PowerShell in Emacs Lisp Shell: Divide by Zero

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emacs eshell powershell divide by zero 2016-08-19
divide by zero

same issue with docker, see https://github.com/lzybkr/PSReadLine/issues/425


David Wilson (https://twitter.com/daviwil) of PowerShell team gave solution:

this is probably because PSReadLine is treating it like a terminal. You may need to disable that module when running in eshell

If you only ever want to use PowerShell inside of eshell you could create a profile that unloads the module on startup (1/2)

in a normal terminal run powershell, type ‘vim $profile’ add “Remove-Module PSReadLine” there, save, then run powershell in eshell

[from [ https://twitter.com/daviwil/status/768149925091643392 accessed: 2016-08-23] ]