CSS first-letter pseudo-element test page

This is a test page for testing what letter is considered “first-letter” by your browser.

x LATIN SMALL LETTER X (Letter, Lowercase)
ψ GREEK SMALL LETTER PSI (Letter, Lowercase)
∑ N-ARY SUMMATION (Symbol, Math)
★ BLACK STAR (Symbol, Other)
3 DIGIT THREE (Number, Decimal Digit)
+ PLUS SIGN (Symbol, Math)
“LEFT DOUBLE QUOTATION MARK” (Punctuation, Initial quote)
"QUOTATION MARK" (Punctuation, Other)
杀 Chinese character (Letter, Other)
「LEFT CORNER BRACKET」 (Punctuation, Open) Chinese quotation mark.

CAPITAL LETTERS is the char's Unicode name. Text in parenthesis is the char's Unicode category.

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