Web Design: Navigation Panel Design Problem

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User Interface design: navigation panel, with scrollbar or no?

which you prefer?

side panel UI static side panel UI scrollbar
First picture: static panel, scroll with page. Second picture: with its own scrollbar.

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side panel UI scrollbar user interface design poll 2016 06 27
User Interface design: navigation panel, scrollbar vs no scrollbar, poll result.

currently, trying to solve the navigation panel problem on my site. e.g. JavaScript in Depth

  1. visibility prob. only the top few links visible. effect = other links won't be visited often.
  2. hard to find which link in panel is the current article.
  3. hard to use. needs to scroll the panel everytime going to a page that's not the visible ones.

It's a nasty design problem.

side panel UI static
side panel UI static

in both case, with or without scrollbar, several scroll and eyeballing is needed to use the nav panel. The heart of the problem is, some links just are not visible thus require scroll. ok, so with that understanding, the goal is to minimize scroll/eyeball.

whenever you have a problem, you can look at how others solve it.

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