How to Input Unicode/Emoji for Microsoft Windows

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Insert Emoji

Press ❖ Window+. to open emoji panel.

Windows 10 emoji panel 2021-02-16
Windows 10 emoji panel

Character Map

Press ❖ Window then type charmap to open the character map panel.

Windows 10 charmap 2021-02-16
Windows 10 charmap

To insert Unicode by hexadecimal

Suppose we want to insert this character:

  1. Type the hexadecimal number. For example, type 1f602
  2. Press Alt+x
Windows 10 wordpad insert emoji 2021-02-13 QtG5s
Windows 10 wordpad insert emoji

This works in WordPad, Microsoft word. Does not work in Notepad.

To launch WordPad, press ❖ Window key, then type wordpad

To Insert Unicode by Decimal

  1. Press and hold Alt
  2. Type the decimal number in the number pad. For example, type 128514.
  3. Release Alt

Note: you must have NumLock on.

How to Input Unicode/Emoji