency ⌨
  1828. French Keyboard Layout
  1829. Firefox 4 and AutoHotkey: MozillaWindowClass
  1830. Fellowes Split Design Ergonomic Keyboard
  1831. Keyboard Big Fat Enter Key
  1832. Misc DIY Keyboards
  1833. Eucalyptus Keyboard
  1834. Esrille New Keyboard Review
  1835. Fujitsu KBPC E, Ergosplit Keyboard
  1836. Ergonomixx Mykey Keyboard
  1837. Ergonomic / Vertical Mouse
  1838. Ergonomic Keyboard Reviews
  1839. Best Ergonomic Keyboards 2018
  1840. Scientific Research on Keyboard Ergonomics
  1841. Ergonomic Keyboard History
  1842. Ergodox Keyboard with Trackball
  1843. Ergodox Keyboard Thumb Keys Pain
  1844. Ergodox Keyboard Gallery
  1845. Ergodox Firmware and Layout
  1846. Ergodox Keyboard Review
  1847. Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Small Hands
  1848. Emoji Keyboard
  1849. Tech Geeker Dogma: Swapping Capslock Ctrl
  1850. Elgato Stream Deck keypad
  1851. Elecom EX-G Trackball
  1852. Elecom DEFT Trackball
  1853. Elecom DEFT Pro Trackball
  1854. Elecom HUGE Trackball
  1855. ELECOM DUX 70BK Mouse
  1856. Emacs vs vim, Compute Keybinding Efficiency
  1857. Computer Keyboard Layouts: Dvorak vs Colemak vs Workman
  1858. Keyboard Layout: Dvorak vs Colemak
  1859. Alternative Keyboard Layouts
  1860. DT225 Trackball
  1861. DSI Financial Keyboard
  1862. Do-It-Yourself Keyboards
  1863. Diverge 3 Keyboard
  1864. Pen Display Tablet
  1865. Pen Display Tablet, Yuichi Murakami's Setup
  1866. Datadesk Smartboard Keyboard
  1867. Dactyl keyboard
  1868. How to Create APL or Math Symbols Keyboard Layout
  1869. Corsair Keyboards
  1870. Corsair K90/K95 Keyboard
  1871. Corsair K60 Keyboard
  1872. Contour Roller Mouse
  1873. How to Increase Efficiency in Using Mac, Linux, Windows
  1874. Compact Keyboard Image Index
  1875. CM Storm Recon Mouse Review
  1876. CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i keyboard
  1877. CM Storm NovaTouch keyboard
  1878. City Hunter Keyboard
  1879. Book: The Chinese Typewriter: A History
  1880. Pinyin Letter Frequency and Keyboard Layout 拼音字母頻率 鍵盤佈局
  1881. Chinese Input Methods
  1882. Chinese Character Drum Keyboard
  1883. Cherry Point of Sale Keyboards
  1884. Cherry G84 4100 Keyboard
  1885. Cherry G80-5000 Ergoplus keyboard
  1886. Cheap Gaming Mouse
  1887. Character Frequency Counter
  1888. Catboard Keyboard 😸 ⌨
  1889. Caligraph Typewriter
  1890. Cahill Electric Typewriter
  1891. BrokerTec Keyboard
  1892. Bloody Ml160 Commander Mouse
  1893. Blank Keycaps vs Labeled Keys
  1894. Best Way to Type/Insert Parenthesis, Brackets
  1895. Keyboard: What's the Most Efficient Layout for Numbers?
  1896. Best Mouse for Programers
  1897. Ban Shift Key
  1898. Banish Key Chords
  1899. Azio MK Retro Keyboard
  1900. Axios Keyboard ⌨
  1901. Atreus Keyboard Gallery
  1902. Atreus Keyboard
  1903. Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse
  1904. Difference Between Apple and PC keyboards
  1905. Apple MacBook Touch Bar
  1906. Apple Bandai Pippin Controller
  1907. Apple Adjustable Keyboard 1993
  1908. Ann Arbor Ambassador 60 Terminal
  1909. Self-Destruct Keyboard in Movie Alien
  1910. Affirmative Keyboard
  1911. ADM-3A Terminal
  1912. Adesso Trackball iMouse T1
  1913. Adesso Ergonomic Trackball Keyboard
  1914. A4TECH WWT-13 Trackball
  1915. A4TECH WUT-5 ScrollTrack Internet 4D Trackball
  1916. KBC Poker Keyboard, Ducky Keyboard
  1917. “Zen-Coding” and “Emacs-Buddha-Coding”
  1918. Using iframe to Embed Youtube Videos
  1919. CSS's “ex” Width In Different Browsers
  1920. Why Does Google Give SEO Advice?
  1921. HTML5 Killed the “big” Tag?
  1922. 7 Things You Need to Know About SEO
  1923. Web Design: Survey of Tab Style 2006
  1924. Website And Domain Lookup Tools
  1925. WebKit Bug: {pre, display:table}, Space Characters Not Rendered
  1926. Cookies, Super Cookies, Your Privacy
  1927. Web Layout Report
  1928. Emerging Web Tech: Web Intents
  1929. HTML Validation, History and Politics
  1930. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Tech and Browser Timeline
