JavaScript in Depth

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This is a JavaScript tutorial. If you are a beginner, read the basics section. You can start coding in a day. The other sections cover JavaScript in depth, in a formal language style. Clarity, concision, concrete, correctness, and in depth. With code examples in every paragraph.

This tutorial is written in a cold, austere, style. No pleasantries, just the point. No joke.

Read a few sections. If you like it, consider Buy Xah JavaScript Tutorial. Thank you.




Object & Inheritance


JavaScript OOP

Method Reference

Scripting the Web

To write web applications, most of the time you are dealing with DOM. DOM is very big, and much more complex than JavaScript. In the following, we cover the basics of DOM.

JavaScript+DOM Tutorial

Misc Tips

Miscellaneous articles, tips, on JavaScript.

String & Unicode



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