Xah Web Dev Blog 2013-04

New JavaScript Toy: Literature Annotation Popup

new JavaScript toy. the Story of Cupid and Psyche. Hover annotated words to see its annotation highlighted.

some selection of other stories and essays with annotation:

Fade a Element using JavaScript

DOM: NodeList vs HTMLCollection

CSS Trick: Display Language Name in Code Snippet

more massive update. Added array methods, and lots others. JavaScript Basics by Example

JS: Define Function

JavaScript Variable Scope

updated. learn JavaScript in 3 hours

JS: How to Create Tooltip

JS: Add Method to Prototype

How to Add/Change Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

6 hours, much improved the JavaScript app for Unicode. See for example: Unicode: Arrow Symbols ← → ↑ ↓

updated. DOM: Create/Insert HTML Element

discovered vanilla-js.com, its use surpasses JQuery. Amazing.

there are lots JavaScript libs and even alternative js langs. For example, CoffeeScript, Google's Dart, Microsoft's TypeScript. My recommendation is, don't use any of it. Master JavaScript+DOM fair and square.

(thx to [Craig Lennox https://plus.google.com/106755567823847315958/posts])

CSS 2D Transform Examples

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