Semantic Noodle

Semantics Noodle


  1. OOP's Jargons, Complexities
  2. Meaning of Object in Languages
  3. OOP Dot Notation, is Object Data or Namespace?
  4. JavaScript: Dot Notation be Namespace or Object System
  5. Alan Kay on OOP
  6. Polymorphism, Dispatch, and the Tale of Poly-Tinting


  1. Why I Hate Exceptions
  2. Iterator, Enumerator, Abstraction Went Wrong
  3. Language Design: Should Array Index Start at 0 or 1?
  4. Syntactic Semantic Difference of Map
  5. Should Map f Specify Order?
  6. Function Dependency
  7. Logic Operator as Control Flow
  8. Why I Hate C
  9. The Complexity of Java Access Specifiers
  10. Programing Craft: Intention vs Coolness
  11. Why Idioms Are Bad
  12. The Nature of Idioms in Programing Languages

Language Underneath Mumble Jumble

  1. Perl: Difference Between List and Array
  2. Are int, float, long, double, Side-Effects of Computer Engineering?
  3. Learning Notes on Goto, Continuation, Coroutine

Social Issues

  1. Functional Programing Languages History Diagram
  2. What Programing Language Are the Largest Website Written In?
  3. One Language to Rule Them All?


  1. On the Rectification of Programing Language Spec by Formal Language
  2. What's Ontology of Programing Language?
  3. Math vs Programing, What-is vs How-to
  4. A Class of Computer Languages: Math Languages
  5. Which Languages to Learn? Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Emacs Lisp
  6. Brainf*ck Language EOF Design Problem
  7. Programing Language: Steve Yegge on Dynamic Languages
  8. Functional Programing: is Real World Stateful?
  9. Wizard Book: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  10. Homotopy Type Theory
  11. A Functional Programing Architecture on JavaScript and Object Oriented Document Object Model
  12. What do Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, say about Dart?
  13. HTML6, JSON SXML Simplified
  14. What Made Lambda Calculus So Powerful?
  15. Why Does Struct Datatype Encroach Namespace?
  16. Shell, REPL, Notebook, and Emacs Environment Explained
  17. Edge Cases in Computing, and What Exactly is Whitespace?
  18. Empirical Analysis of Programming Language Adoption
  19. History of Programing Languages in 1 Sentence
  20. D3.js Visualization, a Quasi Science
  21. Programing Languages and Their Computational Models
  22. Programing Language and Its Machine
  23. What is Expressiveness in a Computer Language
  24. Scripting: Higher Level Programming for the 21st Century
  25. Programing Language Idiocy: Bit Operators
  26. JavaScript/DOM String Value Problem and Symbolic Languages
  27. Costs of Computer Language Operations

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