JavaScript, why there is no "use js2015" pragma to clean up the language?

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Xah Talk Show 2019-08-11. jwz keyboard. why JavaScript no "use js2015", rant on Brendan Eich
JavaScript use js2015  2019-08-03 jwk8c
JavaScript use js2015 2019-08-03

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we could argue 'use js2015' open door to 'js2020' etc battles. But we all agree js2015 is truly a new lang. A pragma lets us fix the life threatening WARTS in js. This is critical, cuz even now, most hackers HATE JavaScript, will never code it.

what strange thing you are saying. you as a old hacker knew, no one loves a lang that depends on wrapper lang and linting tools. Hackers do not like js is a matter of fact. js+es2015 is so bad that the industry envision it being just a bytecode middleman.

js brendan eich harmony 2019-08-03 8rqb9
js brendan eich harmony 2019-08-03

lol Brendan. you are a true nerd. always antagonistic. i feel estranged cuz (1) i was trying to ask/promote YOUR take on why no mode. 🙏 (2) js is good cuz we should use TypeScript+linter instead? 🀯 (3) so people are saying hackers love js❓ 🀔