Markdown Tutorial

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Mardown is a simple markup language, designed to be converted to HTML.

Here is a simple example.

# this is 1st level heading

something something. This is a paragraph.

## this is 2nd level heading

### this is 3rd level heading

# Inline Code

Code: Use the backtick character: `x = 3;`.

# Code Block

Code block can be marked by 4 space indentation (or 1 tab), with a blank line before, like this:

    x = 4

# Italic, Bold

Italic is between asterisks. Like this: *important*

Bold is 2 asterisks. Like this: **critical**

# Blockquotes

Blockquotes, is done with preceding each line with >, like this:

He said:
> something something
> something something else
> and more

# Unordered List

List is done with preceding each line with asterisk. Like this:

* 1st item
* another item
* and 3rd item


- 1st item
- another item
- and 3rd item

# List Ordered list

1. 1st item
2. another item
3. and 3rd item

# Nested List

Use indent by 2 spaces:

1. something
  1. and more
  2. so much more
2. Secondly,
  * this is seconod sublist
    * and 3rd level list
    * 2nd item of 3rd level list
3. and lastly.

# Link

write link like this:
Google search site is [Google Search](

# Images

![Alt text](/path/to/img.jpg)

![Alt text](/path/to/img.jpg "Optional title")

Markdown Filename Extension

Markdown filename extension is .md

How to convert markdown to HTML?

Code to convert markdown to html is available in all major programing languages.

The original perl script is at

Download it, then, just run

markdown filename

It'll create a HTML file at the same directory.

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