Emacs Commandments: the SEVEN Commands You Must Know

By Xah Lee. Date:

Thou shall know this concept: (1) everything is a command. (2) a command may have a keybinding.

Thou shall have met Adam and Eve:

Thou shall know thy brethren:

Thou shall then know thy siblings:

Then, know thou this: apropos-command and apropos and universal-argumentCtrl+u】.

If you are not familiar with them, see: Emacs: Master Tips.

But when coding elisp or doing configuration, sometimes you have a value, and you want to know which variable possibly hold that value. The answer is: apropos-value. I learned my way from: [who holds this value? By Dirk-Jan C Binnema. At http://emacs-fu.blogspot.com/2012/06/who-holds-this-value.html , accessed on 2012-10-29 ]

Go forth and memorize them, every last single one of them. Then, you shall beat Darth Vader.