FSF Spread FUD on Microsoft

By Xah Lee. Date:

in every opportunity, the Open Source or FSF fanatics will spread FUD and hatred about Microsoft. You can see it in lots places, such as slashdot, reddit, unix programing docs, even Wikipedia.

Here is a example. From emacs's inline doc on the variable “x-select-enable-clipboard”:

x-select-enable-clipboard is a variable defined in `common-win.el'.
Its value is t

Non-nil means cutting and pasting uses the clipboard.
This is in addition to, but in preference to, the primary selection.

Note that MS-Windows does not support selection types other than the
clipboard.  (The primary selection that is set by Emacs is not
accessible to other programs on MS-Windows.)

Note the paragraph about MS-Windows. It's written that way, innocently or intentionally, as if Microsoft Windows is inferior here, as if lacking a feature.

WHO said that Microsoft wanted to copy the incompetent X11's system?? See: The X-Windows Disaster.

It is today, after some 2 decades, that the unix folks started to realize how incompetent X11 is, and all are talking about replacing it, and it is very hard.

Note also, that often such FUD (“Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt” — a phrase that unix folks love to say about Microsoft), is seldom said on Apple's stuff (due to certain cultural differences. Many open source fanatics happily totting Apple's iPhone, iPod, iMac all over tech conferences and chat non-stop about the beauty of Apple products in social networks, even though Apple is becoming monopolistic and censorship-heavy evermore than Microsoft ever was. [see Apple Censorship] ).