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xah talk show 2019-08-01 programing languages and their culture. perl python ruby


  1. OOP's Jargons, Complexities
  2. Meaning of Object in Languages
  3. Node.js Dot Notation as Namespace Mechanism
  4. JavaScript: Dot Notation be Namespace or Object System
  5. Alan Kay on OOP
  6. Polymorphism, Dispatch, and the Tale of Poly-Tinting

Programing Language Design

  1. What's Ontology of Programing Language?
  2. A Class of Computer Languages: Math Languages
  3. Why I Hate Exceptions
  4. Iterator, Enumerator, Abstraction Went Wrong
  5. Language Design: Should Array Index Start at 0 or 1?
  6. Syntactic Semantic Difference of Map
  7. Should Map f Specify Order?
  8. Function Dependency
  9. Why I Hate C
  10. The Complexity of Java Access Specifiers

Programing Idioms and Style

  1. Programing Elegance vs Simplicity
  2. Why Idioms Are Bad
  3. The Nature of Idioms in Programing Languages
  4. Hashtable as Switch Statement
  5. Logic Operator as Control Flow

Programing Languages and their Machines

  1. Why is Array Access Constant Time
  2. Programing Language and Its Machine
  3. Programing Languages and Their Computational Models
  4. Costs of Computer Language Operations

Language Underneath Mumble Jumble

  1. Perl: Difference Between List and Array
  2. Are int, float, long, double, Side-Effects of Computer Engineering?
  3. Learning Notes on Goto, Continuation, Coroutine

  1. Functional Programing Languages History Diagram
  2. What Programing Language Are the Largest Website Written In?
  3. One Language to Rule Them All?



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