Something about Unicode

Note: this page is obsolete. For info about Unicode, please see: Xah's Unicode Tutorial .

Originally this page was web resources, info and doc and tutorials about technology standards, in particular web technologies and technologies of computer network. They are written in 2003. But today, info run rampant and almost all resources contained in this page are obsolete. As of today 2007-09, i've deleted them. Only a few that remains.

RFC and Perl's email modules

Unicode and multi-languages stuff

All software will eventually move into Unicode. Windows 2000 for example, is Unicode from the core.

The Unicode standard, version 3 Buy at amazon This is a helluva of a good book. Even your interest is not character encoding technology, it is enticing to nose about the various writing systems represented by unicode. Here's the online version Read Chapter 1 for a good intro to Unicode.

CJKV Information Processing wc2G7

If you are dealing with Asian languages, CJKV Information Processing by Ken Lunde Buy at amazon is a excellent book.