Emacs Overflowing Kitchen Sink Icon

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emacs kitchen sink icon 1987
emacs kitchen sink icon. This is from 1987, in emacs 18.41.

Here's what [Noah Friedman https://plus.google.com/+NoahFriedman/posts], an emacs oldbie, who worked for FSF in early 1990s, says:

[when is the emacs overflowing kitchen sink icon created?]

1987-03-13 16:16, emacs18.41/etc/emacs.icon

That's the oldest timestamp (and emacs version) I can find. It's not in emacs 16.56, which is the very oldest copy I have.

It's still in the current emacs sources, it appears! It's unchanged.

It's the same as emacs.xbm, just in a different format.

$ icontopbm emacs.icon | pbmtoxbm  > emacs-icon.xbm

and then diffing the resulting xbm file with emacs.xbm shows they are the same bitmap.

from Google Plus discussion, https://plus.google.com/113859563190964307534/posts/fgEEgSogXzW

see also Noah Friedman's post about some history. https://plus.google.com/+NoahFriedman/posts/hKB1SbAwWfE

Here's a different version, appearing i think in 1995.

emacs kitchen sink icon
emacs kitchen sink icon