Smartest Programing Language Creators

By Xah Lee. Date: .

this guy, one of the lang creator i highly respect.

Anders Hejlsberg TypeScript creator 2022-10-02
Anders Hejlsberg TypeScript creator 2022-10-02

Anders Hejlsberg. High IQ, mega knowelgeable. In contrast to the perl python even ruby class. Which in comparison, their creators are dummies. Anders, high IQ, mega knowlege, super skilled at coding, but he can also lead a team. And created many compiler oriented tech, that most other lang creaters can't even understand.

That larry wall idiot, just drivels a lot. And the guido von rossum mega idiot, passive aggressively think he's the best cock. The matz guy, ruby creator, no brag nor drivel, but his lang ruby, is superior to python and perl in almost all aspects. Btw, speaking of great lang creators, Ryan Dahl of node.js and deno fame, is also high up there, and Stephen Wolfram. Also respect rob pike, of golang fame among others.

Anders Hejlsberg (what kinda name is that?), is truly, a real comp scientist. Majority of lang creators are not. Not ruby python perl php js. These, their creators, are just programers, some, such as the php guy, not even professional.

Ryan Dahl of node/deno fame, is not a professional programer, but is a professional mathematician. His creation, is truly, just due to his extreme genius and diligence. Quite amazing. From not knowing programing, to, in about 3 years, knows the deep compiler and chrome engine and C etc to have created node.

Many lang creators, created their lang in a clean environment. No pressure, no restraint, design and do whatever they want more or less. This is so for perl php python ruby. In contrast, typescript, and nodejs, is totally the opposite. Massive constraints, massive heavy all sorta noodle code and complex tech from diff areas u have to work with and get them to work. not sitting in a clean room and diddling on elegance and philosophy, such as the scheme lisp fanatics types.