eXtreme Programing and Agile Voodoo

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Agile is for non-coding managers to control coders.

oh, yes of course. of all things programing, agile is the scumbagist of them all.

agile, appeals and is sold to mostly non-programer managers, as a way to control coders. Make coder as ditchable cog in a wheel. Make coders spy each other, and eliminate the sense of pride, craftmanship, and code-ownership. It's lead, in large part, by the biggest charlatan in programing community: Martin Fowler.

extreme programing diagram
“eXtreme Programing” voodoo diagram. 〔png version extreme_programing_diagram.pngimage source

If you hear “eXtreme Programing”, it's voodoo. One of its premise is “pair-programing”, meaning, 2 programers get together, then you code while i suck, then i code while you suck.

XP was the rage around 2001, with tens of books written on the subject. But it has subsided, and mutated to perhaps a milder form called Agile Programing. When XP was hot, in the same time is the “design patterns” movement. Then, it bursted into a hoard of “anti-patterns”.

What these voodoo encourage is less brain, less knowledge, less responsibility, less creativity. Instead, it emphasize collaboration, good attitude, follow the template, kiss the management.

In particular, it's loved by managers who can't write code.

One characteristics of these voodoo is lots jargons and use of fancy diagrams.

Agile Software Development methodology
Agile voodoo diagram. 〔png version Agile_Software_Development_methodology.pnghttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Agile_Software_Development_methodology.svg

Does it not look like a get rich fast scheme?

What “methodology” should you use? Understand mathematics, be knowledgeable, be healthy, and good general education such as history, philosophy, literature, and, be a nice person.

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