  1931. How to Create and Update a Website Logo (Favicon)
  1932. CSS: What's a CSS Pixel? What's Reference Pixel?
  1933. Web Design, Minimal Window Width
  1934. Web Design
  1935. Web Design: Problem of Header Linking to Table of Contents
  1936. Web Design: Grey Text on White Background?
  1937. Xah Web Dev Articles
  1938. Web Animation
  1939. W3C HTML Validator Invalid
  1940. URL Shortening is BAD
  1941. URL Percent Encoding and Unicode
  1942. URL Percent Encoding and Ampersand Char
  1943. Using Unicode in HTML Attributes
  1944. Unicode Font Comparison: {Arial Unicode MS, DejaVu Sans, Lucida Sans Unicode}
  1945. 3 Twitter Facts You'll Never Forget
  1946. JS: How to Create Tooltip
  1947. Implementing Tab Menu with JavaScript: Tab C
  1948. Implementing Tab Menu with JavaScript: Tab B
  1949. Tabbed Menu with Pure JavaScript
  1950. SVG: Viewport
  1951. SVG: viewBox, User Coordinate
  1952. SVG: Coordinate Transformation
  1953. SVG: Text Element Tutorial
  1954. SVG: Structure Elements
  1955. SVG: Specifying Styles
  1956. SVG: Shape Styles
  1957. SVG Path Tutorial
  1958. SVG Path: Elliptical Arc
  1959. SVG: Font Size
  1960. JS: SVG Clock
  1961. SVG: Basic Examples
  1962. SVG: Animation
  1963. SVG: animate tag
  1964. Practical SVG Tutorial
  1965. The Story of XML
  1966. Meaning of Font Size and Em Height
  1967. Where is Socket.IO Client Library At?
  1968. Web Design: Serif or Sans-Serif?
  1969. Popular Money Making Websites
  1970. DOM Scripting Tutorial
  1971. JavaScript Example: Recursion
  1972. JS: document.write
  1973. Opera Browser Pains
  1974. How To Be A Online Ad Publisher (Monetize Your Website)
  1975. Internet, Future, Old School Net Lingoes
  1976. Node.js Video Tutorial by Ryan Dahl, with Annotation
  1977. Node.js Tutorial
  1978. JavaScript Floating Box Following Scroll
  1979. Micropayment on the Web: It's Only a Matter of Time
  1980. HTML Marquee: Scrolling Text, Rolling Images
  1981. CSS “pre” Problem: No Linebreak After Tag
  1982. Linux, KDE: wow, Konqueror Sucks Major A.
  1983. JS: x.y.z Associativity, Right or Left?
  1984. JS: Browser Window Object, Document Object Model
  1985. JS: Whitespace Characters
  1986. JS: What's the Value of “this” in Event Handler?
  1987. WebSocket Tutorial
  1988. JS: Web Workers
  1989. JS: Web Storage Tutorial
  1990. JS: Find Window Size
  1991. JS: Allowed Characters in Identifier
  1992. JS: Unicode Escape Sequence
  1993. JS: Convert Character To/From Codepoint
  1994. JS: “typeof” Operator
  1995. JavaScript Trick: Exclamation Before Function
  1996. JS: the Global Object
  1997. DOM: Difference Between textContent, innerHTML, innerText, nodeValue
  1998. JS: Symbol.prototype
  1999. JS: Symbol Object
  2000. JS: String.raw
  2001. JS: String Object
  2002. JS: String.prototype
  2003. JS: String Escape Sequence
  2004. JS: String Constructor
  2005. JS: String Code Unit vs Code Point
  2006. JS: String.prototype.trim
  2007. JS: String.prototype.toLowerCase
  2008. JS: String.prototype.substring
  2009. JS: String.prototype.substr
  2010. JS: String.prototype.startsWith
  2011. JS: String.prototype.split
  2012. JS: String.prototype.slice
  2013. JS: String.prototype.search
  2014. JS: String.prototype.replace
  2015. JS: String.prototype.repeat
  2016. JS: String.prototype.match
  2017. JS: String.fromCharCode
  2018. JS: String.prototype.lastIndexOf
  2019. JS: String.prototype.indexOf
  2020. JS: String.prototype.includes
  2021. JS: String.prototype.endsWith
  2022. JS: String.prototype.constructor
  2023. JS: String.prototype.concat
  2024. JS: String.prototype.codePointAt
  2025. JS: String.prototype.charCodeAt
  2026. JS: String.prototype.charAt
  2027. JS: String Overview
  2028. JS: String.fromCodePoint
  2029. JS: String.fromCharCode
  2030. JS: Stopwatch
  2031. JS: Split Array
  2032. reading js spec notes
  2033. JS: Show Prototype Chain
  2034. JavaScript UI: Shake Element
  2035. JS: Set Union, Intersection, Difference
  2036. JS: Set.prototype.forEach
  2037. JS: Set.prototype
  2038. JS: Change an Object's Prototype
  2039. JS: Set Object
  2040. DOM: Set Element's Attribute Value
  2041. JS: Set.prototype[Symbol.toStringTag]
  2042. JS: Set.prototype[Symbol.iterator]
  2043. JS: Set.prototype.values
  2044. JS: Set.prototype.size
  2045. JS: Set.prototype.keys
  2046. JS: Set.prototype.has
  2047. JS: Set.prototype.entries
  2048. JS: Set.prototype.delete
  2049. JS: Set.prototype.constructor
  2050. JS: Set.prototype.clear
  2051. JS: Set.prototype.add
  2052. JS: Semicolon Rules
  2053. JS: Scripting SVG
  2054. DOM: Remove HTML Element
  2055. JS: RegExp.prototype.test
  2056. JS: RegExp.prototype.exec
  2057. JS: RegExp Tutorial
  2058. JS: RegExp Syntax
  2059. JS: RegExp Object
  2060. JS: RegExp.prototype
  2061. JS: RegExp Constructor
  2062. JS: Regex Find/Replace
  2063. JS: Reflect.setPrototypeOf
  2064. JS: Reflect.set
  2065. JS: Reflect.preventExtensions
  2066. JS: Reflect.ownKeys
  2067. JS: Reflect.isExtensible
  2068. JS: Reflect.has
  2069. JS: Reflect.getPrototypeOf
  2070. JS: Reflect.getOwnPropertyDescriptor
  2071. JS: Reflect.get
  2072. JS: Reflect.enumerate
  2073. JS: Reflect.deleteProperty
  2074. JS: Reflect.defineProperty
  2075. JS: Reflect.construct
  2076. JS: Reflect.apply
  2077. JavaScript Quiz: Variable in Array
  2078. JS: Falling Snow Effect
  2079. JS: Add Method to Prototype
  2080. JS: Property Descriptor
  2081. JS: Promise Tutorial
  2082. JS: Primitive Value
  2083. JS: Convert Object to/from Map
  2084. JS: List Properties
  2085. JS: Object.prototype
  2086. JS: Prototype and Inheritance
  2087. JS: Object Object
  2088. JS: ES2015 Object Literal Expression Extensions
  2089. JS: Object Literal Expression
  2090. JS: Object Hierarchy
  2091. JS: Object Constructor
  2092. JS: Object.setPrototypeOf
  2093. JS: Object.seal
  2094. JS: Object.prototype.valueOf
  2095. JS: Object.prototype.toString
  2096. JS: Object.prototype.propertyIsEnumerable
  2097. JS: Object.prototype.isPrototypeOf
  2098. JS: Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty
  2099. JS: Object.prototype.constructor
  2100. JS: Object.prototype.__proto__
  2101. JS: Object.preventExtensions
  2102. JS: Object.keys
  2103. JS: Object.isSealed
  2104. JS: Object.isFrozen
  2105. JS: Object.isExtensible
  2106. JS: Object.is
  2107. JS: Object.getPrototypeOf
  2108. JS: Object.getOwnPropertySymbols
  2109. JS: Object.getOwnPropertyNames
  2110. JS: Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor
  2111. JS: Object.freeze
  2112. JS: Object.defineProperty
  2113. JS: Object.defineProperties
  2114. JS: Object.create
  2115. JS: Object.assign
  2116. JavaScript Object Reference
  2117. JS: Number Object
  2118. JS: Number Constructor
  2119. JS: Number.prototype.toString
  2120. JS: Number.prototype.toPrecision
  2121. JS: Number.prototype.toFixed
  2122. JS: Number.prototype.toExponential
  2123. JS: Number.prototype
  2124. JS: Number.parseInt
  2125. JS: Number.parseFloat
  2126. JS: Number.isSafeInteger
  2127. JS: Number.isNaN
  2128. JS: Number.isInteger
  2129. JS: Number.isFinite
  2130. DOM: Navigate DOM Tree
  2131. JS: NaN
  2132. JavaScript Molecules Demo
  2133. JavaScript Misc
  2134. JS: Math
  2135. JS: Map.prototype
  2136. JS: Map Object
  2137. JS: Map Filter
  2138. JS: Map Constructor
  2139. Map.prototype.[Symbol.toStringTag]
  2140. JS: Map.prototype.values
