Emacs: Open Python Doc 🚀

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

here's a convenient command to open the python doc.

  "Path to python documentation.")

(defun xah-open-python-doc ()
  "Open python doc file `xah-python-doc-path'.
URL `http://xahlee.info/emacs/emacs/emacs_open_python_doc.html'
Version: 2023-03-18 2023-06-21"
   ((eq system-type 'windows-nt)
    (let ((xoutBuf (get-buffer-create "*xah open python doc*"))
          (xcmdlist (list "PowerShell" "-Command" "Invoke-Item" "-LiteralPath"))
          (xdocpath (list (format "'%s'" xah-python-doc-path))))
      (apply 'start-process (append (list "xah open python doc" xoutBuf) xcmdlist xdocpath nil))))
   ((eq system-type 'darwin)
   ((eq system-type 'gnu/linux)

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