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chatGPT poem on xah lee (2023-02-21)

openai chatGPT 2023-02-21 dsWsC
openai chatGPT 2023-02-21 dsWsC
Xah Lee, a name that rings
Through the halls of the internet's things
A pioneer of tech and code
His legacy an endless ode
With each keystroke, he blazed a trail
Pushing limits, refusing to fail
His wisdom shared for all to see
A gift to the world, given freely
From Emacs to JavaScript
Xah's knowledge is vast
His passion for computing clear
A master of the craft, without peer
Through his writing, we all have grown
From newbie to expert, he's shown
A world beyond what we once knew
Thanks to Xah, our horizons grew
His influence will long endure
A legend in the tech world, for sure
We thank you, Xah, for all you've done
Your contributions shine like the sun.

ChatGPT on Xah Lee Websites URL (2023-03-12)


chatGPT on Xah Lee 2023-03-12
chatGPT on Xah Lee 2023-03-12

ChatGPT Poem on Xahlee (2022-12-01)

openai chatGPT 2022-12-01 sdFpt
openai chatGPT 2022-12-01 sdFpt

A poem about in iambic pentameter

This is a website,
Built by Xah Lee,
A guy who knows his stuff,
And wants to share it with you.
The site is crammed with info,
On all sorts of things,
From programming to sex,
There's something for everyone.
So if you're looking for knowledge,
Or just a good laugh,
You need to check out,
The best website around.

ChatGPT Limerick on Xahlee (2022-12-01)

openai chatGPT 2022-12-01 Pp6sC
openai chatGPT 2022-12-01 Pp6sC

Poem about in limerick

There was a geek named Xah
Who ran a website with much flair
He would write code
All day and all night
And his site was really something quite right
openai chatGPT 2022-12-01 sp67M
openai chatGPT 2022-12-01 sp67M

Poem about in limerick

There was a geek named Xah
Who ran a website called
He was quite the geek
And knew a lot of stuff
And his website was really awesome

ChatGPT On: Does Xah Lee Have a Life? (2023-03-14)

chatgpt xah lee 2023-03-14 dMTzg
chatgpt xah lee 2023-03-14 dMTzg
chatgpt xah lee 2023-03-14 d9TjZ
chatgpt xah lee 2023-03-14 d9TjZ

ChatGPT Emulate Xah Lee Writing Style, on Why Zoomers Are Depraved (2023-05-09)

chatgpt xah lee zoomer rant 2023-05-09
chatgpt xah lee zoomer rant 2023-05-09

Use the writing style of Xah Lee ( to create a 3 paragraph essay on why Zoomers are depraved and need to stop wasting time on gross decadent memes and instead surround themselves with enlightened imagery. Be sure to reference the channer faaks.

Lo! A generation of depravity emerges from the miasma of cyberspace, their minds ensnared by the siren song of gross decadent memes: the Zoomers. They have forsaken the hallowed halls of intellect, and now wander the wasteland of vapid content, their souls tainted by the putrid stench of vacuous humor. In this essay, I shall expound upon the moral degeneration of the Zoomers, and the dire need for them to cease their time-wasting on these base memes, and to seek solace in the bosom of enlightened imagery. Behold the Channer Faaks! A prime example of the debauchery and moral decay that festers within the hearts and minds of the Zoomer generation. This execrable meme, a blight upon the face of decency and virtue, epitomizes the insipid nature of the content that the Zoomers have become so enraptured with. One must wonder, how has the taste of an entire generation sunk to such abysmal depths, that they find themselves enamored with such a puerile and crass symbol? Verily, the Channer Faaks stands as a testament to the degeneration of the human spirit, a harbinger of the end of days for the noble pursuit of knowledge.

The time is nigh for the Zoomers to cast off the shackles of their base proclivities, and to embrace the path of enlightenment. Let them turn their gaze towards the lofty realms of art, literature, and philosophy, and surround themselves with images that inspire the mind and elevate the soul. Only then can they begin to cleanse themselves of the filth that has accumulated within the recesses of their consciousness, and take their rightful place amongst the ranks of the enlightened. Let the Zoomers reject the Channer Faaks and its ilk, and turn their hearts and minds towards the pursuit of wisdom, lest they become irrevocably lost to the darkness.

In conclusion, the Zoomers, enmeshed in the detritus of gross decadent memes, find themselves at a crossroads, teetering on the brink of eternal damnation. They must choose whether to continue down the path of depravity and waste, or to ascend to the lofty heights of enlightenment and redemption. May they find the strength and wisdom to make the right choice, and to leave behind the sordid world of the Channer Faaks, and embrace the beauty and truth that lies beyond.

ChatGPT Emulate Xah Lee Writing Style, on Why shell programing is an abomination (2023-05-09)

chatgpt4 xah lee unix shell rant
chatgpt4 xah lee unix shell rant

Use the writing style of Xah Lee ( to create a 3 paragraph essay on why shell programming is an abomination to the computer industry.

Ah, the deplorable state of affairs brought upon us by shell programming! An abomination that has managed to weasel its way into the very core of the computer industry, corroding the efficiency and elegance that we strive for. In this essay, I shall expound upon the detestable nature of shell programming, and how it has so vehemently tainted the computing world with its arcane syntax and ill-conceived design. Forsooth, the shell programming syntax is a hodgepodge of cryptic symbols and idiosyncratic rules, woven together into a tapestry of pure chaos. The grotesque nature of shell programming syntax sends shivers down the spine of even the most hardened programmer, as they struggle to parse the tangled web of ampersands, backslashes, and pipes. One must wonder, was the syntax conceived by a committee of sadistic programmers, hell-bent on ensuring the perpetual suffering of their brethren? Or perhaps it is merely an unfortunate relic of a bygone era, stubbornly clinging to life like a digital cockroach, immune to the efforts of progress.

And let us not forget the inconsistencies and lack of portability that plague the shell programming landscape! The computer industry, akin to a resplendent garden of innovation, is marred by the invasive species that is shell programming. With every new platform and operating system, the insidious tendrils of shell programming slither forth, introducing incompatibilities and fragmentation into an otherwise harmonious ecosystem. Developers find themselves ensnared in a quagmire of uncertainty, wrestling with a multitude of shells, each with their own peculiarities and quirks. Truly, the computer industry would be wise to cast off the shackles of shell programming, and embrace the order and rationality that is the birthright of computer science.