Erik Meijer on Xtreme Programing and Agile

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Agile is a cancer that we have to eliminate from the industry. — Erik Meijer

One Hacker Way — Erik Meijer

Erik Meijer (born 18 April 1963, Curaçao) is a Dutch computer scientist and entrepreneur. From 2000 to early 2013 he was a software architect for Microsoft where he headed the Cloud Programmability Team.[1] He then founded Applied Duality Inc.[2] in 2013. Before that, he was an associate professor at Utrecht University. He received his Ph.D from Nijmegen University in 1992.

Meijer's research has included the areas of functional programming (particularly Haskell[3]) compiler implementation, parsing, programming language design, XML, and foreign function interfaces.

His work at Microsoft included C#, Visual Basic, LINQ, Volta, and the Reactive programming framework (Reactive Extensions) for .NET.

from Erik Meijer (computer scientist) (born 1963)

the book mentioned is [Agile!: The Good, the Hype and the Ugly By Bertrand Meyer. @ Agile!: The Good, the Hype and the Ugly ]

Bertrand Meyer (/ˈmaɪər/; French: [mɛjɛʁ]; born 1950) is a French academic, author, and consultant in the field of computer languages. He created the Eiffel programming language and the idea of design by contracts.

Bertrand Meyer

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