  2141. JS: Map.prototype.size
  2142. JS: Map.prototype.set
  2143. JS: Map.prototype.keys
  2144. JS: Map.prototype.has
  2145. JS: Map.prototype.get
  2146. JS: Map.prototype.forEach
  2147. JS: Map.prototype.entries
  2148. JS: Map.prototype.delete
  2149. JS: Map.prototype.constructor
  2150. JS: Map.prototype.clear
  2151. DOM: List/Add/Remove Class Attribute
  2152. JS: let Declaration
  2153. JS: Operator “new”
  2154. JS: JSON[Symbol.toStringTag]
  2155. JS: JSON
  2156. JS: JSON.stringify
  2157. JS: JSON.parse
  2158. JS: Object Overview
  2159. JS: Minecraft 3D Demo
  2160. JS: Iterator Prototype
  2161. JS: Iterate Over Map Object
  2162. JS: isNaN
  2163. JS: Deferred Loading JavaScript for Old Browser
  2164. DOM: Insert After a Element
  2165. JS: Infinity
  2166. JS: “in” Operator
  2167. JS: Import/Export
  2168. JS: How to Convert ES5 to ES2015
  2169. JS: Getter/Setter Properties
  2170. JS: Get URL (window.location)
  2171. DOM: Node Type, Node Name, Node Value
  2172. DOM: Get Elements by ID, Tag, Name, Class, CSS Selector
  2173. JS: Get Current Script Tag
  2174. DOM: Get Element's Attribute Value
  2175. JS: Functional Programing (ES2015+)
  2176. JS: Function.prototype
  2177. JS: Function Object
  2178. JS: Pipe Function Instead of Method Chaining
  2179. JS: Function's “arguments” Object
  2180. JS: Function.prototype[Symbol.hasInstance]
  2181. JS: Function.prototype.toString
  2182. JS: Function.prototype.constructor
  2183. JS: Function.prototype.call
  2184. JS: Function.prototype.bind
  2185. JS: Function.prototype.apply
  2186. JS: Function Argument Destructure
  2187. HTML FORM Validation with JavaScript
  2188. JS: Instant Form Field Validation
  2189. JS: Get/Set Prototype
  2190. JS: Fade a Element Using CSS Transition
  2191. JS: Fade a Element
  2192. JS: Load Order
  2193. JS: Event Delegation
  2194. JS: escape
  2195. JS: encodeURIComponent
  2196. JS: encodeURI
  2197. JS: Encode URL, Escape String
  2198. JS: ECMAScript 2015 Features
  2199. JS: Douglas Crockford the Better Parts: the Bads Parts Reconsidered
  2200. DOM: Whitespace Nodes
  2201. JS: Randomize Element Children
  2202. DOM: What Does Live Object Mean?
  2203. JS: Replace All Children, createDocumentFragment
  2204. JS: Dollar Sign in JavaScript
  2205. JS: Determine Type of Object
  2206. JS: How to Detect Adobe Flash, QuickTime?
  2207. JS: Tearable Cloth 2016
  2208. JavaScript Demo: Tearable Cloth
  2209. JS: Delete operator
  2210. JS: Source Code Encoding
  2211. JS: Date Tutorial
  2212. JS: Date.prototype
  2213. JS: Date.parse
  2214. JS: Date Object
  2215. JS: Date Constructor
  2216. JS: Date.UTC
  2217. JS: Date.now
  2218. JS: Create Object
  2219. JS: Creating Nodes, Functional Programing Style
  2220. JS: Create Object with Parent X
  2221. JS: Get Cookie, Set Cookie
  2222. JS: Convert Decimal/Hexadecimal
  2223. JS: Convert String to Number
  2224. JS: Array-Like Object to Array
  2225. JS: const Declaration
  2226. JS: Compute Date Range
  2227. JS: Test Equality of Objects
  2228. JS: Clone, Deep Copy Object/Array
  2229. Learn Canvas in 10 Minutes
  2230. HTML Canvas Reference
  2231. HTML Canvas Demo: Raycaster
  2232. Canvas Tutorial: Halma Board Game
  2233. JS: Browser Info, Navigator Object
  2234. JS: Boolean Object
  2235. JS: Boolean Constructor
  2236. JS: Boolean.prototype
  2237. JavaScript for Beginner
  2238. DOM: NodeList vs HTMLCollection
  2239. JS: Array.prototype.unshift
  2240. JS: Array.prototype.splice
  2241. JS: Array.prototype.sort
  2242. JS: Array.prototype.slice
  2243. JS: Array.prototype.reduceRight
  2244. JS: Array.prototype.reduce
  2245. JS: Array.prototype.push
  2246. JS: Array Object
  2247. JS: Array.prototype
  2248. JS: Get Max/Min Value of Array
  2249. JS: Array.prototype.map
  2250. JS: Array How-To
  2251. JS: Flatten Nested Array
  2252. JS: Array.prototype.find
  2253. JS: Array.prototype.fill
  2254. JS: Array.prototype.every
  2255. JS: Array Constructor
  2256. JS: Array.prototype.concat
  2257. JS: Compare Array Equality
  2258. JS: Array.prototype.values
  2259. JS: Array.prototype.toString
  2260. JS: Array.prototype.some
  2261. JS: Array.prototype.shift
  2262. JS: Array.prototype.reverse
  2263. JS: Array.prototype.pop
  2264. JS: Array.prototype.length
  2265. JS: Array.prototype.lastIndexOf
  2266. JS: Array.prototype.keys
  2267. JS: Array.prototype.join
  2268. JS: Array.prototype.indexOf
  2269. JS: Array.prototype.includes
  2270. JS: Array.prototype.forEach
  2271. JS: Array.prototype.findIndex
  2272. JS: Array.prototype.filter
  2273. JS: Array.prototype.entries
  2274. JS: Array.prototype.copyWithin
  2275. JS: Array.prototype.constructor
  2276. JS: Array.of
  2277. JS: Array.isArray
  2278. JS: Array.from
  2279. JavaScript in Depth
  2280. jQuery Tutorial by Example
  2281. jQuery Tutorial: Selectors
  2282. JS: How to Write a JQuery Plugin
  2283. What's the Difference Between jQuery Selector and DOM querySelectorAll()?
  2284. JS: Property Overview
  2285. JS: Object Type
  2286. JS: What's Constructor?
  2287. JS: var Declaration
  2288. JS: var Name Scope
  2289. JS: How to Use Browser Console
  2290. JS: undefined
  2291. JS: Throw Try Catch Finally
  2292. JS: Timing JavaScript Code
  2293. JS: Template String
  2294. JS: Tagged Template String
  2295. JS: Symbol Tutorial
  2296. JavaScript Style Guide
  2297. JS: Spread Operator
  2298. JS: Sparse Array
  2299. JS: the Set Object Tutorial
  2300. JS: Round/Truncate Number
  2301. JS: Reflect
  2302. JS: Get Property, Set Property
  2303. JS: Range Function for Array
  2304. JS: Random Range Function
  2305. JS: Random Array Element, Randomize Array
  2306. JS: Proxy (ES2015)
  2307. JS: Property Key
  2308. JS: Check Property Existence
  2309. JS: Property Attributes, writable, enumerable, configurable
  2310. JS: Access Property
  2311. JS: Operators
  2312. JS: Property Key "prototype"
  2313. JS: Prevent Adding Property
  2314. JS: How to Use Object.create() to Emulate Constructor?
  2315. JS: Property Key “constructor”
  2316. JS: Object Basics
  2317. JS: null
  2318. JS: Should You Move Variables to the Top?
  2319. JS: var Declaration Order
  2320. JS: the Map Object Tutorial
  2321. JS: Functional Programing
  2322. JS: Iterator
  2323. JS: for while do Loop
  2324. JS: Iterable
  2325. JS: Interface
  2326. JS: “instanceof” Operator
  2327. How to Run JavaScript
  2328. JS: Global Variable
  2329. JS: Generator Function
  2330. JS: Generator
  2331. JS: “this” Binding
  2332. JS: Function Declaration vs Function Expression
  2333. JS: Function Constructor
  2334. JS: Function Parameters
  2335. JS: Function Rest Parameters
  2336. JS: Function Argument Default Value
  2337. JS: Format Number
  2338. JS: for-of Loop
  2339. JS: for-in Loop
  2340. Javascript: Error Object
  2341. JS: Property Dot Notation / Bracket Notation
  2342. What's the Difference Between Tag, Element, Node, Object, Attribute, Property, Method?
  2343. JS: What's Strict Mode and How to Determine Strict Mode?
  2344. JS: Destructuring Assignment
  2345. JS: Define Function
  2346. JS: Value Types
  2347. JS: Create/Delete Property
  2348. JS: Create Array
  2349. JS: Closure
  2350. JS: Class keyword “super”
  2351. JS: Class keyword “extend”
  2352. JS: Class Tutorial
  2353. JS: Function Call, Apply, Bind
  2354. JS: Browser JS Console Object Syntax Error
  2355. JS: Branch Control: if then else, switch
