Pirated O'Reilly Books, year 2011

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Discovered that the entire Perl Cookbook is now available online. Originally i thought it's official from O'Reilly, but until trying to announce the URL, i realized it's pirated. The site actually contains ~100 O'Reilly books.

OReilly pirated books docstore.mik.ua 2011-02-02
pirated OReilly books site [http://docstore.mik.ua/orelly/] as of 2011-02-02

The site is Google ranked at 5. (i discovered it while Google search Perl modules.) I guess the site is making money by the ads.

Ι wonder if O'Reilly knew. Ι hope they can take action, but i guess it's fruitless. Am also guessing that there are probably tens or hundreds of such sites. (they are all over bittorrent anyway.)