Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves

News: 60+ GeoGebra files can be downloaded. Plane Curves: GeoGebra Files Index. Robert Yate's book also available: “Curves And Their Properties” by Robert Yates

Special Plane Curves

Ancient curves

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A New Coordinate
System for Complex Numbers


Cyclodal Curves

Era of Analytic Geometry and Calculus

Era of Modern Math

Methods of Generating New Curves

CausticsCissoid (General) □ Conchoid (General) □ Derivative and Integral □ EnvelopeEvoluteInvoluteInversionIsoptic and OrthopticParallel CurvesPedal CurveRadialRoulette & Glissette

Math of Curves

Coordinate SystemsCoordinate TransformationVectorsNaming and Classification of Curves
work in progress: line, circle, exponential curve, Spiric Sections, Hyperbolic Sine, Lissajous, Polynomial.

Misc Galleries

A Gallery Of Famous SurfacesMathematics of Seashell ShapesSpirals Photo ExhibitCurlicues Photo ExhibitInversion Image GalleryTrochoid Animation Gallery

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