Richard Stallman Resigned from FSF, 2019-09-16

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2019-09-13 Social Justice gang attacking Richard Stallman now. rms read news on Epstein, found twisted wording, criticized it. Then, some sjw blogged it, send to sjgang media Vice. More twisted words. Now it becomes rms is for child rap.

rms 下台了。被白左斗下来了。

It began with this piece. A woman reads a piece of email by rms. She got angry, and wrote a blog that wants rms removed.

Selam G on remove rms 019-09-12 sv32m
[“Remove Richard Stallman” By Selam G. At ]

Selam G complaints that rms wrote a email that's offensive.

Here's rms's remail (it criticizes twisted wording of a news report.)

rms email on Minsky 74dvt
rms email on Minsky, ~2019-09-11

Selam G sent her complaint to Vice News, one of the pro-sjw propaganda site.

Here's Vice news report. Note the title, it twisted rms's meaning.

vice motherboard attack on rms 2019-09-13 ycb5t
Vice Motherboard attack on rms 2019-09-13 []

This is picked up by other leftist news media, such as Daily Beast.

daily beast rms 2019-09-13 g6dfc
Daily Beast rms 2019-09-13 []

RMS Resigns

3 days later, on 2019-09-16 RMS says he resigned from CSAIL, on his blog. FSF also announced that RMS resigned from FSF, on the same day.

(CSAIL is Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. RMS is visiting scientist at CSAIL)

rms resign from csail 2019-09-16 tktxt
RMS resignation from CSAIL 2019-09-16
fsf announce rms resign 2019-09-16 v856w
FSF announce RMS resign 2019-09-16

twitter FSF announcing RMS resign [ accessed: 2019-09-23] . Looking at it, lots of sj people there.

After Resign

RedHat, 2019-09-18

RedHat open letter to FSF 2019-09-18
[Open Letter to the Free Software Foundation Board of Directors By Redhat. At ]

Steven Levy, 2019-09-18

Wired Steven Levy 2019-09-18 xn77r
[Richard Stallman and the Fall of the Clueless Nerd By Steven Levy. At ]

Thomas Bushnell, 2019-09-18

rms Thomas Bushnell 2019-09-18 4z2sx
[A reflection on the departure of RMS By Thomas Bushnell. At ]

Thomas Bushnell was a maintainer of Hurd OS in 1990s.

GNU Projects Want RMS Out, 2019-10-07

gnu wants rms out 2019-10-07 ddk4b-s787x1830
GNU Projects Want RMS Out, dated 2019-10-07, screenshot 2019-10-10 [ ]

RMS Final Interview as FSF President, 2019-09-17

the register rms final interview 2019-09-23 6n2m6
[Stallman's final interview as FSF president: Last week we quizzed him over Microsoft visit. Now he quits top roles amid rape remarks outcry By Thomas Claburn In San Francisco. At ]

Am looking into whether rms resign from fsf is forced. Still undecided. My guess is likely, but perhaps with undisclosed benefits. Note, this is really a heavy issue. It's not just sjw. Billion $ n its people r involved.

another interesting thing is that i find very few people defending rms, unexpectedly from what i know of fsf fanatics n emacs diehards since 1998. i think most do not dare to say things.

Articles Supporting RMS

rms resign sterling-archermedes 2019-09-24 kvg9r
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free software force scott 2019-09-24 jqd6r
[Free Software Force By Scott. At from ]
on rms resign Abhishek Prakash 2019-09-17 4hn9r
[Amid Epstein Controversy, Richard Stallman is Forced to Resign as FSF President By Abhishek Prakash. At ]
rms resign Andrew St Laurent 2019-09-23 2cmn9
[Concerning 'Remove Richard Stallman' By Andrew St Laurent. At ]
Thomas Lord 2019-09-15 dmqkb
Rms Announcing He is Back in FSF 2021-03-26

Notes from Xah Lee

In my opinion, RMS did nothing wrong here.

I consider that from now on FSF is just going to be a puppet state.