Emacs: Full-Screen vs Multiple Window

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Some emacs users like to have one single emacs window that max the screen. While others, never go full-screen.

Full-screen users need good control of splitting windows. That is, keep the split pane geometry configuration. Here's some tips for full-screen users: Emacs: Save Split Windows Configuration.

I prefer smaller window, usually 2 of them, one on each side of screen.

Multiple-windows has the advantage that it is more dynamic, free form. No worry about preserving your split panes. Split/unsplit anytime as needed, or maximize/restore current window, or create new window or close it. But mostly, you can view browser window side-by-side with emacs.

The following are useful commands:

PurposeGNU EmacsErgoEmacs
New WindowCtrl+x 5 2Ctrl+Shift+n
Close WindowCtrl+x 5 0Alt+F4
Cycle WindowsCtrl+x 5 oAlt+`
PurposeGNU EmacsErgoEmacs
SplitCtrl+x 2Alt+4
Un-SplitCtrl+x 1Alt+3
Cycle paneCtrl+x oAlt+s
New bufferCtrl+x b new_name EnterCtrl+n
Close bufferCtrl+x k EnterCtrl+w

Your operating system have keys for manipulating windows, such as maximize, switch to prev/next window, close.

Auto-raise Windows

For mouse, i highly recommend:

Emacs: Effective Windows Management

Emacs: Effective Windows Management

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