Apple Macbook Air 2010

By Xah Lee. Date:

Apple recently come out with 2 new fancy laptop computers. Macbook Air. It's thin and light. The special part is that it's got flash drive instead of the hard-disk, and does not have a DVD drive. Here's the spec for the smaller sized model.

Macbook Air, 2010 October
Macbook Air MC505LL/A
Dimension30 cm × 19.2 cm × 1.7 cm
Weight1.04 kg (that's like 6 apples)
screen pixels1366 × 768
CPU1.4 GHz Core 2 Duo
Memory2 GB (RAM)
Storage128 GB Solid State Drive
GPUNVIDIA GeForce 320M Integrated Graphics
apple-macbookair-q410-11-hero thin-lg
Macbook Air, 2010 October.
Apple Macbook Air commercial. Slick, ain't it?

Note that they not only dropped the hard-disk for a flash-drive, they also dropped DVD drive. So, if you are thinking of watching DVD on the plane, you are a rube. The cool kids don't watch DVDs on a computer anymore. Instead, you watch video thru downloaded files or digital streaming, for example: Video On Demand .

Apple's been like that, always on the bleeding edge. (they are the first major brand to use the mouse, the CD, the DVD. First to have builtin phone modem, ethernet (internet) port. First to have wireless internet builtin. First to include USB port and Firewire port. They are also the first to drop floppy drive, seriel/parallel port, and other outdated ports. (and now Firewire port is also dropped on this machine) And now, first to drop hard-disk and DVD drive. While it takes 1 or 2 year for PC to come with these new tech builtin, and takes about 3 to 5 years for PC to eliminate outdated tech. (many PC today still come with a PS2 (mouse) port and analog video port and serial/parallel port!))

“Introducing the new MacBook Air”

Watched the above video? Look at the mugs of those stinking Apple heads. I really get tired of them. Since about 2000, every year or two you have these folks peddling Apple design. I especially hate the Philip W Schiller guy.

Overall, it's a very slick machine. Light. Comes with camera, mic, speakers, and all the wireless internet stuff. So you can cam with your buddies across the world anytime. Unless you are a rocket scientist, it'd suite your needs on the go. How much? One Thousand US Dollars! For the same price, you can get a normal Macbook that's got twice the muscle, but twice the weight and bulk. Or, you can buy a PC, for just $500, and you get 4 times the weight'n'bulk free.