“the the” Typos in Programing Docs

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

found these “the the” typos in official documentations.

Python 3.3

Constant used to represent the the limit for an unlimited resource.


SVG 1.1 Spec

then the assumed default value for the the ‘viewBox’ attribute


CSS 2.1 Spec

The counters defined by these properties are used with the counter() and counters() functions of the the 'content' property.


CSS 3 Transitions Spec

The reversing-adjusted start value of the new transition is instead the the end value of the old transition.


CSS 3 Background Spec

They represent inward distances from the the top…



In this example, the the query will be executed against a secondary.

from “mongo.queries.html” on Querying.

4 more in PHP doc.


Each procedure description has the the following columns:

[DatabaseMetaData (Java Platform SE 8 ) java8_doc/api/java/sql/DatabaseMetaData.html]

213 more in Java doc.


complete documentation on the the clojure web site on github.


OCaml Doc

At start-up, the toplevel system contains implementations for all the modules in the the standard library.

“Chapter 9 The toplevel system (ocaml)” as of 2016.