History of Programing Languages in 1 Sentence

By Xah Lee. Date: .

one guy, works with unix tools grep sed bash etc, got fed up. Tried to improve it. that's the gist of perl history.

the history of python is, one guy, worked with ABC lang, got fed up, tried to improve it, and begot python, then think it's greatest lang.

the history of ruby is, Matz saw perl, thought it's powerful but syntax bad, and want to improve it, with emacs lisp influence.

the history of PHP is, a kid created his Pretty Home Page ~1997, CGI with perl scripts. then it became PHP.

the history of JavaScript is, Nescape, desparate to make money, envisions a dynamic html. hired a Scheme lisp fan to do it, got pressure it needs to be like java, and it's done in 10 days.

the creator of these languages, technically, know nothing about language design or computer science. (possibly except the JavaScript guy.)

these in contrast to ocaml, which has origin in theorem proving, the heart of compute science.