  2356. JS: true, false
  2357. JavaScript Books Review
  2358. JavaScript Books 2013
  2359. JS: Bitwise Operators
  2360. JavaScript Basics
  2361. JS: Arrow Function
  2362. JS: Array Basics
  2363. JS: Understand JS Array
  2364. JS: Array-Like Object
  2365. DOM: Create/Insert HTML Element
  2366. Xah Web Dev Tutorials
  2367. Web Browser Rendering Behavior: img Inside Anchor Link No Longer Has Border by Default
  2368. Blocking Image Leechers in Apache
  2369. HTML: using “Object” tag for “Iframe”
  2370. HTML: Iframe
  2371. Alice was beginning to get very tired
  2372. Iframe Error Page
  2373. IE9 Went into Compatibility Mode; Renderer Crash
  2374. Web Design: Should Hyperlinks Have Underline?
  2375. How to Enable HTTP Server gzip Compression
  2376. What's HTTP Etag?
  2377. HTML/XML Entity List
  2378. Google and Amazon Generates Invalid HTML
  2379. HTML Table, thead, tbody, tfoot
  2380. HTML Table, colgroup, col
  2381. HTML Table Examples
  2382. HTML: What's the Difference Between “s” vs “strike” vs “del” Tags
  2383. HTML: Auto Refresh, Auto Redirect
  2384. Browser Support of HTML “q” Tag for Quotation
  2385. HTML: Multiple Class Attribute Values
  2386. What is HTML Microformat
  2387. HTML Meta Language Tag Obsolete
  2388. HTML Tutorial
  2389. HTML: Image Map Basics
  2390. HTML: How to Markup Subtitle
  2391. HTML Form Example
  2392. HTML: Input Range Slider
  2393. How to Embed Video with Valid HTML 2
  2394. How to Embed Video with Valid HTML
  2395. HTML Tutorial: Definition List: dl, dt, dd
  2396. HTML Correctness and Validators
  2397. What are Chinese serif and sans-selif Font Names
  2398. HTML Ugly Chinese Font Serif Mismatch
  2399. HTML: Character Sets and Encoding
  2400. HTML Tutorial: the Basics
  2401. HTML: Allowed Characters in id Attribute
  2402. HTML4 to HTML 4 STRICT Transition
  2403. HTML5 Video Tutorial
  2404. HTML5 Doctype, Validation, X-UA-Compatible, and Why Do I Hate Hackers
  2405. HTML5 “time” Tag
  2406. HTML5 Tags Complete List
  2407. HTML ruby Annotation Example
  2408. List of HTML Self-Closing Tags
  2409. HTML5 {meter, progress} Tags
  2410. HTML: figure tag
  2411. HTML5 Custom Data Attribute
  2412. Canvas vs SVG
  2413. HTML5 Audio Tag Tutorial
  2414. HTML5 “address” Tag
  2415. JS: Open URL window.open(…)
  2416. Google Webfont Tutorial
  2417. Google URL Shortening Service URL Format
  2418. Google Sidewiki Block
  2419. What Happens If Google Shut Down Your Account?
  2420. Google Search Ranking Ingredients (SEO secrets)
  2421. Adding Google Search to Your Website
  2422. Google's nofollow Rule
  2423. Google HTML/CSS Style Guide: Good Style or Bad Taste?
  2424. Using Google Chrome Sync Feature and What Google Knows About You
  2425. Google Chrome Browser Special URL
  2426. Google Chrome Embeds Google Earth Technology
  2427. Google Chrome, SPDY Protocol, Browser War II
  2428. Google Analytics Tracking Code History
  2429. Google's Shiny AdSense async JavaScript Code
  2430. Syntax Coloring with Google-Code-Prettify
  2431. Google-code-prettify Example
  2432. Google-code-prettify Example
  2433. Google-code-prettify Example
  2434. Google-code-prettify Example
  2435. Google-code-prettify Example
  2436. Emacs+Htmlize syntax-coloring Example
  2437. Emacs+Htmlize syntax-coloring Example
  2438. Emacs+Htmlize syntax-coloring Example
  2439. Emacs+Htmlize syntax-coloring Example
  2440. JS: Digital Clock
  2441. Full Page Screenshot in Browser
  2442. HTML Nested Frameset
  2443. HTML Nested Frameset
  2444. HTML Nested Frameset
  2445. HTML Nested Frameset
  2446. HTML Nested Frameset
  2447. HTML Nested Frameset
  2448. HTML Nested Frameset
  2449. HTML Frameset References
  2450. HTML Framset Tutorial
  2451. HTML Frameset Index
  2452. HTML: Split Windows; Frameset
  2453. Standard Web Fonts
  2454. Web Design: Fixed-Layout vs Flowed-Layout
  2455. Where's Firefox Bookmarks Location on Disk?
  2456. FireFox bug with pre and ex
  2457. Advantages of FeedBurner and Some Web Feed History
  2458. Facebook's Ethics
  2459. CSS: Text Over Image
  2460. CSS: Progress Bar Example
  2461. CSS: Match first-letter and first-line
  2462. CSS: z-index
  2463. YouTube CSS Error 2012-03-24: unknown property “transition”
  2464. webkit test
  2465. W3C HTML Validation Problem: Slash End Tag
  2466. W3C HTML Validation Problem: p in li
  2467. W3C HTML Validation Problem: Mismatch Tag
  2468. Web Browser Unicode Support Test Page
  2469. Test: Unicode Character in HTML ID Attribute Value
  2470. Twitter test page
  2471. html css float left right test page
  2472. Test Page of HTML “q” Tag
  2473. Alice Popup
  2474. CSS Multi-Columns Test Page
  2475. Display Monitor Color Bleeding Test
  2476. Line Break After Tag Test Page
  2477. test page for JavaScript Unicode support
  2478. JavaScript test: show all cookies
  2479. JavaScript localStorage test
  2480. test page: Using JavaScript to Insert JavaScript
  2481. JavaScript test
  2482. JavaScript disable image drag
  2483. jQuery method css set property test
  2484. jQuery method css test
  2485. jQuery method .attr() set value test
  2486. jQuery method .attr() get test
  2487. jQuery Select By Tag Example
  2488. jQuery Select By ID Example
  2489. jQuery Select By Class Value Example
  2490. CSS Hack to Create Icons
  2491. Sample Page of Unicode in HTML Tag Attributes
  2492. HTML Inline Markup Examples
  2493. CSS: 3 Columns Layout
  2494. HTML {html, head, body} Tags are Optional
  2495. HTML5 Audio Tag Midi File Test
  2496. HTML5 Page Structure Tags Example
  2497. un-encoded greater/less sign in title attribute value
  2498. Google Webfont Sample Page
  2499. test page: display Chinese on web
  2500. css onclick test
  2501. CSS first-letter pseudo-element test page
  2502. Comparison of Chinese Fonts; Raw HTML
  2503. Blackberry Tablet Rel Next Link Css Test
  2504. Test Page of HTML “abbr” Tag
  2505. JS: Intro to Event-Based Programing
  2506. DOM: Add/Remove Event Handler
  2507. Domain Names, Cybersquatting, Resell Market
  2508. JS: Pop-up New Window
  2509. Why DOM Suck
  2510. DOM: .insertAdjacentElement
  2511. JS: Image Rollover
  2512. JS: DOM Events
  2513. DOM: Basic DOM Methods
  2514. DOM: .appendChild
  2515. Disqus JavaScript Code
  2516. Declaring Character Set in CSS File
  2517. Customize Internet Explorer 9 (IE9): Turn on Menu; Put Tabs in Separate Row
  2518. CSS: What's Computed Style?
  2519. CSS: Units
  2520. CSS Shapes
  2521. CSS: Transition
  2522. CSS: Text Shadow
  2523. CSS: Text Decoration: Underline, Overline, Line-Through
  2524. CSS: Line Wrap Tutorial
  2525. CSS: Selector Tutorial
  2526. CSS: Tabbed Menu Page C
  2527. CSS: Tabbed Menu Page B
  2528. CSS: Tabbed Menu
  2529. Styling HTML Table with CSS
  2530. Pure CSS Table
  2531. CSS 2 Named System Colors
  2532. CSS Trick: Display Language Name in Code Snippet
  2533. CSS Selector Syntax
  2534. CSS: Round Corners
  2535. CSS Transform: Rotate
  2536. CSS Reference
  2537. CSS: protocol-relative URL
  2538. The Problems with CSS
  2539. CSS Rules Priority
  2540. CSS Position: static, relative, fixed, absolute
  2541. CSS: Relative Position
  2542. CSS: Fix Element to Window
  2543. CSS: Absolute Position
  2544. CSS Pixel Ruler
  2545. CSS: OverFlow, Scrollbar
  2546. CSS: Multi-Column Layout for Text Flow
  2547. CSS: Media Query (Responsive Design)
  2548. CSS: Margin vs Padding
  2549. CSS: Letter Spacing, Word Spacing
