is programing math?

By Xah Lee. Date:

very annoyed about all sorta idts talkin' bout whether math is programing.

to begin talking about the subject, you need to have math degree. e.g. you comfortably understand basics of abstract algebra, analysis, proofs about them, etc. (no, calculus doesn't count.)

if you are not but is a haskeller or lisper and seem to learned something called monad, you need to shut ya piehole.

most of chatters of this subject are programers who don't know a thing about math.

on the other hand, to have good opinion of the subject, you need to be a professional programer for a few years. Note: if you are a academic, a mathematician, and have written some software, that doesn't count. You need to be a pro programer wallowing in coding industry (say, google, microsoft) for a few years, to have any real experience of what professional programing is about.

Unfortunately, vast majority of mathematicians would be hard pressed to say what a variable is in programing. in fact, most mathematicians demean programing as something beneath them.

professional programers and professional mathematicians are pretty much disjoined group.

now, even if you have a math degree and have practiced professional programing for many years, you opinion are most likely still idiotic.

because, this subject matter, by definition, requires training in critical thinking and social matter analysis. Best title for such field is philosophy.

so, you'll need to have some qualification or expertise as philosopher (aka “thinker”). (though, most PHD would qualify, even if they are not philosopher by name. (did you know that the P in PHD stands for philosophy?)) Basically, what this just mean that you not only have specialized knowledge about math and programing, but you need to have general understanding of society, history, psychology, education, and how science, in particular social science, works.

then, you can have good opinions.