The Story of XML

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

the whatwg is great in updating and clearing up the entire #js #DOM mess, but bad in killing XML and correctness.

the rise and fall of xml, is truly a great tale of web history.

web is complex, because nothing is correct.

the story of xml began, as reaction to a decade of hacker slogan

“Be conservative in what you send; be liberal in what you accept.”

then, ~2007, at its height, xml ruled. All config files switched to xml, in unix/linux/Mac, MS Office. Even XML lang, xml database.

XML has 1 thing going: simple syntax, and 1 tenet: if it's not correct, i refuse to serve!

XML is really simple. But the W3C, and hacker idiots, made it EXTREMELY complex and incomprehensible.

new kid on the block, whatwg, started by Apple and Opera later joined by Google, of commercial interest, began, 2008, with CANVAS for iPhone!

At first W3C don't accept html5, but caved in, no match for big commercial corps.

then, at first it's cooperation, of whatwg and w3c. Then it becames apparant, we don't like you, mutually. Then officially at war.

we want a piece of the power pie, even standards orgs, have strong self interests.

w3c itself, is a “formality” fsck. Everything it touches, becomes incomprehensible. DOM is the prime example.

while the whatwg (aka what the fsck group!), is young rebel. They want CHANGE! Because they are COOL! with Apple and Google $ backing.

the crowd, like new! by 2010, HTML5 is here to stay, and XML, once considered the cure-all panacea, has no future.