  2550. CSS: 3 Columns Page Layout
  2551. CSS Layout Tutorial
  2552. CSS Text Alignment, Justification
  2553. Visual CSS
  2554. CSS: Image Rollover
  2555. CSS: Background Image
  2556. CSS: HSL Color
  2557. CSS: Radial Gradient
  2558. CSS: Linear Gradient
  2559. CSS: Font Weight, Bold
  2560. CSS: What font-size is xx-large, x-large, small?
  2561. CSS Text Flow Around Image
  2562. CSS: Flowing List
  2563. What's a Letter in CSS's first-letter Pseudo-element?
  2564. CSS: Default Unit
  2565. CSS: Data URI Scheme
  2566. CSS Color Syntax
  2567. CSS: Opacity
  2568. CSS Color Names
  2569. DOM: Change CSS
  2570. Centering with CSS
  2571. CSS: Box Shadow
  2572. CSS: “:before”, “:after”
  2573. CSS Basics
  2574. CSS Style Attribute Names in JavaScript
  2575. CSS: Animation
  2576. CSS: Add Icon to Links
  2577. CSS: 2D Transform
  2578. CSS1 and CSS2 Differences
  2579. DOM: Change Element's Content
  2580. Content Management Shootout 2006
  2581. Displaying Chinese Results Ugly Mixed Font
  2582. Case Sensitivity in {HTML5, XML, CSS, JavaScript}
  2583. Anti-bot Test: CAPTCHA!
  2584. Buy Xah JavaScript Tutorial
  2585. Web Browsers Unicode Support; Firefox 4 Sucks?
  2586. Browser Inline SVG Image Height Weight Scale vs Crop
  2587. The Unfortunate Fate of Music MIDI File
  2588. Web Browser Market Share 2010-02
  2589. Xah Web Dev Blog 2018-01
  2590. Xah Web Dev Blog 2017-12
  2591. Xah Web Dev Blog 2017-11
  2592. Xah Web Dev Blog 2017-10
  2593. Xah Web Dev Blog 2017-08
  2594. Xah Web Dev Blog 2017-06
  2595. Xah Web Dev Blog 2017-05
  2596. Xah Web Dev Blog 2017-03
  2597. Xah Web Dev Blog 2017-02
  2598. Xah Web Dev Blog 2017-01
  2599. Xah Web Dev Blog 2016-11
  2600. Xah Web Dev Blog 2016-07
  2601. Xah Web Dev Blog 2016-04
  2602. Xah Web Dev Blog 2016-01
  2603. Xah Web Dev Blog 2015-10
  2604. Xah Web Dev Blog 2015-09
  2605. Xah Web Dev Blog 2015-08
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  2610. Xah Web Dev Blog 2014-11
  2611. Xah Web Dev Blog 2014-10
  2612. Xah Web Dev Blog 2014-09
  2613. Xah Web Dev Blog 2014-08
  2614. Xah Web Dev Blog 2014-07
  2615. Xah Web Dev Blog 2014-06
  2616. Xah Web Dev Blog 2014-05
  2617. Xah Web Dev Blog 2014-04
  2618. Xah Web Dev Blog 2014-03
  2619. Xah Web Dev Blog 2014-02
  2620. Xah Web Dev Blog 2014-01
  2621. Xah Web Dev Blog 2013-12
  2622. Xah Web Dev Blog 2013-11
  2623. Xah Web Dev Blog 2013-10
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  2625. Xah Web Dev Blog 2013-08
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  2627. Xah Web Dev Blog 2013-06
  2628. Xah Web Dev Blog 2013-05
  2629. Xah Web Dev Blog 2013-04
  2630. Xah Web Dev Blog 2013-03
  2631. Xah Web Dev Blog 2013-01
  2632. Xah Web Dev Blog 2012-11
  2633. Xah Web Dev Blog 2012-10
  2634. Xah Web Dev Blog 2012-09
  2635. Xah Web Dev Blog 2012-07
  2636. Xah Web Dev Blog 2012-05
  2637. Xah Web Dev Blog 2012-04
  2638. Xah Web Dev Blog 2012-03
  2639. Xah Web Dev Blog 2012-01
  2640. Xah Web Dev Blog 2011-08
  2641. Xah Web Dev Blog 2011-06
  2642. Xah Web Dev Blog 2011-04
  2643. Xah Web Dev Blog 2011-01
  2644. Xah Web Dev Blog 2010-07
  2645. Xah Web Dev Blog 2010-01
  2646. Xah Web Dev Blog
  2647. Understand Atomic CSS in 1 Minute
  2648. Atom Webfeed Basics
  2649. Google Search Problems; Alternative Search Engines
  2650. How to Add a Comment System to Website
  2651. JS: 24 Hour Clock
  2652. Web-browsers 2003 Pro and Con
  2653. ECMAScript® 2017 Language Specification
  2654. ECMAScript® 2016 Language Specification
  2655. Java: Defining a Function
  2656. Java: Unicode in Java
  2657. Java: “this” Keyword
  2658. Java: the “super” Keyword
  2659. Java: Strings in Java
  2660. Java: Read/Write File
  2661. Java: Print String
  2662. Java: The Power Function
  2663. Java Exercise: Partition by Equivalence
  2664. Java: Writing A Pairings Reduce Function
  2665. Java: Package
  2666. Java: Number Literals
  2667. Java Shell Commands: javac java jar javadoc
  2668. Xah's Java Logo
  2669. Java: Working with Jar File
  2670. Java: Install Java
  2671. Java: Collection, Map
  2672. Java Tutorial
  2673. What's Interface in Java?
  2674. Java: “static” Keyword
  2675. Java: Extending a Class that has Explicit Constructors
  2676. Java: Testing Equality of Two Hashmaps
  2677. Java: The “extends” Keyword
  2678. Complex Numbers in Java
  2679. Java: Convert File Encoding
  2680. Java Constructor's Return Type
  2681. Java: Constructor
  2682. Java: A Combinatorics Function
  2683. Java Types and Type Conversion (Casting)
  2684. Java: A Array Mystery
  2685. Java: Array of Objects
  2686. Java: Jagged Arrays
  2687. Java: Arrays
  2688. Java: Access Specifiers
  2689. The “abstract” Keyword in Java
  2690. Xah Java Tutorial: About The Author
  2691. ∑ Xah Code
  2692. What is Gamma Correction in Images and Video?
  2693. Linux: Command to View/Delete Metadata in Image Files
  2694. Bitmap Image Tutorial
  2695. ImageMagick Tutorial
  2696. What is High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI)?
  2697. Linux: How to Convert WEBP to JPG
  2698. Linux: How to Convert gif to Video (webm, mp4)
  2699. A Haskell A Day: Types
  2700. Installing Haskell
  2701. Haskell: Real World Code Sample
  2702. A Haskell A Day: Quick Start
  2703. A Haskell A Day: Types
  2704. Haskell Basics
  2705. Xah's Haskell Tutorial
  2706. Haskell Logo
  2707. A Haskell A Day: Factorial Example
  2708. Golang: Variables
  2709. Golang: Basic Types
  2710. Golang: switch/case
  2711. Golang: Struct
  2712. Golang: Slice
  2713. Golang: Compile and Run
  2714. Golang: Package, Import
  2715. Golang: Misc
  2716. Golang: Map (collection of pairs)
  2717. Golang: loop
  2718. Golang Tutorial
  2719. Golang: if then else
  2720. Golang: Function
  2721. Golang: Constant
  2722. Golang: Array
  2723. The Go Programming Language Specification - The Go Programming Language
  2724. D3.js Basics
  2725. JavaScript D3 Rotating Voronoi Demo
  2726. D3.js Tutorial
  2727. D3.Js Tutorial: Calendar View
  2728. Geometric Transformation on the Plane
  2729. Geometric Transformations
  2730. Geometric Transformations
  2731. Mobius Transformations
  2732. Geometric Transformations
  2733. Geometric Transformations
  2734. Geometric Transformations
  2735. Mathematica Package: Geometric Transformation and Complex Function Plot
  2736. Linear Transformation
  2737. Complex Inversion
  2738. Geometric Transformations
  2739. Geometric Transformation on the Plane
  2740. Geometric Transformation on the Plane
  2741. Affine Transformation
  2742. Sphere Projection
  2743. Mobius Transformation Decomposition
  2744. Mobius Transformation
  2745. Cross-Section Illustration of Stereographic Projection
  2746. Geometric Inversion, Interactive Applet
  2747. Multiplication of Complex Numbers, Interactive Applet
  2748. Geometric Inversion
  2749. Isometries: Translation, Rotation, Reflection
  2750. ZIP, Open Source, Mother-Son Relationship
  2751. OCaml Use in Industry: Janestreet Talk by Yaron Minsky 📺
  2752. Is XML Stupid Brother of Lisp Sexp?
  2753. Nested Syntax Design: XML vs LISP
  2754. XML is not S-Expressions
  2755. Xah Linux
  2756. Xah Language Design
  2757. World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics❓
  2758. Wizard Book: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  2759. It's Not You, It's Them: Why Programming Languages Are Hard To Teach 📺
