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programer at work Programing Language Tutorials
programing mylisp-s229x273
Comp Lang Perving
how i see my coworkers talk as a non-programer
Jargons of Software Industry
extreme programing diagram
Software Engineering Voodoo
mirror balls-s289x217
Intro to POV-Ray
real world coding-painting rubik cube-s204x307
Complexity and Tedium of Software Engineering
sgi logo 2683-s289x217
Logo Design in Software Industry
Windows logo  2002-2012
Microsoft Windows Tips
 When a person's sanity is at balance,
 when human passion is raging,
 no etiquette must get in the way.
     —Xah Lee, 2001.
Netiquette Anthropology: Tech Geekers and Trolls
futurism mars but facebook-s
Technology, Past and Future

Misc Tech Talks (videos)

Free Software, Communism, Ideologies, Policies

gnu head
Free Software, Communism, Ideologies, Policies


software engineeing …


deaths, persons

new software tech

Image Tutorial

The Unix Pestilence

Linux Idiocies Collection

Linux Misc Tutorials

Web Spam, Scam, Blackhat SEO Collection

Web Spam, Scam, Blackhat SEO Collection

stuff, lots stuff

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