Computer Devices Bandwidth Table

By Xah Lee. Date:

Digital Audio Speeds


32 kbit/s
AM radio quality
96 kbit/s
FM radio quality
160 kbit/s
low quality music mp3 from web
224 to 320 kbit/s
VBR to highest MP3 quality. 320 kbit/s comparable, virtually indistinguishable to CD quality.

Other audio

0.8 kbit/s
Minimum necessary for recognizable speech (using speech codecs)
2.15 kbit/s
Minimum bitrate available through the open-source Speex codec
8 kbit/s
Telephone quality (using speech codecs)
32 kbit/s
Lossy audio as used in Ogg Vorbis
256 kbit/s
Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) MP2 bit rate required to achieve a high quality signal
400 kbit/s to 1,411kbit/s
Lossless audio as used in formats such as Free Lossless Audio Codec, WavPack or Monkey's Audio to compress CD audio
1,411.2 kbit/s

Digital Video Speeds

16 kbit/s
Videophone quality (minimum necessary for a consumer-acceptable “talking head” picture using various video compression schemes)
128 to 384 kbit/s
Business-oriented videoconferencing quality using video compression
1.15 Mbit/s max
VCD quality (using MPEG1 compression)
3.5 Mbit/s typ
Standard-definition television quality (with bit-rate reduction from MPEG-2 compression)
9.8 Mbit/s max
DVD (using MPEG2 compression)
8 to 15 Mbit/s typ
HDTV quality (with bit-rate reduction from MPEG-4 AVC compression)
19 Mbit/s approximate
HDV 720p (using MPEG2 compression)
24 Mbit/s max
AVCHD (using MPEG4 AVC compression)
25 Mbit/s approximate
HDV 1080i (using MPEG2 compression)
29.4 Mbit/s max
40 Mbit/s max
Blu-ray Disc (using MPEG2, AVC or VC-1 compression)

Device/Protocol Speeds

Devices i had personal experienced since i started to use computer in 1991:

ThingSpeed (Mbit/s)
PC Floppy Disk Controller (1.44MB)0.5
CD Controller (1x)1.2
Bluetooth 1.11
Bluetooth 2.0+EDR3
DVD Controller (1x)11.1
Ethernet (10base-X)10
802.11b DSSS 0.12511
802.11g OFDM 0.12554
Fast Ethernet (100base-X)100
USB Hi-Speed (USB 2.0)480
PC133 SDRAM8528

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