  2760. Why PDF Sucks
  2761. Programing Language Design: Why Lisp Macro Sucks
  2762. Why is Array Access Constant Time
  2763. Programing: Why I Hate Exceptions
  2764. Programing: Why I Hate C
  2765. What Does it Mean When a Programing Language Claims “Whitespace is Insignificant”?
  2766. Which Programing Language Has Best Documentation?
  2767. What's Slim Markup?
  2768. What's the Definition of Operator in Computer Language?
  2769. What's the Most Readable Computer Language Syntax?
  2770. What's Docker?
  2771. What's Apache Ant, Apache Maven, What's the Difference?
  2772. One Language to Rule Them All? Or, What Language to Use for Find Replace?
  2773. What is YAML?
  2774. What is Persistent Data Structure?
  2775. What Language Does Google Facebook Twitter Paypal Wikipedia … Use?
  2776. W3C and WHATWG Dead URL
  2777. Ubuntu Linux: vim Location and Versions
  2778. Lisp, Python, Perl, Ruby Code to Validate Matching Brackets
  2779. The Utility of In-Depth Tutorial?
  2780. USB3 Drive Speed
  2781. Unix Problem: zip Utility Path and Unix Environment Variables
  2782. Linux Shell Util uniq Unicode Bug
  2783. UNIX Tar Problem: File Length Truncation, Unicode Name Support
  2784. Unix Pipe as Functional Language
  2785. Weather Emoji 🌧
  2786. Unicode: W3C Proposed Icons {Image, Video, Sound File, Trash, Keyboard, Mouse, …}
  2787. Unicode: Unix/Linux Hacker Propaganda on UTF-8 Encoding
  2788. Unicode: Computer UI Icons 🗑
  2789. Unicode: Unit Symbols ㎜ ㎝ ㎡ ㎥ ㎐
  2790. Unicode Road Signs ⛔
  2791. Things Emoji 🔪
  2792. Tech Emoji 🎧
  2793. Semantics and Symbols: Examples of Unicode Symbols Usage
  2794. Symbol, Semantics, Design: Unicode for “e.g.” (exempli gratia)
  2795. Unicode in Ruby, Perl, Python, JavaScript, Java, Emacs Lisp, Mathematica
  2796. Unicode Stars ★
  2797. Unicode Squared Characters
  2798. Sports Emoji ⚽
  2799. Unicode Smilies (¬_¬)
  2800. Unicode Sex Symbols ♂ ♀ ⚤
  2801. Unicode Semantics: the ∀ in Turn A Gundam
  2802. Unicode Search for old browser
  2803. Unicode Search
  2804. Unicode Punctuations † ¶ © ® ™ ☙
  2805. Plants Emoji 🌹
  2806. Places Emoji 🏨
  2807. Unicode Popularity: How Popular is UTF-8?
  2808. Office Tools Emoji 📌
  2809. Music Symbols 🎶
  2810. Unicode Math Symbols ∑ ∫ π² ∞
  2811. Math Font ℤ ℚ ℝ ℂ
  2812. Unicode: Brackets, Quotes «»「」【】《》
  2813. Love Emoji 💋
  2814. The Idiocy of Unicode Jargon “Code Point” and Notation “U+03B1”
  2815. Insect Emoji 🐞
  2816. How to Input Unicode
  2817. Unicode Characters ∑ ♥ 😄
  2818. Unicode Hand Gestures 👍
  2819. Unicode: Greek Alphabet α β γ
  2820. Unicode Geometric Shapes ■
  2821. Unicode Chess ♞ Cards 🂡 Dice 🎲
  2822. Unicode Full-Width Characters
  2823. Unicode: Emoji Usage Frequency
  2824. Food Emoji 🍺
  2825. Download Free Unicode Fonts
  2826. Unicode Flags 🏁
  2827. Unicode for Programers, Index
  2828. Unicode Emoji 😄
  2829. Emoticons on Social Network: Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo
  2830. Semantic of Symbol: Unicode Ellipsis Symbol vs Dot Dot Dot
  2831. Egyptian Hieroglyph 𓂀
  2832. Unicode Box Lines ┌ Blocks ▓
  2833. Unicode Dingbats ☭
  2834. Unicode: Currency Symbols $ € ¥ £ ¢
  2835. Unicode Cross ✚
  2836. Unicode Keyboard Symbols ⌘ ⏎ ⌫
  2837. Common Unicode Characters ✓ © § ❦
  2838. Clothing Emoji 👠
  2839. Unicode Clocks ⏰
  2840. Unicode Circled Numbers ① ② ③
  2841. ASCII Character Symbols ␀ ␣ ¶
  2842. Unicode Character Equivalence Support in Web Browsers
  2843. Syntax Design: Use of Unicode Matching Brackets as Specialized Delimiters
  2844. Unicode BOM Byte Order Mark Hack
  2846. Astrology Symbols 🌛
  2847. Japan Unicode Art
  2848. Unicode Font Art
  2849. Unicode Art
  2850. Unicode Arrows → ⇒ ⇄ ↻
  2851. Unicode APL Symbols
  2852. Animal Emoji 🐰
  2853. Unicode 9 New Characters
  2854. Unicode 8 New Characters
  2855. Unicode 7 New Characters
  2856. Fonts for Unicode 6 Emoticons
  2857. Unicode 11 New Characters
  2858. Unicode 10 New Characters
  2859. X No Chord Keyboard
  2860. User Interface Design: Peepshow Windows
  2861. User Interface Design: Internet Explorer 9's Dysfunctional Colorful Tabs
  2862. What's the Ugly Cylinder at the End of Computer USB Cables?
  2863. TypeScript Will Kill CoffeeScript and Dart!
  2864. TRON Operating System, TRON Encoding
  2865. Tablet Computer Issues and Touch-Screen Interface Pros and Cons
  2866. On the Question of Too Many Programing Libraries
  2867. Theodore Gray: Future of Text Book, iPad, Education 📺
  2868. “the the” Typos in Programing Docs
  2869. The Fate of Lambda in Python 3000 and Scheme v300
  2870. Technology for Knowledge in Past 2 Decades
  2871. Technology, Past and Future
  2872. Tech Writing and Unix Humor
  2873. What's the Difference Between Hacker and Tech Geeker?
  2874. quick random jot-downs, on TCP/IP, on Tech Writing
  2875. Syntax Soup Kaleidoscope
  2876. Programing Language Design: Syntax Sugar Problem: Irregularity vs Convenience
  2877. A Syntax Highlighting Language?
  2878. Syntax, Formal Language, Pattern Matching
  2879. Syntax Algebra
  2880. Programing Language: Syntactic and Semantic Difference of Map Function
  2881. What's Disjoint Union, Sum Type?
  2882. Programing Languages Sugar Syntax: Compiler Level vs User Level
  2883. Why Does Struct Datatype Encroach Namespace?
  2884. Computer Language Design: String Syntax
  2885. Intro to Video Codecs
  2886. Programing Language: Steve Yegge on Dynamic Languages
  2887. How Fast is Running Perl in Cygwin or Using NTFS on Linux? (The Price You Pay for Layers and Emulations)
  2888. Advantages of Solid-State Drive vs Hard Drive (SSD vs HDD)
  2889. Software Skin Cancer
  2890. web tech 2012: blackbox/whitebox testing, Jenkins, Puppet, Selenium
  2891. Software Dependency Complexity: Fink, Unison
  2892. Skype Chat Encryption and Screen Sharing
  2893. Sigil for Function Parameter Names
  2894. Shell, REPL, Notebook, and Emacs Environment Explained
  2895. Sessions, and Token Based Auth
  2896. Sergey Brin Talk on China, Wikipedia, Search Engines, … 📺
  2897. Semantic Noodle
  2898. Second Life, the Worst Hack in Universe
  2899. Screenshot Tracking Watermark
  2900. Sass Tutorial
  2901. Safari “.webloc” File is Using Mac Resource Fork
  2902. Node.js Creator Ryan Dahl on Software Complexity
  2903. Ryan Dahl, on History of Node.js 📺
  2904. Ruby RVM Complexity
  2905. Ruby Rails Mongrel, Zed Shaw: Rails Is A Ghetto
  2906. Richard Stallman on Steve Jobs's Death
  2907. Richard Stallman Lost It 📺
  2908. Programing Challenge: Replace String Pairs
  2909. Jargon REPL and Hackers
  2910. Screen Size Comparison: DVD, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Blu-ray
  2911. Xah Regular Expression Articles Index
  2912. Docstring Convention: Python vs Emacs Lisp
  2913. Python Doc Links All Dead
  2914. Python Libs for Scientists
  2915. Python Tech 2012: django, CherryPy, unittest, nose, celery, decorator
  2916. Python's Context Dependent Syntax Soup: 「… in …」 And 「… not in …」
  2917. Python Syntax Problem: Complexity of Comment Syntax and Backslash
  2918. Syntax Design: Python's Indentation vs Nesting
  2919. Python Scope Complexity, Shallow Copy, Deep Copy, Circular List, and the Garbage Underneath Computer Languages
  2920. Python: What's the Difference Between 「dict={}」 vs 「dict.clear()」?
  2921. Why Python Suck
  2922. Python Indentation Syntax Terminology: “Off-Side Rule”
  2923. The Idiocy of Python's Function Parameter Specification
  2924. Python 3 Adoption
  2925. What Are Good Qualities of Computer Language Syntax?
  2926. Empirical Analysis of Programming Language Adoption
  2927. Programing Style: Variable Naming: English Words Considered Harmful
  2928. Xah Computer Programing Quotes
