Best Input Devices (Jog/Shuttle, Touchpad, Cyborg Mouse, Pen Tablet)

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Discovered quite a few excellent input devices. Here's a quick list and comment.

Cyborg RAT 5 Gaming Mouse

Cyborg RAT 5 gaming mouse 2-s
Cyborg RAT 5 gaming mouse. amazon 1058×912

The Cyborg is probably the best mouse, regardless whether you use it for gaming or not. It's got 7 customizable buttons; standard scroll wheel, but plus a thumb scroll wheel! Says some incredible DPI but i never care about the DPI much as long as it is decent. 〔➤ Does Mouse DPI Matter in Gaming?

Who Needs 7 Buttons and 2 Scroll Wheels?

See: Why You Need 7 Buttons Mouse?.

Is RAT5 Mouse Really Good?

As of , according to amazon reviews, this mouse may not be so good. (read those 1 star or 2 star reviews) It's perfect in hardware, but software is bad. • It has tracking issues. • The bundled software sucks. • Not comfortable for small hands, and hard to lift. • It does not work in Mac OS X.

For more mouse reviews, see:

Contour Design's Jog/Shuttle Control

shuttle pro 2 controller 2014
“Contour Design's Shuttle Pro 2” amazon

See: Why You Need a Jog-Wheel?.

Apple's Magic Mouse

Apple magic mouse
Right: “Apple Magic Mouse” amazon img src

Apple Magic Mouse. The entire surface is smooth. No buttons. No scroll wheel. It works by touch sensitivity, like a touch pad. And you can use “gestures”. For example, to left click, tab on the left side with one finger. To scroll, move your finger on the surface up or down. To zoom, touch the surface with two fingers and widen your fingers.

Is this good mouse? No. If you want to impress your friends, yeah. If you want it for industrial use, ⁖ heavy gaming, long hours in image-editing or editing in 3D Modeling Software, it would suck badly.

Apple Magic Trackpad

Apple magic trackpad 2
“Apple Magic Trackpad” amazon img src

The Magic Trackpad is just a large trackpad. That's all. I wouldn't say a trackpad is good replacement for a good mouse in general.

Every few years, Apple comes out with shiny and novel toys. Actually i don't recommend them. If you are a casual computer user, yeah Apple's input devices look great and work well. If you are in any way using the computer professionally, such as serious gaming, PhotoShop or visual artist, creating 3D Models, or programing (heavy Emacs or keyboard Macros use), Apple's creative input devices are usually less efficient and less ergonomic than the humble homely standard ones.

See also: Apple Keyboard Reviews.

Wacom Pen Tablet

Now, if you do a lot image editing or drawing, you need a pen tablet, absolutely. This is something i can recommend.

Wacom Intuos pen tablet
“Wacom Intuos pen tablet” amazon

What About the Best Keyboard and Trackball?

Just to be complete… the best keyboard, gaming or not, to me, are:

Best Trackball?

The best trackball, is probably the “CST's 5-button L-Trac trackball”. Reviews here: Best Trackball Mouse.

CST2545-5W trackball
“CST's 5-button L-Trac high performance laser optical trackball” amazon

and i truely recommend the Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard, if you are a gamer or programer, who must have extra buttons. And no, i don't want 【Ctrl+Meta+⇧ Shift+Alt+@】. I want single goddamn key. I rather have 30 extra keys than 5 more modifier keys. All seriously, for example, i have setup AutoHotkey so that i press a single key for 【Alt+Ctrl+Tab ↹】 or 【Alt+Ctrl+⇧ Shift+Tab ↹】 or【❖ Win+Ctrl+⇧ Shift+Tab ↹】 or 【Alt+Tab ↹】 or 【Alt+⇧ Shift+Tab ↹】. And i have single key for 【Ctrl+⇞ Page △】 and 【Ctrl+⇟ Page ▽】. And no, i don't want Apple's reductionism rectangular array beautiful shit. I want my buttons to be different shapes, in separate clusters, and curved. A airplane cockpit is a good example that illustrates practical functionality and efficiency. Just imagine, if Apple designs a cockpit, all the controls and knobs become one neat rectangular array of identical buttons. (see: Keyboard Shortcut Design: Dedicated keys, Special Buttons, Extra Keys.)

logitech g13 gameboard 2
“Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard” amazon

3D Controllers

Many gaming and 3D modeling software can use a specially designed input device. ⁖ Second Life, Google Earth Mouse Navigation and Keys, Flight Simulator, and other 3D Modeling Software.

SpaceNavigator 68024
The SpaceNavigator. amazon

See Review of SpaceNavigator & Mathematical Models of 3D Inputs Control.

There, i covered it all. Buy them all!

For headsets and webcam, see: Gaming Headset Reviews.

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