Internet Speed Growth Rate

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Since 1990, hard disk storage capacity doubles in about every 1 year, computing speed doubles by about every 2 years. What about internet speed?

How Fast Net Speed Grow?

It's about 50% faster per year.

The formula is c*1.5^n where n is number of years, and c is a constant.

Assuming in 1990 it's 1.2 kbits/s. We have:

internet speed growth 2021 G55Ty
Internet speed growth. Table[{1990 + x, 1.2*1.5^x}, {x, 0, 22}]

Here is my internet speed history:

actual speed
YearSpeed download•upload•pingConnection TypeCompany and Location
19911.2kbps••Modem 1200 (V.22)
199756kbps••56k modem
1998800kbps••Innetix wirelessSan Jose (at Brainpower)
1999280kbps•• ISDNMountain View (at Weborder)
2002880kbps•137•Pacfic Bell ADSLPalo Alto (home)
2003800kbps•240.1•Cable modem 802.11b wirelessSacramento (Paul K)
2003980kbps•112•library, wirelessPalo Alto
2006980kbps••DSLMountain View (Danny's)
20085.2Mbps••CableCamcast, Mountain View
2009-098.4Mbps•4.6Mbps•17msCableComcast. Mountain View
2010-077.0Mbps•3.9Mbps•27msCableComcast. Mountain View
2012-049.8Mbps•4.2Mbps•15msCableComcast. Mountain View
201322Mbps•CableComcast. Mountain View
201426Mbps••17msCableComcast. Mountain View
2017-0628Mbps•4.6Mbps•30msDSLAT&T internet
2019-0826Mbps•4.4Mbps•25msDSLAT&T internet
2020-07106Mbps•5.75Mbps•9msCableComcast. Mountain View

All locations are in California, USA.

internet speed 71120 2014-02-16
my internet speed, as of 2014-02-16
internet speed xah 2017-06 t9jg2
internet speed xah 2017-06-20
internet speed xah 2019-08-13 jm6p6
internet speed xah 2019-08-13
xfinity speed mtn view ca 2020-07-11
xfinity speed Mountain View, California 2020-07-11

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