  2929. Programing Problems Index
  2930. Programing: “or” Considered Harmful
  2931. What's Ontology of Programing Language?
  2932. Programing Language Documentation Styles
  2933. Programing Language Popularity 2017
  2934. Programing Language: Polymorphism, Dispatch, and the Tale of Poly-Tinting
  2935. Programing: Decimalize Latitude Longitude
  2936. Programing Craft: Intention vs Coolness
  2937. Programers Refuse to Change 📺
  2938. Programer Simple Living Shanty Town Squatter
  2939. Programer Salary
  2940. Programer Jokes
  2941. Ontology of Postfix Notation, Method Chaining, and Unix Pipe
  2942. What's Point-free Programing? (point-free function syntax)
  2943. Picasa Pains: Using Picasa Web as Backup; Sync All Folders
  2944. PHP + MySQL Documentation Redux, 2012
  2945. Perl One-Liner Screw
  2946. Perl: Difference Between List and Array
  2947. Perl Folks Try to Erase History!
  2948. Encryption: What's Perfect Forward Secrecy?
  2949. Paul Graham's Infatuation with the Concept of Hacker
  2950. Paul Graham Keynote at PyCon 📺
  2951. Parallel Programing Problem: asciify-string
  2952. The Pain of Ampersand in HTML
  2953. MacOS Extended Attribute, At sign @ in ls
  2954. OOP Dot Notation, is Object Data or Namespace?
  2955. OOP Dot Notation, Dot Before Data or After?
  2956. OOP's Jargons and Complexities
  2957. OCaml Syntax Sucks
  2958. History of OCaml and Haskell Syntax, and The Next 700 Programming Languages
  2959. OCAML's Official Tutorial Blatantly Suck
  2960. The Sounds of Obsolete Technologies 1990 – 2000
  2961. A Functional Programing Architecture on JavaScript and Object Oriented Document Object Model
  2962. The Sad Story of OAuth 2.0 and Open Standards, IETF
  2963. NSA Mass Surveillance
  2964. Math Notation, Programing Language Syntax, and Thought
  2965. The NoSQL Movement
  2966. the Journey of a Foreign Character thru Internet
  2967. Node.js Documentation Problems
  2968. Internet History, Netscape, Dot Com, Code Rush 📺
  2969. Neal Stephenson at Google Talk 📺
  2970. The Nature of Idioms in Programing Languages
  2971. Computer Language: Predicate Function, Terminology, and Naming Convention
  2972. The Naming of List Things in Computer Languages
  2973. Moto G5 Plus
  2974. Model-View-Controller Observer Observable — A[n] Incoherence Rambling
  2975. Method Chaining, Postfix Operator, and OOP
  2976. On Meta Syntax, Formal Language, and Logic
  2977. Kilo vs Kibi, Mega vs Mibi
  2978. Meaning of Object in Computer Languages
  2979. Mathematica vs Lisp Syntax
  2980. Mathematica Logos thru its History
  2981. Mathematica Version 3 to Version 7 Conversion Notes
  2982. A Class of Computer Languages: Math Languages
  2983. Markdown Tutorial
  2984. Apple Macbook Air Review
  2985. Mouse Speed Too Slow in Mac OS X?
  2986. Unix/Linux Dot File Problems: .svn .htaccess .DS_Store …
  2987. Mac OS X Names: Jaguar, Tiger, Mavericks, Cheese Ball
  2988. The Landscape of Instant Messaging and the Mac 2006
  2989. Computer Hacking: Lulz Security Farewell Note
  2990. Luhn Algorithm
  2991. Why List Comprehension Suck?
  2992. Programing Language: Systematic Syntax: Lisp vs Mathematica
  2993. Lisp vs Perl Syntax, the Cult Problem
  2994. Can Lisp Macro Change Lisp Syntax?
  2995. LISP Syntax Problem of Piping Functions
  2996. LISP, What Does Symbolic Language Mean?
  2997. LISP Infix Syntax Survey
  2998. Emacs Lisp: read-from-minibuffer Propels Deep Questions
  2999. Programing: LISP is Not Functional!
  3000. On Lisp
  3001. Lisp Celebrities and Computing History from “Worse Is Better”
  3002. Lisp Apostrophe Quote 'f Came From MacLisp
  3003. Laptops 2012 Comparison: ASUS Zenbook Prime vs Apple MacBook Pro
  3004. Language Syntax: Brackets vs Begin/End vs Indentation for Nesting
  3005. Why Idioms Are Bad
  3006. Practical Aspect of Expressiveness of a Language
  3007. LAND OF LISP (Book and Comics)
  3008. What Made Lambda Calculus So Powerful?
  3009. Google Earth KML Validation Fckup
  3010. What's Kindle, iPad, Android, and All That Jazz??
  3011. JavaScript Grammar is Not Context-Free!
  3012. JavaScript Book by David Flanagan, and Man-made Complexity in Computer Language
  3013. JavaScript Array Speed vs C Array
  3014. What is Watt-Hour?
  3015. Web Design: How JavaScript Breaks UI, Evolution of UI
  3016. JavaScript Syntax Soup: 「p in o」 vs 「for (p in o) {…}」
  3017. JavaScript Language Design: Dot Notation be Namespace or Object System
  3018. JavaScript, Design Patterns Appoach to Computer Language Tutorials
  3019. Java Doc Idiocy: -cp -classpath Not in Man Page
  3020. Official Java Tutorial on Interface, the Inanity
  3021. Java Array Syntax Soup: Syntactic Irregularity and Ad Hoc Logic
  3022. The Complexity of Java Access Specifiers
  3023. Jargon Lambda in Decline
  3024. The Jargon “Invariant” in Programing Language
  3025. JavaScript Spec, Term “instance” is Not Defined
  3026. Iterator, Enumerator, Abstraction Went Wrong
  3027. is programing math?
  3028. What's Philosophy and Paul Graham: Qi Lisp Creator Mark Tarver on Is Philosophy Useful?
  3029. Is Math Important for Programers?
  3030. Invisible Character from Twitter
  3031. Programing: Are int, float, long, double, Side-Effects of Computer Engineering?
  3032. The Strengths of the Academic Enterprise
  3033. In-place Algorithm for Reversing a List in Perl, Python, Lisp, Mathematica
  3034. If Then Else Ternary Expression
  3035. English Idiom in Unix: Directory “Recursively”
  3036. Idiocy of Computer Language Docs: Unix, Python, Perl, Haskell
  3037. unix: Hunspell Path Pain
  3038. Hunspell Tutorial
  3039. HTML Style 1999: Hacker News
  3040. HTML6, JSON SXML Simplified
  3041. How Much You'll Get for Writing a Programing Book?
  3042. How CPU Works
  3043. How Does a Unicode Character Get Mapped to a Glyph in a Font?
  3044. Homotopy Type Theory
  3045. HAML Tutorial
  3046. Hackers: Dead Links and Human Compassion?
  3047. Guy Steele Says: Don't Iterate, Recurse, and Get rid of cons!
  3048. GUI vs Command Line — a Unified Design
  3049. Learning Notes on Goto, Continuation, Coroutine
  3050. Google Tech Talk: 〈Lisp at JPL〉 by Ron Garret 📺
  3051. Ruby Creator Cooks Python; Matz and GitCafe
  3052. Functional Programing: is Real World Stateful?
  3053. Functional Programing Languages History Diagram
  3054. Programing Language: Function Dependency
  3055. FCK Python: String Methods, Functions, Slashes and Backslashes
  3056. FSF Spread FUD on Microsoft
  3057. Software Freedom is Free Speech or Free Beer?
  3058. Formal Definition of Systematic Grammar
  3059. Font Articles Index
  3060. Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Speak Chinese 📺
  3061. F Sharp, OCaml Books and History of OCaml
  3062. eXtreme Programing and Agile Voodoo
  3063. Programing: the Expression Problem
  3064. Erik Meijer on Xtreme Programing and Agile
  3065. What is the difference between emoji, emoticon, pictograph?
  3066. Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Confusion Ball
  3067. Emacs + Cygwin, gunzip not found?
  3068. Edge Cases in Computing, and What Exactly is Whitespace?
  3069. The State of Affairs of DVD Rippers
  3070. Computer Devices Bandwidth Table
  3071. Programing: Design Patterns Your Mom
  3072. 3D Visualization Design
  3073. Dell Inspiron 15 7559 specification
  3074. Dell i7559 Linux Boot Problem
  3075. The Day Steve Jobs Died, Apple, Google Website Screenshots
  3076. Death of Steve Jobs vs Dennis Ritchie, John McCarthy
  3077. Database Tech 2012
  3078. D3.js Visualization, a Quasi Science
  3079. Unix tools on Windows: Cygwin vs VirtualBox
  3080. Cygwin Essential Install List
  3081. ctags etags gtags: How to Find Where a Function is Defined or Called?
