Jargons of Software Industry

how i see my coworkers talk as a non-programer

Naming, terminalogy, are critical, because misnomers create perpetual misunderstanding.

What's Regular in Regular Expression?

the term “regular expression” came from “regular grammar”. The word “regular” there is a misnomer. It should be replaced by “linear”.

Lexical? You Mean Text or Word

the “lexical” in “lexical scope” and “lexical grammar” are totally different. The former pertains to “textual”, the latter “word”.

Hygienic Macro?

in Scheme lisp, there's hygienic macro. That added “hygienic” made it abstruse. A better name is simply macro, or Racket lisp's even better “define-syntax-rule”. The Common Lisp case, is simply a bug.


“datatype” is a confusing term. It may refer to 2 things: ① computer language's types. ➢ for example: int, string, list, array, vector, alist, dictionary, map , hashmap, hashtable. ② data structure of algorithms. ➢ for example: linked list, tree, hashtable, associative list, set. This confusion, engendered countless arguments in language crowd. ➢ for example: {list, array}.


Tag, Element, Node, Object, Attribute, Property, Method

Confusing Terminology in JavaScript/DOM: tag, element, node, object, attribute, property, method


The Jargon Automata in Finite State Automata

programing doc idiocies collection

programing doc idiocies collection