Python Libs for Scientists

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[Kurt Schwehr] is a Python expert and ocean geologist.

I'm trying to get deeper into Python, and asked him what's some Python packages. Here's his answer. ([source])

Hi Xah, That's a great question that is likely going to get very different answers from different people. First, my list that is less specific to my fields of work... general: ipython, cython, argparse, virtualenv, distribute. I have never gotten into cython myself, but the resulting APIs that use it are definitely very good.

Now the list that includes stuff related to my work topics: matplotlib, scipy/numpy, lxml, pandas, shapely, and gdal (not my favorite Python API design, but the functionality is critical).

And finally a list of packages are amazing (and amazingly daunting)… django, twisted

Here's what these packages are. Items are roughly arranged by category, general interest first.


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Scientific Programing

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