Plane Curve Bibliography

The following is a list of references from math journals i know about. This list is made in 1995.

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Conic Sections

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These are great articles on conic sections. Not mathematical. It describe a multitude of applications of conic sections, many of which are not well-known. Most interesting read.


Mathematics Magazine (Published by Mathematical Association of America)

v.50. 1977. p.87-89.
Rotary engine geometry.
David H. Nash.
(Possible keyword: trochoid, cycloid, hypotrochoid, hypocycloid, epicycloid)

v.60, No.3. June 1987. p.131-140.
Curves of Constant Width from a Linear Viewpoint.
J. Chris Fisher.
Lots reference. I have the article.

v.60, No.3. June 1987. p.167-168.
Reflections on the Ellipse
William C. Schulz; Charles G. Moore
A proof on the reflection property of ellipse.
I have the article. Have not read it yet.

v.65, No.3. June 1992. p.147.
Reflection Properties of Curves and Surfaces.
Daniel Drucker
Proof that conic sections and surface of revolutions of such are the only curve and surfaces with reflection property.
20 references.

The Mathematical Gazette
(The Journal of the Mathematical Association)

v.13 1926. p.232-235
The asymptotes of plane curves

v.13 1926. p.97-103

v.15 1930. p.486-487
The polar equations of a curve

v.15 1930. 22
The involute of the astroid

v.15 1930. 436
The curve of pursuit

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The tracing of cubic curves

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Note on the three-cusped hypocycloid

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On the three-cusped hypocycloid

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Repeating curves

v.25 1941. p.12-15
The cissoid of Diocles

v.26 1942. 214
The inflexions of a plane cubic

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On some general ovals of Cassinian type

v.27 1943. p.194-197
Real quadrics and the circle at infinity

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On the three-cusped hypocycloid

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The limacon and the cardioid

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On the three-cusped hypocycloid

v.36 1952. p.51-53
The Cartesian oval

v.36 1952. p.207-208
On a special type of plane trinodal quartic curve

v.37 1953. p.256-260
The curve of pursuit

v.40, No.331. Feb. 1956. p.1-4
Curves of Pursuit.
Very much application on military of fighter plane persuing a bomber.

v.40, No.331. Feb. 1956. p.11
The Power of a Point for a Curve.
Too mathematical, on algebraic curves.

v.41, No.336. May 1957. p.102-105
The Cissoid of Diocles.
(copy made)

v.41, No.338. Dec.1957. p.254-257
Negative Pedal of the Ellipse with Respect to a Focus.
(copy made)

v.43, No.343. Feb. 1959. p.34.
Pursuit Curves and Mathematical Art.
A very short (two paragraphes) note on how some doodle using the idea of envelope of lines could be drawn to form a beautiful wallpaper design. No mathematics discussed.
(copy made)

American Mathematical Monthly

v.8 1901. p.241.
Certain hyperbolic curves of the nth order

v.13 1906 p.221-226.
On a certain class of curves given by transcendental equations

v.14 1907. p.52.
On a certain quartic curve which may degenerate into an ellipse

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On a certain class of quartic curves

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On the construction of certain curves given in polar coordinates

v.25. 1918. p.223-225.
Relating to Generalizations of the Witch and the Cissoid
Frederick H. Hodge.
(copy made)

v.25. 1918. p.189-193.
The Logarithmic Spiral.
copy made. I have not read it.

v.25. 1918. p.276-282.
Euler Integrals and Euler Spiral-Sometimes called Fresnel Integrals and the ClothoÏde or Cornu's Spiral.
copy made. I have not read it.

v.26. 1919. p.21-32.
Concerning a new method of tracing cardioids
William F. Rigge

v.26 1919. p.151-154.
The existence of cusps on the evolute at points of maximum and minimum curvature on the base curve

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Cuspidal Rossettes
William F. Rigge

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Envelope Rosettes
William F. Rigge

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The danger area curve

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A curve of pursuit

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Cuspidal Envelope Rosettes
William F. Rigge

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The three bar curve

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The cochlioid

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La courbe du diable

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A simple way to discuss points of inflection on plane cubic curves

v.34 1927. p.262-263
The devil's curve again

v.39 1932. p.409-412
Cycloidal curves

v.40 1933. p.596-598
An unusual spiral

v.44 1937. p.167-168
The quadratrix and the associated cochleoid

v.46 1939. p.85-86
The deltoid regarded as the envelope of Simson lines

v.47 1940. p.11-18
The triangle; its deltoids and foliates

v.52 1945. p.384-387
Some properties of the limacon and cardioid

v.55 1948. p.7-14
An anallagmatic cubic

v.56 1949. p.165
Note on quartic curves

v.61. 1954. p.381.
G.B. Robinson

v.64. No.5. 1957. p.333.
Curves with a Kind of Constant Width.
Paul J. Kelly.
Mathematical treatment related to pedal curves. Makes a interesting read.

v.64. No.5. May 1957. p.359-361.
The Names of the Curve Agnesi
T.F.Mulcrone, S.J.
(copy made)

v.64 1957. p.362-364
On degenerate conics
J.W.Lasley, Jr.
(copy made)

v.75. No.1. Jan. 1968.
The Problem of Apollonius.

v.75. No.4. April. 1968.
Classroom Notes: The Optical Property of the Conics.
Harley Flanders.
A half page article that proves optical property of conics by vectors. 

v.87. No.4. April.1980. p.295.
Classroom notes: On the Reflective Property of Ellipses
A non-calculus proof and a argument using force/energy concepts.

v.102. No.9. November 1995. p.771.
My Favorite Elliptic Curve: A Tale of Two Types of Triangles
Richard K. Guy. 

v.102. No.9. November 1995. p.782.
Stalking the Wild Ellipse
Keith M. Kendig

v.102. No.9. November 1995. p.831.
The Evolution of Elliptic Curves
John Stillwell

The College Mathematics Journal

v.23. 1992. p.20-35.
Trochoids, Roses, and Thorns--Beyond the Spirograph.
Leon M. Hall
12 references.
Copy made. Have not read yet.

v.24. No.5. November 1993. p.422-430.
Two Trisectrices for the Price of One Rolling Circle
Jack Eidswick
Copy Made. Have not read yet.
Key words: trisectrix of Maclaurin

Scripta Mathematica

v.23. Memorial Issue, 1957. Nos.1-4.p.49
Curves of Pursuit II.
Arthur Bernhart.
A mathematical treatment, but I think accesible to undergraduate.

v.23. Memorial Issue, 1957. Nos.1-4.p.49
Miscellaneous Notes: Conic Sections in Perspective.
Ali R. Amir-Moéz.
(copy made)

Ann. Math.

v.30 1928. p.52-60
Canonical forms of plane cubic curves

v.31 1930 p.629-632
Matrix conditions for multiple points of a ternary cubic

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