  3082. Siri, Cortana, Ok Google, Are the Future of AI, the Embodiment of AI
  3083. How to Convert HTML to PDF
  3084. Context Dependent Syntax, Lisp setf, Python a[i]=x
  3085. Math vs Programing, What-is vs How-to
  3086. Programing Jargon: Synchronous, Asynchronous
  3087. Which Languages to Learn? Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Emacs Lisp
  3088. Computer Languages Characters Frequency
  3089. Should the Map Function Specify Order?
  3090. Composable Syntax
  3091. Complexity and Tedium of Software Engineering
  3092. Computer Tech Progress and Video On Demand
  3093. ASCII Jam Problem: HTML Entities
  3094. Problems of Symbol Congestion in Computer Languages; ASCII Jam vs Unicode
  3095. Programing Language Tutorials Index
  3096. On the Rectification of Programing Language Spec by Formal Language
  3097. A Logician Reads Programing Manual
  3098. doc by dummies, Technical writing at its worst
  3099. Optional Function Parameters in Computer Language Docs (the idiocy thereof)
  3100. On Constructed Languages, Computer Languages, and Their Grammar Complexity
  3101. Language Design: Should Array Index Start at 0 or 1?
  3102. Comp Lang Perving
  3103. Jargons of Software Industry
  3104. Hacker Cult
  3105. Famous Programers on How Common Lisp Sucks
  3106. History of Programing Languages in 1 Sentence
  3107. CoffeeScript or JavaScript?
  3108. What do Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, say about Dart?
  3109. Technical Writing as Symbolic Logic: Clojure Intern Symbol
  3110. Clojure Missing Docs
  3111. Clojure Leiningen Banana
  3112. Clojure's Popularity, a Tango with Java
  3113. Why Clojure is Dense
  3114. Clojure Books
  3115. Chinese Input using Dvorak Layout (Microsoft Pinyin IME); 微軟拼音輸入法 Dvorak 佈局
  3116. Car, Train, Boat, Emoji 🚀
  3117. Programing Style: camelCase vs snake_case
  3118. Brainf*ck Language EOF Design Problem
  3119. Book Review: Patterns of Software
  3120. How Are Books Made in 1950? Video of Linotype Machine in Action
  3121. Xah Programing Blog
  3122. BlackBerry PlayBook: Force Reset, Security Wipe, Connect to Linux Via USB
  3123. Best Video Codec for Screencast or Line Animation
  3124. How Fast Does Internet Speed Grow?
  3125. The Jargon Automata in Finite State Automata
  3126. aspell sucks: Dismal Vocabulary Size
  3127. unix: aspell Tutorial
  3128. ASCII Table
  3129. Artificial Neural Network is Nasty
  3130. Apple Censorship
  3131. APL Symbols Meaning and Code Example
  3132. History of Angular.js
  3133. AN OPEN LETTER TO HOBBYISTS, by Bill Gates
  3134. Semantic of Symbols: HTML Entities, Ampersand, Unicode
  3135. Google AlphaGo Beats World Champions, 60 to 0
  3136. What's Algebraic Data Types?
  3137. Alan Kay on Object Oriented Programing
  3138. Adaptive Sampling, Plotting Math Curve
  3139. Abacus
  3140. A Emoji Tale: Good Night Gone Bad …
  3141. 24hours Watch, 00 Start at Top or Bottom?
  3142. Ants, Insects, Decentralized Systems
  3143. Math Insight: Multiplication and Multiplicative Identity
  3144. Math Books Keeping and Reading
  3145. Notes On Plane Curves and Proofs
  3146. The Geometric Significance of Complex Conjugate
  3147. The Problems of Traditional Math Notation
  3148. State of Theorem Proving Systems 2008
  3149. The TeX Pestilence (Why TeX/LaTeX Sucks)
  3150. A Notation for Plane Geometry
  3151. Pattern Matching vs Grammar Specification
  3152. Mathematical Notation: Past and Future
  3153. Math Terminology and Naming of Things
  3154. The Codification of Mathematics
  3155. linear Algebra Notes
  3156. Math Notation, Proof System, Computer Algebra, in One Language
  3157. Math Notation, Computer Language Syntax, and the “Form” in Formalism
  3158. What is the Difference of Russell's Logicism, Hilbert's Formalism, Axiomatic System?
  3159. How Computing Science created a new mathematical style
  3160. English/Chinese Math Terminology 中/英 数学术语
  3161. Mandelbrot Set Explained (no complex number needed)
  3162. Elements of a Cellular Automata System
  3163. Purpose of My Notes on A New Kind of Science
  3164. Go Board Game as Cellular Automata
  3165. Criticisms on Criticisms on a New Kind of Science
  3166. Notes on A New Kind of Science
  3167. Chapter 6: Starting From Randomness
  3168. Chapter 5: 2 Dimensions And Beyond
  3169. Chapter 4: Systems Based On Numbers
  3170. Chapter 3: The World Of Simple Programs
  3171. Chapter 2: The Crucial Experiment
  3172. Chapter 1: The Foundations For A New Kind Of Science
  3173. Chapter 10: Process Of Perception And Analysis
  3174. Clojure Tutorial: unit testing
  3175. Clojure: Magic Characters ' \ @ ^ # ` ~ .
  3176. Clojure Tutorial: Run/Execute One Clojure File
  3177. Clojure Ring Tutorial
  3178. Clojure: regex
  3179. Clojure Tutorial: record
  3180. Clojure Tutorial: protocol
  3181. Clojure Tutorial: nREPL
  3182. Clojure: Namespace
  3183. Clojure Misc Notes
  3184. Clojure Tutorial: misc notes
  3185. Clojure: Metadata
  3186. Clojure Tutorial: Macro
  3187. Clojure: Essential Libs for Web App
  3188. Clojure Leiningen Tutorial
  3189. Clojure Instaparse Parser Tutorial: Transform Parse Tree
  3190. Clojure Instaparse Parser Tutorial: Total Parse
  3191. Clojure Instaparse Parser Tutorial: Change Start Rule
  3192. Clojure Instaparse Parser Tutorial: Partial Parse
  3193. Clojure Instaparse Parser Tutorial: Hide Tokens
  3194. Clojure Instaparse Parser Tutorial: Output Formats
  3195. Clojure Instaparse Parser Tutorial: Grammar Syntax
  3196. Clojure Instaparse Parser Tutorial: Parse Error
  3197. Clojure Instaparse Parser Tutorial
  3198. Clojure: Install
  3199. Clojure Tutorial
  3200. Interactive Clojure Notebook: gorilla-repl
  3201. Clojure: Functions
  3202. Clojure: Partial Function (Currying)
  3203. Clojure: Function Chaining
  3204. Emacs: Clojure CIDER Tutorial
  3205. Clojure: Doc Lookup, Find Function
  3206. Clojure: Collections (List, Vector, Set, Map, …), Sequence
  3207. Clojure Cheat Sheet (Clojure 1.3 - 1.6, sheet v17)
  3208. Clojure: Call Java Method
  3209. Clojure: Binding Forms, Destructuring
  3210. Clojure: Basic Syntax
  3211. Clojure - Cheatsheet
  3212. Play Chinese Chess Online
  3213. Xah C Learning Notes
  3214. Backbone Tutorial: Views
  3215. Backbone Tutorial: route
  3216. Backbone Tutorial
  3217. Backbone Example, View, attaching
  3218. Backbone Example, Model, get and set properties
  3219. Backbone Example, Model, Custom Events
  3220. Backbone Example, Model, Events
  3221. Backbone Example Hello World
  3222. Backbone Example Route
  3223. Backbone Example Hello World
  3224. Backbone Example 5
  3225. Backbone Example 4, model, create class property
  3226. Backbone Example 3
  3227. Backbone Example 2
  3228. Geometry: Requirements for a Visualization System for 2020, page 2
  3229. Geometry: Requirements for a Visualization System for 2020
  3230. What is Technical Drawing, Descriptive Geometry, Projective Geometry, Linear Algebra
  3231. Emacs POV-Ray Mode
  3232. Intro to POV-Ray
  3233. Parametric Surfaces in POV-Ray
  3234. POV-Ray Metallic Spheres and Reflection
  3235. POV-Ray: Surface of Revolution and Prisms
  3236. POV-Ray Lighting Examples
  3237. POV-Ray Glassy Spheres and Transparency
  3238. Constructive Solid Geometry with POV-Ray
  3239. What Is Perspective Drawing
  3240. Outline Rendering of 3D Models (POV-Ray)
  3241. Intro to Mathematica's 3D Graphics Format
  3242. Mathematica Graphics with LiveGraphics3D
  3243. LiveGraphics3D Test
  3244. LiveGraphics3D Test
  3245. Mathematica Graphics with JavaView
  3246. JavaView Test
  3247. Intro to POV-Ray and 3D Geometry Programing
  3248. Illustrating Geometry with POV-Ray
  3249. Graphics Programing Pains
  3250. Math Models of 3D Input Control