Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves

News: 60+ GeoGebra files can be downloaded. Plane Curves: GeoGebra Files Index. Robert Yate's book also available: “Curves And Their Properties” by Robert Yates

Special Plane Curves

Ancient curves



Cyclodal Curves

Era of Analytic Geometry and Calculus

Era of Modern Math

Methods of Generating New Curves

CausticsCissoid (General) □ Conchoid (General) □ Derivative and Integral □ EnvelopeEvoluteInvoluteInversionIsoptic and OrthopticParallel CurvesPedal CurveRadialRoulette & Glissette

Math of Curves

Coordinate SystemsCoordinate TransformationVectorsNaming and Classification of Curves
work in progress: line, circle, exponential curve, Spiric Sections, Hyperbolic Sine, Lissajous, Polynomial.

Misc Galleries

A Gallery Of Famous SurfacesMathematics of Seashell ShapesSpirals Photo ExhibitCurlicues Photo ExhibitInversion Image GalleryTrochoid Animation Gallery

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