Jargon Polyfill

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

JavaScript milengen and zoomers, polyfill thy hindquarters

it's super annoying, that the javascript compilers out there, including @typescriptlang @babeljs they do nothing to new functions such as Map/Set. So, they are not really compilers, just transform syntax.

yesterday, i took half a day to convert javascript object to es2015 Map, for much more efficient proper code. Today, i had to revert it back, cuz apparently lots browser still can't do Map. So i got more angry at these js "compilers" namely TypeScript etc really fake compilers.

of course, the industry monkeys will say u should “polyfill”. fill them hindquarters. If u do, the import/require syntax is not even valid es2015 code. Dragging in complex fancy packagers. WTF is computer science when u need it?

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