Chess vs Chinese Chess

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Magnus Carlsen maintained chess champion.

note that, computers today beats any human.

lol. battle chess:

Chess Computer, 1986

I bought this Radio Shack chess computer around 1986. That's how i learned chess.

Radio Schack 1450 pocket chess computer 32a51-2
Radio Schack 1450 pocket chess computer [image source ]

here's a video

Radio Schack 1450 pocket chess computer video by Marcelo Corrêa Published on Jul 17, 2016

Chess Set, Phantom Moving Pieces

this chess set, move pieces on its own. you can play against computer, or connect to online and play against people on chess sites

square off chess 550e5
Square Off Chess Square Off Chess Set

Computer Chess Engines, State of the Art

there are quite a few top chess computer software.

the top programers are Stockfish, Houdini, Komodo, and others. Exactly which is strongest depends on how one count. e.g. time settings (example: 40 min game or 5 min game), if the computer is allowed to think in opponent's time, if opening and endgame database are allowed, and of course, the cpu and memory used or if distributed computing is allowed.

Chess960: Fisher Random Chess

a more interesting chess is the fisher random chess.

which randomnize initial positions of the row behind pawns, so that, players can't rely on memorizing opening books.

the question is, would top player remain top?

apparently, yes.

In 2018, a Chess960 match between reigning classical World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and the unofficial Chess960 world champion Hikaru Nakamura was held in Oslo. The match consisted of 8 rapid and 8 blitz games, with the rapid games counting double. Each position was used in two games, with colors reversed. Magnus Carlsen prevailed with a score of 14–10.[28][29]

From 11-14 September 2018, the Saint Louis Chess Club held a Chess960 event. [30] The playing format included five individual matches, each pair of players facing the same five different starting positions, with 6 rapid games (counting 2 points each) and 14 blitz games (counting 1 point each). The players and scores: Veselin Topalov (14.5-11.5) defeated Garry Kasparov; Hikaru Nakamura (14-12) defeated Peter Svidler; Wesley So (14.5-11.5) defeated Anish Giri; Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (17.5-8.5) defeated Sam Shankland.[31]


Communism vs Capitalism Chess Set

Capitalists vs Communists chess set 01ad1-s823x595
Capitalists vs Communists chess set [see Capitalists vs Communists chess set]

Chess vs Chinese Chess

this chinese chess set, is beautiful, and cheap. Magnetic.

chinese chess 7xewj
Chinese Chess

here's Chinese Chess Play Chinese Chess Online

chinese chess vs chess, which is a better game? when young, of course i think Chinese. But only cuz am far more used to it. Coming from chinese chess, Int Chess feel all congested.

here's Wikipedia on Game complexity Game complexity you have chess, xiangi, (korean chess) jangqi, hex, reversi, etc. a new one i learned is connect6

of the question which is better game, Chess or Chinese Chess (CC), am still undecided. by math complexity, CC is more. But numbers don't mean much. you can increase board size or create a rule of swapping pieces that get you more numbers but does not increase strategy or depth. Can become boring.

but it seems agreed that Chinese Chess (CC) is actually simpler, easier to grasp. Technically, it has more variation, but they are all similar. While Chess, is more complex, e.g. the linked pawn structure by itself is complex enough, not in CC.

some interesting comments by others:

[国际象棋比中国象棋复杂 By Oziter. At ]

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AlphaZero blows away Stockfish in 1000 games

#chess this just in. amazing. AlphaZero blows away Stockfish in 1000 games. this means, if we have to name 1 best chess computer, it's AlphaZero

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