Richard Stallman meets Julian Assange 2013

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Richard Stallman and Julian Assange 2013-07-12
, Richard Stallman and Julian Assange, holding a photo of Edward Snowden. [Source: 2013-07-13]

Julian Assange's Work in Emacs

Julian Assange is also a emacs user. He wrote this package: (local copy change-windows-intuitively.el).

Julian Assange's package indirectly have him credited in windmove.el and window.el, both are bundled in emacs.

emacs Julian Assange windmove el dppx8
emacs credit to Julian Assange in windmove.el package
emacs Julian Assange window el 45ec3
emacs credit to Julian Assange in window.el package
;; Acknowledgments:
;; Special thanks to Julian Assange (, whose
;; change-windows-intuitively.el predates Windmove, and provided the
;; inspiration for it.  Kin Cho ( was the first
;; to suggest wrap-around behavior.  Thanks also to Gerd Moellmann
;; ( for his comments and suggestions.
;; Predecessors to the below have been devised by Julian Assange in
;; change-windows-intuitively.el and Hovav Shacham in windmove.el.
;; Neither of these allow to selectively ignore specific windows
;; (windows whose `no-other-window' parameter is non-nil) as targets of
;; the movement.

Alt+x describe-function on windmove-left to get to file location of windmove.el. In the same directory, you'll find window.el.

This is the same Assange of wikileaks, because you can see that the email address is also used elsewhere.

Julian Assange cryptome org iq org blog 2018-06-20 83111
screenshot of as of 2018-06-20. Appears to be Julian Assange's old blog

See also: Emacs: Save Split Windows Configuration.

(thx to, [Jorge A Alfaro Murillo], [Nick Alcock])