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the church of emacs filling,
of chars lispy and binding,
buffers insert yank,
meta sexp add-hook,
Eight M-bites And C. Swapping.

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About This Tutorial

This tutorial is designed for writers, scientists, engineers, to get started on emacs quickly. Each page teaches you something practical you can use right away. No emacs jargons. No need programing experience.

learning gnu emacs gnu emacs extensions book
emacs books from 1990s.

If you were to spend 3 months reading 3 emacs books, it is more efficient to just read Xah Emacs Tutorial for just 1 month. Xah tutorial focus on actually using emacs in practice, and on efficiency of using emacs, as well as efficiency of learning.

Xah Lee live in emacs since 1999. And has been obsessively writing emacs tutorial since 2006.

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