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This page is a index of tutorials and essays related to computing and its people. (There are over 1 thousand articles. Use the search box to find what you are looking for.)

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programer at work

JavaScript Tutorial

Xah JavaScript Tutorial

Visual CSS Tutorial

Xah CSS Tutorial

HTML Tutorial

Xah HTML Tutorial

Emacs & Lisp Tutorial

{Python, Perl, Ruby} Tutorial

Xah {Python, Perl, Ruby} Tutorial

Java Tutorial

Xah Java Tutorial

{Ruby, Perl, PHP} Tutorial

Linux Tutorial

Xah Linux Tutorial

Git Tutorial

Xah git Tutorial

Unicode Symbology ☢ ☯ ☭ ∑ ∞ ♀ ♂ ♥

All You Need to Know About Keyboard, Keybinding, Layouts

Computer Keyboards, Layouts, Hotkeys, Macros, RSI ⌨

All You Don't Need to Know About Programing Languages

Programing Language Design: Immodesty on Programing Languages


programing documentation idiocy collection

programing documentation idiocy collection

All that is Wrong in Software Engineering

website fix bug software engineering humor

All You Don't Need to Know About Fonts

Font Articles Index

The Unix Pestilence

Linux Rants & Ravings

You Want Moar

Netiquette Anthropology

 When a person's sanity is at balance,
 when human passion is raging,
 no etiquette must get in the way.
     —Xah Lee, 2001.

Netiquette Anthropology: Tech Geekers & Trolls (35+)

sgi logo 2683m

Logo Design & Software Industry (10+)

Technology, Past & Future (10+).

Misc Tech Talks (videos)

Free Software, Communism, Ideologies, Policies

Moar Bads …

Image Tutorial

Agile Software Development methodology
Voodoo diagram. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Agile_Software_Development_methodology.svg
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