Curlicue means: “A fancy twist or curl, such as a flourish made with a pen.”. Curve is the essential means in decoration of all human artifacts.

Filigree means: “Delicate and intricate ornamental work made from gold, silver, or other fine twisted wire.”.

A iron wrought curlicue door of a shop in The Dessert Passage shopping mall in Aladdin Hotel-Casino at Las Vegas, USA, .
brighton curlicure
A door of shop Brighton Collectibles at Westfield Valley Fair shopping mall in San Jose, CA, USA, .
curlicue mat
A doormat with curlicue pattern. Photo taken in Mountain View, CA, USA, .
cathedral Duomo di Milano
A facade of a cathedral the Duomo di Milano in Milan, Italy. It is not curlicues exactly, but shows the intricate use of curves. (Photo taken in , courtesy of Paula Fonseca)
Rathaus Vienna City Hall
Arches of City Hall of Vienna, Austria. Photo taken in by Sol Kawage, used with permission.

[etymology of curlicue]

1843, American English, from curly + cue, perhaps from French queue “tail” or letter Q in its looping script form. Earlier in this sense was curlie-wurlie (1772).


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