Emacs: Display Key and Command in Real Time

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

the package “command-log-mode.el” lets you show keys and commands you use in emacs in real time.

this is great when you are doing a demo.

home page at https://github.com/lewang/command-log-mode

it's on MELPA.

[see Emacs: Install Package with ELPA/MELPA]

To start it, do:

  1. Alt+x command-log-mode (this turns the mode on, and turn on logging current buffer)
  2. Alt+x global-command-log-mode (optional. Turn on logging for any buffer)
  3. Alt+x clm/open-command-log-buffer (show the key/command output buffer)
emacs command log 2018 05 31 2244d
emacs command log output (with Emacs: Xah Fly Keys, Dvorak layout.)


2014-05-08 Thanks to Sacha Chua [http://sachachua.com/] and her reader for recommendation!

thanks to Michael Weber [http://foldr.org/~michaelw/] for writing mwe-log-commands.el